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BDS 217: The Cult of Kyrie

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Kyrie requesting a trade, Lucky Whitehead getting cut, Jourdan Lewis, Draymond Green sued, Bron making money, Kyrie wants to start a cult, Brandon Knight out for season, Derrick Rose signs with Cavs, Lambo vs Lebron, Glory Johnson ducks jail, Kevin Love subtweets Kyrie, Venus Williams crash update, JR Smith, Dan Gilbert racist ad, Dame Lillard envies Kyrie, John Wall gets paid, Cavs GM, CTE study, Dante Faowler Jr, Curtis Samuel, LaVar Ball, Mike Vick gets a gig, Mike Irvin, Mike Tyson and the NBAPA partnership with HBCUs.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jay Lewis

    This nigga…. Why is it all the niggas coming out to tell Kap what he needs to do to get back in with white people are the ones who committed actual crimes? Ray Ray’s ass can find a way to huddle up with Trump, but he Colin getting a job is a bridge too far for him? If you don’t get your ol wanna be preacher, holding the camera phone sideways ass outta here and go sit down somewhere.

    And everybody talking about Kyrie shading Lebron this week, I’m more excited about the return of petty Steph. He had to be humble after they blew that 3-1 lead last year, but he’s all the way back. Let that savage run free and talk yo shit! Legend on the court and at the bank they can’t tell him nothing! Tyronn Lue is Littlefinger, but what if Steph is Varys? Convincing Kyrie he deserves his own team and to start a cult, gas Lambo up to go and expose Lebron, get Durant to take even less money so they know who’s team it is! Somebody’s buying them whack Curry’s, he’s been giving them to his little birds this whole time.

    Alright fellas great show as always, peace!

  2. Nic Ju

    I’m sitting here at my desk crying about this Draymond conversation. “His mouth was half open the whole time” took me completely out. HALPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  3. fyahworks

    What did you guys think of the Kevin love tweet? About kicking rocks??

  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod the god and jebron James,
    I could see Eric Bledsoe, Tyson chandler,& a pick for kyrie! Bledsoes agent is rich, who is part of lebron camp so it would make sense. (Atleast for lebron)
    As far as this cavs drama goes, I feel the MBA is prolonging this story to take a page out of the NFLs book of staying relevant throughout the year/off-season. Normally pass the free agency period we don’t speak NBA, but it’s almost August and here we are! Maybe it’s a good thing, but to me this one story has grew too many legs! Like Raymond Lewis. Says ” there’s nothing to do Sal”

    Great show as always! Peace

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