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TNO 90: Non-Acting Ass White Women

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and (later) Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Must and Zuckerberg debate killer robots, Deathstroke might not make it, McAvoy don’t want to cut his hair, Marvel studio exec shake up, Homecoming box office, Cara Delevingne wants to be Bond, Netflix getting new anime, Star Wars coming to Disneyland, Legion season 2, Marvel editor harassed over selfi, Transformers writing room, cosmic movie in MCU future, Daniel Craig as Bond, Shadow of War POC, Disney and Netflix, John Ridley’s Marvel show in the works, 24, Cowboy Ninja Viking movie, more Lionsgate movies, Mark Millar working with Netflix, Inhuman’s trailer wasn’t finished, King of the Hill, Judge Dredd, Ava DuVernay working on Dawn based on Octavia Butler’s novel, microtransactions, flame punches in real life, Reading Rainbow, Storm and Wolverine in the movies, Game of Thrones hack, Cyborg the focus of Justice League reshoots, J-Law acknowledges Passengers’ sexism, Xbox achievements, Affleck on JL, Munsters TV show and Based Stick Man.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s good my nigs?

    I hope all is well.

    Rod, thank you for moving the shows around so Karen could be on them. Y’all the bestest.

    Last Nerd Off y’all were talking about how Rick Sanchez is the most evil person on TV right now and I thought it was a toss up between Rick and Roger from American Dad.

    But nigga after this week? Rick the treachery GOAT. I started paying more attention to Morty and y’all were: Rick has fucked up Morty and Summer so badly. Morty seems more tired of the bullshit than Charles Oakley talking to Knicks security. Y’all Rick straight up admitted that he could just get another family! Have y’all all seen that Vindicators 2 episode and if so, what were y’all favorite parts?

    DC wants to make a Joker and Harley Quinn movie and a Joker origin story? First off, why in the fuck is DC so goddamn reliant on the Batman universe for everything? DC leans on Batman like the the Cavs lean on LeBron James! That ain’t even getting into the Joker being an uninteresting character without Batman or the fact that Joker is wild abusive to Harley. Hell, if DC wanted to take a step in the right direction, why not make a Harley and Poison Ivy film? I know that’d still be within Batman universe type stuff, but these niggas need to learn to crawl before they can walk and right now their trying to fucking fly.

    I watch DC fuck these things up and after Wonder Woman (which seems more like an aberration than the standard over there), I realize this is what Gator’s mom must’ve felt like after Gator said he smoked the TV. WB just can’t get right and it’s sad, cuz I grew up watching all their animated shows.

    Thanks for the awesome shows and y’all are amazing, peace!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    I meant to ask this in my email and forgot, but I’ll ask it here:

    Do y’all think that DC is still trying to ride out residual goodwill about Batman from the Dark Knight movies?

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s Good Nerds,

    I haven’t written yall in a while so I apologize if this email is too long. I found this badass game on steam called Foxhole and had to tell yall about it. So get this, I found the game months ago back when it was an alpha build and watched it grow into it’s early release status on steam. The game is a “persistent war strategy game” but I call it a manual RTS. Instead of clicking on a group of men and telling them to collect scrap metal, your ass is out there collecting the scrap metal. There’s also tools to build defenses and of course guns to fight the war. You have to have people work together to gather resources, convert them into munitions, deliver them to the front, and then use them to push the front and kill the enemy. I thought nobody would play a game like this, but the servers hold 140 players and are always full. The persistent part is the coolest, I can build a bunker on a specific point of the map and totally leave the server. If I come back later in the day to the same server my bunker will still be there. It’s fun going into a server that has been going on for several in-game days and seeing the front lines with a literal no-mans land. The best time I’ve had was building rifles and having to crawl up to the front lines to deliver them while bullets were flying everywhere. The studio that made the game is pretty small so I’m glad to see it be successful on steam.

    The other big game I’ve been playing, that No Man’s Sky. Hopefully Aaron still plays, but the game came out with a huge update last week that adds a ton of content to the game. The game honestly is worth $60 now. It just makes you side-eye Sony because the game was release last August. If they had just delayed the game for 7 months they would’ve avoided all that bad publicity. But what the hell do I know? I just know I’ve been getting my Rick Sanchez on by warping all over the galaxy. Can’t wait to hear what you guys have been playing.

    Praise Allyall,


  4. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod Kriss and Aaron,

    WTF is DC doing? First you get he news that they want to do a Joker Origin movie outside the DCEU. Could the movie be good.. maybe but the core of the Joker character is the mystery of his background and what makes him this way and making an origin could ruin the allure of the character and there is no origin that’s gonna be good enough. Then 2 days later the Hollywood reporter announce a Joker & Harley movie in the DCEU which seems like a terrible idea as well especially given all the core character and more interesting stories they could tell. Then the one good movie they made Wonder Woman you got James Cameron out here saying it took us backwards.. what nigga??

    But wit all that horrible DC movie news the comics and tv news has been good. They cast a black women Anna Diop as starfire in the titans show, Flash is supposivly course correcting some of the issues with last season with a non speedster big bad. And DC Rebirth continues to be great and by the way have y’all read Dark Metal and the preludes that’s seems like a real cool concept and Tom King is saying the Batman character will have a big change going forward out of it.

    did y’all see the solicitations for marvel in October I saw a bunch of black nerds upset because Marvel “apparently” moved Sam Wilson back to being falcon in a solo book mentoring the new Patriot. At this point I trust marvel so I’m not mad but I have a feeling ppl gonna be complaining.

    Lastly in “Who thinks this is a good idea News”. Did y’all see that ABC ordered a pilot for a Jetsons live action show?? There is no way this series makes it past 1 season right??

    Thanks guys,


  5. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Chris, Aaron, and maybe Karen,

    Man chris you digging through Hawkman? Why do you want all that nonsense to take up valuable memory, what you going to do next, Donna Troy’s history? For that you will need a good bottle of the brownest of liquors.

    Speaking of DC messes, man seems like every time i refreshed my browser this week WB was announcing something new, why can’t they get the stuff they already announced out the door before promising more bullshit?

    Do people undersell how great Kevin Feige is at his job? Cause between Sony, Fox, and WB it seems like making comicbook movies is like herding half blind cats on meth.

    Anyway, I know Chris got a good what-the-hell-they-doing rant(love them) locked and loaded, so I will let you guys go.

    be easy.

  6. Amani

    Y’all talking about Spider-Man not opening in China yet is the hidden story of the Hollywood’s planning now. China restarted the cap on foreign films opening in the summer, which is why we’re seeing a lot more blockbusters getting pushed to April and May lately. I like it because it opens up the rest of the year, but I peep folks not apologizing for saying Disney was giving Black Panther a death slot in February. It’s almost like they know what they’re doing and want to make all the money!

    And Aaron hit on something with these DC level problems. It’s DEFcon for nerd shit. You can go from Marvel to Fox and know you’re fucking up but you’ll somehow skate by, but lord help you if you hit the red and go into Sony and DC levels. Hell it even works for individual people. It’s one thing when you’re on Avengers 2 and people feel some kinda way about that Black Widow line. But when you go full DC and get put on blast by your wife for being a fake feminist, right after your old trash Wonder Woman script drops and folks are looking at you doing Batgirl in a new light? You know done fucked up right.

    P.S. We all know Mark Zuckerberg is running for President in 2020, but what if he’s doing that just to legalize AI. Watch this nigga is already controlled by AI, Facebook is all a cover, and Elon Musk is the hero we’ve been waiting for. Stay Woke! Lmao appreciate the show fellas and hopefully we get Queen Karen two weeks in a row.

  7. rodimusprime

    Hi nerds,

    I have played a game that was ruined by transactions. It was a social Facebook game where you unlocked houses and fixed up the broken furniture etc inside. You gained tokens to fix up the furniture by visiting friends in game and interacting in their houses that they had unlocked.

    So they had special themes, of course, like a vampire castle for Halloween that you could only unlock during Halloween. I really liked that castle and worked like hell for it; I visited my friends as soon as the timer ran down, I created a fake account so I could visit myself, all the tricks. and I couldn’t even get that castle half finished. You had to buy the special tokens to even make the castle look decent. I was left with stuff like a zombie held together by twine. And then once the theme was finished, you couldn’t even keep earning the tokens to finish the stuff you had started. I would have had to spend twenty or thirty real dollars to get a bullshit electronic castle.

    So I stopped playing that, because it’s one thing to speed up a game, and another thing to not be able to play at all without constantly spending.

    On the other hand, I have spent some money on electronic bullshit Pokemans in Pokémon Go, but I don’t HAVE to. It’s 100% choice. So that doesn’t make me mad.


  8. rodimusprime

    Hey guys,

    Ill keep this short but I want to echo what Kriss said about Dr. Who a couple episodes ago. Dr Who is straight trash. In fact Dr Who I believe its the Tupac of TV shows..
    Mostly trash seasons with memorable episodes that kept its fan base loving the show who then elevated its status to almost Battlestar Galactica heights in pop culture. I watched Dr Who just like how I listened to Tupac’s albums, I hit that skip button often.

    Question, do you guys have a list of cartoons or shows from your youth that you wish to see on the big screen?

    I would love to see the following.
    1. Voltron
    2. Silverhawks (Though they would need to change the black characters name. So much potential outrage on twitter due to a nigga named Hotwing)
    3. The Centurions. Not too many people know this one so I included an intro link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn49zxXRHhA
    4. ThunderCats
    5. Pirates of the Dark Water.

    By the time this is read Death Note would have been released. Im hoping its good.

    Alright guys be easy.

    P. Andre Joseph

  9. Mwangangi

    Yes!!! (apparently I’m live commenting) That DMX song in the episode was everything.

  10. Mwangangi

    I thought Kriss’ beef with DC was going to be the lack of a DC Unlimited.

    • Mwangangi

      Ah… I should’ve known he’d get around to it

  11. Mwangangi

    I still fucks with y’all anti-Who stance.

  12. Anonymous

    Karen byke I love it!! Great episode.

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