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PG 108: Joseline vs Mimi

Rod and Justin discuss how Rod got Karen to watch Insecure, Insecure, Snowfall, Love and Hip Hop, Claws, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, reality show news and listener feedback.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Justin! I hope y’all had a good week! Justin… are you still team Fuck Nigga Lawrence? I stood up and clapped when Tasha told him that’s exactly what he is and he’s in denial about it. He handled that situation all wrong. Like she said… She didn’t think it was anything serious til he sat his black ass outside her house acting like he cared way more about her than he did, when in reality he just wasn’t ready to stop fucking her. People keep acting like Lawrence accidentally did some fuck nigga shit. Nah… he wanted him and Tasha to end when he was ready, and he realized after he told her about Issa that he still wasn’t ready to stop fucking her. Then, he agreed to go to her family bbq knowing full well meeting the family has the potential to take your situationship to another level. AND THEN he made matters worse by fucking disappearing! So now you got Tasha looking like a whole ass fool in front of her play uncle and cousins. Shameful… Typical fuck nigga shit. Now Tasha can go back to throwing her ass in a circle for whomever was there before. Lol Later, guys! Maybe I’ll see y’all this weekend.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Justin (sorry I don’t have any light skin slander for you),

    Since you guys are watching Claws, I just wanted to say that the thing that struck me most about this episode and the thing I hope they delve into more was the trauma Roller suffered from being held captive and raped. We saw him flashing to those moments during his feakout with Desna. Shows rarely give us a glimpse into the psyche of men who have been sexually assualted. As bad as the treatment women who are raped receives, at least the trauma and brutality of the assault is acknowledged and represented on shows, news, etc. When it comes to men, rape is either ignored, treated as a joke (when the rapist is a woman), or as an anti gay slur (when the rapist is a man). I want the show to delve into what being repeatedly raped and tortured did to Roller psychologically, especially given his presentation as a hyper sexual Alfa male. If handled right, this could be an opportunity for Claws to do something both important and needed. I know that I as a woman would really like to see the male perspective of sexual assault presented in a realistic and informative manner.

    I also liked the flashbacks to Roller and Desna’s relationship, as I wondered how, when and why they got together and how things got to the point they did in episode one.

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