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BDS 226: Females

Rod, Justin and Audrey discuss Cam Newton fucking up, Shannon Sharpe, Bob Iger, LaVar Ball, NBA All-Star format, Bruce Maxwell, Steph Curry rips SI, Dennis Schroeder arrested, Laura Govan takes an L in court, OJ is free and messing up, Scottie and Larsa back, Terrelle Pryor dealing with racism, Brandon Weedon, Klay Thompson, Gabby had 8 or 9 miscarriages, Alex Morgan acting a fool at Disney, Kobe says he’s kneel, OBJ fine 12K, Trump called Jerry Jones, man loses testicle, Dan Gilbert gets racist voicemails, NBA says stand for the anthem, Damarious Randall, Mike Conley is Kanye’s fave and Westbrook gets paid.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up rod and justin did yall hear the T wolves signed Andrew Wiggins to a max 5 yr 148 million dollars looks like he is also winning at the bank

  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    First, all thanks to the Panthers for putting us back on top of the NFC South. Now I hope we don’t eff it up Sunday.

    Second, I was so disappointed to see that all the black women on my FB feed that were caping for Cam were silent when Jemele got suspended. I am so over people!!! Like you said on the regular show Rod – I also saw guys tweeting stuff like “you’re on your own with this one Jemele” – I AM SO OVER PEOPLE!!! And now the 53% is pushing for ALL women to boycott Twitter but most of them were silent when it came to women of color… I been over white women.

    On a lighter side – please tell me y’all watched the first episode of Marshawn Lynch’s reality show. Or at least the clip of them talking about him playing Serena. I’ve watched that clip multiple times and laugh just as hard each time.

    Have a great show guys!

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod and J Ditka,

    I hope all is well.

    I know the Good Book says that thou shalt not pass judgement upon thy neighbor. And when I first saw the Miami Dolphins O-Line putting his nose down and working hard on some other lines? When I realized he was professing his love to a mistress while doing railing lines of coke off his work desk? Lord I was about the judge the fuck outta this man! And….then I saw what Kijuana Nige looked like and I realized, who are me to judge? Love will make you do crazy things.

    I’d like to retract my previous remarks about Jerry Jones’ smile while kneeling with his players being his most slaver mastery moment and nominate him talking about his players not giving into “peer pressure” when it came to protesting during the national anthem. Have we reached peak Overseer Jones or do y’all think he could get worse?

    Have a good one y’all, peace!

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Ditka. Hope y’all are having an oppression free week, witcha black asses. so listen, I don’t care about the kneeling shit. I muted it on Twitter and everything. However, I would like to see Dez and his momma slappin hands kneel. lmao I know he won’t do it. I don’t think any of the cowboys players that are good enough to make Jerry reconsider his stance would dare do anything. We know Dak thinks the black side of his family ain’t shit. Zeke will be suspended and even if that weren’t the case, his ass is in too much trouble to do anything. Dez is the only nigga on that team good enough to make Jerry have to publicly eat his words, but he ain’t bout that life. Jerry wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t know in his heart none of his niggas are about that life… at least none of the good ones lol Anyway, y’all be good! Smooches!

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jayzekiel Elliot

    Just like a lightskin nigga to show up late and embarrass Rod in front of company. At least Dr. Audrey held it down!

    Jerry Jones was finally feeling himself, that he was the one in charge of his nig… I mean players. Even if he was just taking his marching orders from Trump, he’s in charge dammit! And then they sit his favorite woman beater down? Cold world Jerry.

    But I refuse to let these trash white men and gentrified protests distract from the fact we got an offensive line coach out here doing coke in the hotel and sending it to his favorite sex worker! They were mad at that nigga for smoking weed before the draft but his coach out here living like Tony Montana!

  6. Rwh2016

    Hey Rod and my man J Seales!

    Did you guys catch the Reals Sports Episode 246: Money Games? They talk about the risk of cash strapped HBCUs playing powerhouses like Ohio State and Georgia State for big paychecks. A former HBCU coach called them “Blood Games” or “Pay for Slay”. I wish there was another way to generate revenue for these schools.

    Love the show guys!


  7. Cassie67Impala

    What’s up Rod and J Mathers!
    Me and Kaepernick appreciate ya tellin Trump how you feel.

    I usually try to keep my head down at work but my two fellow black women co workers were talking about how they didn’t find Cam’s deragtory females comment offensive. I was beyond shocked, then two white women co workers jumped in saying they thought it was offensive. It felt like I was in the twilight zone.

    Speaking of females, I just wanted to write in and say you gotta Skype Audrey in on these pregame and balls deep episodes. We lucky to get Karen every now and then but we need more FEMALES on the show.

    Peace and love!

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