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1497: Olenna Reclaims Her Time

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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic Ju of the What’s The Tea Podcast to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. lamalamatime

    The recaps pushed me to finally start watching Game of Thrones. I watch through my fingers a lot, I like it though! I can’t remember what episode it was, but Rod mentioned the Cersi hive and I was like ‘girl what?’ How does this hateful ass, may I speak to your manager hair cut having, 53 percent hoe have a hive? Then I remembered white women really are something else. Cersi is the worst dawg.

    Anyway, thank you for yet another great recap!

  2. Anonymous

    This recap was flaming! I was at work trying to to laugh and holler so loud!!
    Nic Ju sitting in the third co-host chair was everything. Lady Olenna calling Cersei a “disease” was the best mic drop! #WinterComing

  3. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Sup Rod and Karen of House Jackson and Lady Ju of House Bay-Bae,

    I got a few theories:

    Jon Snow seems to be in a constant state of brooding nowadays. I didn’t think about this much til y’all mentioned it. Made me think back to an earlier season (can’t remember the one) when the Hound fought that Beric Dondarrion AKA DAT Lord of Light dude in the cave. Y’all remember after he came back, his homeboy Thoros talked to Arya: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQlXu6nrJOE). Later Beric says that everytime he comes back, he loses some of himself. Jon Snow was already a serious dude so dying once probably took any kind of “happy Jon Snow” completely out of his personality.

    I think the White Walkers motivation can be traced back to the Children of the Forest who created them. Remember in Season 6 when Bran had that vision of one of the Children of the Forest putting a spear of dragon glass in a man’s chest? After the vision Bran knew the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers. That Child of the Forest said it was because of “man.” I’m starting to think the White Walkers grew so much in numbers that they became too difficult for the Children of the Forest to control. We’ve seen this trope many times in fiction. Well-meaning character creates something that eventually grows out of control. The Night King is probably the only White Walker that’s self-aware, driven by the same motivation as the other characters (not named Jon Snow) that wanna sit on the iron throne.

    Stellar episode as usual. The puns about Jamie’s hand had me crying tears of laughter in the office.

    Can’t wait til next week!

  4. Amani

    Bran can see everything, but his lanky ass still don’t know how to talk to people. “I saw the night you got raped, you were looking finer than a motha fucka”. His hotep ass out here trying to explain how he opened his third eye by cutting alkaline out of his diet and eating trees from Africa. Meanwhile Sansa about to start wearing pantsuits running this shit, making policy and figuring out healthcare and poverty in the North.

    And Told y’all Randyll Tarly’s old John McCain ass would roll up on that Make Westeros Great Again. Dany gonna need Drogon to start putting up Lebron in the finals numbers because they’re getting that work! He already got Jon reacting like Rick when he first met Shiva in the Kingdom, and they’re gonna need some of that unity before they get swept.

    Pour one out for the OG Olenna, but all I know is they better not kill my nigga Greyworm. Even if he gotta escape through the Hoe Door he gotta make it back to Missanbae.

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