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1502: The Roast Of The Lannisters

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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew from the Fiyastarter.com Podcast to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. bamil73

    Quick bit of Game of Thrones info. The Golden Company is the mercenary outfit that Daario N’haris (spelling?) came from. When Dany sent him away, presumably he went back to them. If they get called in to fight for Cersei, it will be interesting if Daario is still in the mix.


  2. Mack

    Alright a few more thoughts on this.

    I really want Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran to catch up with what the hell has happened to them since they’ve been apart. They really need to get this stuff out in the open so they understand each other’s perspectives and new skills that can be used in the battles to come. And Bran needs to hurry up and tell Jon he’s not really a Snow.

    I don’t think it was a spy that caused Cersei to send the scorpion. I just think she’s a next level strategist (partially due to her father). There wouldn’t have even been time for spies to let them know that Dany changed her mind and was flying a dragon out there and the scorpion was already in place. Cersei’s just a G.

    It’s about time for Jamie to get a fighting hand built. He needs one with a blade or hook or shield or something that can be used in fighting.

    And y’all were killing the puns and metaphors today.

    I’m about to rewatch this joint.

    • Mack

      And the Leslie Jones recaps on Late Night with Seth Myers are a trip. Watching her watch this episode with Varys was funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvcrwTcA5iw

      (it’s a 9 min clip, so check it at y’all’s leisure. I watch everything on 1.5 speed, so its a quicker listen).

  3. EvieE

    I gotta say that if I was Meera, I would have tipped Bran out of his wheelchair, and said, “Reclaiming my time.” And then I’d be out of that bitch. He could have at least pretended to be grateful.

  4. Amani

    Jamie up here charging a gotdamn dragon like Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins! I need him to get captured and brought back to Dany on some “Suddenly, I’d like to leave your island”.

    That battle scene was everything I’ve wanted for seven years from Dragons to Dothraki ghost riding the horses. And speaking of fights, I’ve been saying Brienne had the #1 resume on the show but for Arya to come at her like that? She done leveled up. When Brienne put the feet to her it looked like when you play too much and hurt your little brother fighting. She was looking around like please don’t tell mama Sansa!

    For clarification, the Second Suns was the mercenary group they hired to kill Dany, that’s the crew Daario rolled with. The Golden Company are supposed to be the best mercenaries in the world and Jorah said he used to fight with them in season 4. And I’ve seen a few people think Needle is valyrian steel, but that was just something Jon made for her before he left and there’s no way he just happened to have some lying around.

    P.S. I definitely peeped that pride shit Dany said was the same thing Jon told to Mance Rayder when he wouldn’t bend the knee to save the Wildlings

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Gotdamn, gotdamn, gotdamn. I love your GOT reviews. Your metaphors and puns have me on the bus laughing so hard that i look crazy. When you said that the dragon’s fire had made dudes as ashy as twitter niggas defending Lil Duvall and the Breakfast Club, i nearly hollered. I had to shove my whole fist in my mouth. Thank you.

  6. Forest

    Hey, quick point of information. Arya’s sword, Needle, is Valyrian steel. So, the dagger just adds to her arsenal.

    • respectmyhabesha (@HowAboutBeth)

      needle really isn’t valryian steel. needle was forged by Mikken in winterfell as a gift from jon to arya. i think the dude who reforged ice into widow’s wail and oathkeeper is the only one in westeros who can work with valyrian steel.

      loved this recap karen, rod, and firestarter crew! you did not disappoint.
      thank you so much!

  7. @n@rchy (@daemonova)

    L is for Lannister

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