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1494: Bigotry And Breakfast

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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss from the MTR Network to discuss a controversy on The Breakfast Club, Tyler the Creator, Jemele Hill speaking the truth, Tiffany Haddish, Racism and police, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Charlemagne has always been a throw a rock and hide your hand kind of guy a technique he probably learned from his mentor Wendy Williams. They like to say controversial things but when faced with backlash, they feign innocence. I’m not familiar with Lil Duval’s body of work, but the fucked up part is that people will probably still put him on because trans lives aren’t valued in our society, particularly trans women of color. Fuck that dude and the Breakfast Club. They are all trash.

  2. reallydarkknight

    This show gets 10 Stars! 5 for y’all and and 5 for Kriss and the MTR Network.

    Very well done!

  3. FalconsDiva

    The passion on this episode is why I love TBGWT!

  4. MadSanity

    Y’all’s run down of the Breakfast Club’s shittin all over the trans community struggle for the basic rights to live and exist is on point!

    On Kriss’ point about getting stuff on the Comic Con record, the woman asking the question’s “friend” (imaginary) was definitely on one. The question could be very valid. “The Jellies!” in it’s initial release, on their labels app, Lionel, the main character, was white. I don’t see why folk would trip on this? Is the racial background of an adolescent child being adopted by a family of Jellyfish that important to the plot formation of the show? hmmm? hmmmmmmm?

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I feel guilty. Although I am 44-years-old, I listen to the Breakfast Club to keep up with the young folks’ pop culture so I know what my kids and the kids that I work with are talking about. C tha God has always been a bit transphobic or just disrespectful by being overly concerned with trans people’s outward genitals, but he’s always been kind of a fake LGBTQ ally by throwing the LBGTQ community’s slang. DJ Envy has always been a little homophobic, but I just let it slide claiming “that’s not me.” I laughed at what was funny, groaned at what was offensive, and I at times wrote in when they should correct their thinking. Luckily, I didn’t hear the Lil Duval interview (or the Janet Mock one) so I came upon all the controversy when I came back from vacation and saw it blowing up on my Timeline. After reading everyone’s tweets and listening to your podcast, I had a long inner conversation with myself. I am the LGBTQ ally at work and I cape hard for Trans-protections and rights in every conversation where some dude (or lady) says something that is wrong. I teach my children acceptance and I do research so I’m not just passing on dumb information to my children’s questions. So, I decided that it’s best for me to stop listening to The Breakfast Club. I won’t call it a boycott but just me not being a hypocrite. I’ll find another way to stay up to date with the “ratchet” celebrity gossip and pop culture. Thanks for the conversation.


  6. Forest

    Hey y’all,

    As a gay man with many trans friends, let’s keep it 100. Trans women are sought out. Men go to specific neighborhoods and online spaces to find them. Further, the majority of trans women don’t have the benefit of being a Janet Mock or Jazz Jennings who started transitioning during puberty. Or have the money to pay for work like Caitlyn. It is expensive and most insurance doesn’t cover getting the necessary work to pass. So, in the vast majority of cases, these niggas KNOW who they’re pursuing. I’m so tired of people even pushing that as a premise. It’s a false narrative used to justify trans murder. The crazy thing is these niggas can understand that concept when cops kill black men, but let black men not be the victim and niggas lose all empathy.

  7. iTashaNicole

    Queen Karen, omg I laughed to tears when you commented on the “that’s y’all man segment”. When you said Trump gets the speech “crumples it up and says f*** it, it ain’t got pictures” ha! I had to rewind just so I could laugh all over again. Thanks y’all for all the laughs, news, and dare I say that the cover song was pretty groovy today.

  8. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod, Karen and Kriss I co-sign with Pro-Kori about The Breakfast Club and Lil Duval. Also thank you for shouting out Jemele Hill’s comments about Kapernick. As always this show was 100 and 5 Stars!

  9. trill khalil

    hey muva karen and ray love love the show…. just to clear things up on becky with the comic-con question the cartoon jellies is a show running on tylers mobile app “GOLF MEDIA”. the character named cornell she had the question about is white on the app but will be black on the cartoon network premier so she asked why was the character changed to black …. but the question was still crazy tyler need to make cornell bernie mac black just to piss them off even more lol…. i just wanted you to get a back story on the question and why it was being asked….. keep up the great work queen karen and ron and always stay woke friggas creepin (in my white acoustic voice) love you guys

  10. ProfKori

    Rod, Karen, and Kriss! Wow! Thank you for covering the Breakfast Club thing. I wouldn’t have caught up without this. Rod, your point about the trans panic legal defense is SO IMPORTANT. That legal defense is part of how we can understand the very real similarities between anti-LGBT violence and lynching. I published a 30-page essay that identifies the commonalities and did a 20-minute video interview about it. I know both of these are way too long for the show, but I wanted to share: https://youtu.be/q3qGUsRiJqU

    Also, THANK YOU so much for making the point about how Black folk would never say it’s okay to stumble upon jokes about Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown, for example, so why is there room to laugh about violence against trans people of color when their unjust and unjustified deaths are very much part of our current reality. So important! Thank you all for your work. Thank you for how you use your platform.

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