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PG 116: Racist Dogs

Rod and Justin are joined by Audrey to discuss being a black veterinarian, racist pets, HBCUs, Love and Hip Hop, Curb, Vice Principals, Rick and Morty finale, The Vietnam War and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    I was wondering if you guys been watching the mayor it comes on right after blackish last week was the first episode it’s really good

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Hen Dog,

    Rod if there was an Oscar for podcasting you and Karen would have won
    by now. Of course they’d give it to NPR by accident and have all yall
    on stage like that Moonlight stunt. I have no idea how yall have gone
    from Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, sons of bitches, Jemelle Hill, and all
    the way over to Obama and the shows are still funny and
    thought-provoking. I’ll admit I took offense to that person who said
    she likes it when the shows are shorter. Girl bye.

    You and Leslie Mac (shoutout) were great on the Queen Sugar recap.
    Leslie’s layers of trash analogy was exactly what I needed. For me,
    it’s the amount of useless trash that’s been the most depressing thing
    since the election. I was talking to my white friend the other day and
    he told me his buddies don’t even discuss Trump. I know his friends
    voted for Trump, but yall don’t want to talk about him? Whiteness is
    that good that you vote in Novemeber and don’t pay attention again
    until November 2020. I got pissed the fuck off when I read snippets of
    that article saying Obama needs to speak up more. If this white man
    don’t shut the hell up. You summed it up great. Pretty much if Obama
    comes out and talks more you know that man will be the first to
    criticize him. The only good thing about all this is black folks are
    beyond fed up. People on twitter are dragging him because they hadnt’
    forgot his prior bullshit. The other day in Nina’s group a white woman
    tried to tie the Weinstien shit to liberals. This same woman has trump
    and gop posts on her wall…and also MLK. Nina and all those fine,
    smart black women have been tearing her up. It was beautiful.

    Back to Queen Sugar. I’m writing this on Wednesday morning so the
    latest episode hasn’t aired yet. I have a question that we should all
    be asking, is Earnest a fuckboy? We spent all this time talking about
    Lawrence but he never left Issa to marry a white woman. Have yall had
    any role models in your life but then found out later they were
    terrible people?

    Thanks for letting me get that rant off, Justin are you and Turk still
    coming to GA?

    Peace yall,


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