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1495: Dr. Gwenyth Paltrow

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, firm uses Jay-Z name for Ponzi scheme, Beyoncé in the Lion King, Z-Ro raps about beating his girlfriend, HBO hacked, FDA considers regulating nicotine, democrats selling out women, Susan Collins, Coke Zero, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu

    Appelebee’s is trash and they have rats..lol

  2. brandonisbmore

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    One of the most disheartning things that has come after this breakfast club segment which I should have known before is just how much in bubble we are sometimes. I think because of how we navigate on twitter you much more than me I only have a few thousand followers we think that its a representation of society when in a lot of cases its not. I remember a while back I think it was when that whole PWI vs HBCU debate was happening and you brought up one of your white friends telling you that black people can go on google and get info on colleges, study for sat, apply for scholarships etc and you were like you can only look up or seek information that you know is there. You talked about how would I know to even look for this stuff if I don’t know it exist. Im not making excuses for Black People who are transphobic but I realized a lot of people just don’t know this stuff exist outside of what they learned in the 90’s or from their elders who have a different perspective.

    If you goto just a random group of black people like at a club, or concert or sporting event and us terms like Cis gendered, non gender conforming, heteronormative they don’t know what any of those things means at all. Their only “information” about the transgender community is “its a he/she” or a man with a dick and they don’t even think this is a thing to even begin to learn about. Especially in our community where there is already an issue with access to education if you combine that with religion and bigotry toward LBGTQ folks in general you get these things and its seen as normal. Even a closet racist white person is uncomfortable when some white person is just out here calling people niggers and wearing Nazi symbols but transphobia is just done in plain sight with no shame. Transphobia is seen as the norm and they dont get why people are fighting for this cause cuz they see it as this weird cross dressing mental issue. This whole thing just makes me sad but you two and kriss discussing this was good to hear and hopefully there are ways to make people care.

  3. Rigo Fernandez (@chi_rigo606)

    Play that celebration music for Joe Arpaio! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! Him and his 287 G men were responsible for profiling folks like myself down in Phoenix and it was his attitude and treatment of brown folx that emboldened cops to pepper spray us in the face for protesting his racist strategies.

  4. btouch

    “The Trump Prophecies?!”


    I just threw my mouse across the room. I hope it still works.

    Also, Karen, while I am a huge fan of Coke Zero, I don’t like the direction they’re taking it in. I do feel though that Coke Zero tastes better than no-salt ketchup, but I agree they should keep it in its distinct black packaging.

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