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BDS 219: Pete Rose Gambled On Age?

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Z-Bo arrested, Kajifa Vick, NFL hiring refs, Cleveland Show cleats, Doc Rivers demotion, Steph Curry can golf, Kapernick petition, Brady’s concussion, Kordell Stewart on Kaep, Branden Albert wants back in, Demarcus Cousins lost wait, Oakley banned for a year, David Irving rips nipple, Pete Rose statutory rape, NCAA on haircuts, Marshawn Lynch interview, Morey salty, Shannon Sharpe, Richard Sherman, Horry throws the hands, Kaepernick girlfriend tweet, NBA schedule, David Blatt going back to Turkey, Cris Carter, Serena Williams, Wiggins, Lucky Whitehead thief and Tramaine Brock.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and JSPN

    I know we all do fantasy drafts, but nigga you don’t put that shit on tv! Forget having any historical knowledge and optics, did nobody in that room see Get Out? It’s bad enough they run the scouting combine that’s not a meat show, who thought a bunch of white people bidding on studs at an auction was good to watch?

    But Roger Goodell is just glad people are talking about that now and not even more players protesting the anthem or him being inconsistent and hypocritical on suspensions. Rod’s been saying it for two years now, but all the NFL talk I’ve heard is all the off the field stuff. Nobody even cares about the game right now because the product is trash. I’ve watched that video of Hoodie Melo balling out more than the pre-season.

    Alright fellas great show as always. And Justin don’t let Rod sneak another light skinned nigga on here like the fake Papi and try to pull the wool over our eyes.

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and Jeke Elliot. What Kordell was saying was even though you may like or a feel someway. Sometimes you got to play both sides to get what you want in life. And if Kap wants a job in the NFL he should go both ways and play offense and defense. It may suck but sometimes you gotta give to recieve a NFL job

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