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BDS 218: Pick Up The Phone Kyrie

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Kyrie Iriving, Ray Lewis vs Shannon Sharpe, Gilbert Arenas, Steph mocks Lebron, OJ Simpson museum, Jeremy Lin flagrants, Shaq disses LaVar Ball, MJ, NBA hair cuts, Caron Butler biopic, D Rose, Harden jersey retired with strip club, Kyrie flat earth shit, Melo thirsting after La La, Raven’s consider signing Kaep, Lamar Odom, Steve Bartman gets a ring, Tiger Woods outchea, outcry over Vick, Dwayne Wade dancing, Allen Iverson not showing up for Big 3, Kobe getting fat, Lions’ players run out on tab, LBJ supporting his wife, dumb Jets rookie, LaVar Ball, Lebron James Jr, Gallinari hurts thumb, Kyrie jerseys being burned, Durant think he the best, Beyonce could own Rockets and Central Florida student won’t stop Youtube channel.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Vick

    Y’all see Mike getting called out by his wife for those dumb ass comments about Kap? It doesn’t matter what you do, the one line you can’t cross is having a Black woman out here looking stupid. Maybe that’s why Kyrie keeps saying dumb shit, he doesn’t have qwhite the same support system.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    Just wanted to get y’all take on NBA live 18 featuring the WNBA

    So the Timberwolves got so good so quick do you think they can sustain it to make a run or this just an experiment?

    Alright love you guys,

    B Cole the number one TIMBERWOLVES fan lol

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