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1496: White Folks Wine Down

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Rod and Karen discuss Maxine Waters, R Kelly canceling tour dates, Bobby V drama, Black America, police officer with racist shirt, Rachel Linsay, White People News, Magic The Gathering beating, hoax article (thank for nothing Justin), man murders wife on cruise and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SymSymma

    It is nuts to me that people are threatening an actress about a character. I don’t think the Tasha character is conniving but Lawrence did have to tell her he had a girlfriend twice, however, once he helped Tasha arch her back I don’t even get folks mad at the character anymore. I am Team Molly’s Therapist because she is just trying to get someone on this show together. Love that Karen is watching now and gets all the jokes and can chime in. I love got my Triangle wine order and sipped during Wine and White People and it was so relaxing!

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    I am here for White Folks and Wine Down!

  3. R.St.Vincent (@kinkyhautecurl)

    Rod and Karen i love you all but your lakewood church white people news story was fake…please do your research. http://www.snopes.com/steven-furtick-signs-six-year-110-million-contract-lakewood-church/
    its from a christian satire site…

  4. Amani

    I thought white people news was genius, but this wine shit? Takes it to a whole nother level! I feel so relaxed after a hard ass week every time.

  5. Treya

    I enjoy Insecure and i think it’s sad that more than half a million people watch the show each week, but it’s overshadowed by hate mail sent to the actress that plays Tasha.

  6. Forest

    Today’s white people cover was almost good…almost. Everybody knows you can enunciate and sing D’Angelo. It’s got to be a series of soulful ass mumbles.

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