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SMR 147: American Made

Rod and Tim review Tom Cruise’s latest film American Made. We discuss your feedback for “IT” and some new movie previews as well.

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    I simply enjoyed Tom Cruise having fun in this role as playing Barry Seal. If any other actor were playing this role, I probably wouldn’t like it as much. Pacing-wise, it does a good job. I wish we got more stuff with Reagan, “Just Say No” & the crack epidemic, but what’s there is fine.

    Now, I wish the film wouldn’t overly humanize Barry as it did, because in real a life, he’s just not a good person. Then again, that Cruise charm is infectious, even if he is playing a dirtbag like Seal.

    It looks good, solid acting & it’s oddly funny. I expected a middle-of-the-road movie & got more than I bargained for.

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