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TTM 18: Still There

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!!! I was anxiously awaiting this recap when I watched last week’s episode. Mainly for racist grandma and Deja.

    I’m in my feelings here so please keep that in mind. But I feel y’all are too hard on Deja. Probably because my teenage self relates to her in so many ways so I don’t see her character being written by a white person. While I was never in a foster home, my mother was in and out of jail a lot when I was young and I acted out pretty bad. I was a good student so I never went too far left because I realized that was my way out. But the emotional roller coaster was mine. I did some crazy stuff – mainly to other kids, not adults. For instance, one summer my cousin came from California. One day we got in a fight and she won. Before she went back, my Uncle bought her all these nice school clothes. My sister and I didn’t get any because my grandmother didn’t have money for new clothes. Well, remembering that ass whooping she gave me and mad because I didn’t get school clothes, I went in the closet and cut the seams on all her new clothes. Thank God for my grandmother because my Uncle would have sent me to a troubled kids camp if he had his way. Because of my devious ways, I was scared that Deja would lash out at the girls. I’m grateful that her wrath is directed at the adults instead.

    When Deja cut out her braids, I initially thought she did it in an attempt to have an afro like the girls – or to stop Randall from focusing on her hair. I never viewed it as hurting Beth. And the way her hair looked was very realistic to me because that’s how my hair naturally curly hair looks when I first take out braids – a straight mess LOL. I understand being protective of the Black Pearsons but Deja has my heart. This week I screamed “YASSSS” when I saw her hair. She’s so pretty! Her crush on Kevin is so cute and I love Randall’s persistence with her.

    Toby is annoying but Kate is a bitch. Every week I like her less and less. I adore the young Kates but this adult one grinds my nerves. I did cry when she had the breakdown in the car though.

    I’m torn on how to feel about Kevin. I want to be annoyed that he messed up Sophie’s event, but then again I don’t like Sophie so that cancels out. It is hard watching him deal with his addiction.

    As always, young Randall stole my heart. And young Jack… young Jack is making me love adult Jack even more! Lord, now we have to suffer through what happened to his brother.

    Between Jack’s death, Deja, Jack’s brother and Kate’s baby; I suspect I’ll be shedding plenty of tears in the upcoming weeks.

    Thanks for such great recaps and I can’t wait to listen this week.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Thanks so much for your awesome recaps! This week’s episode had me HATING young Kevin. He was just mean to Randall for no reason and to me he was the definition of a brat! And that scene where he’s in the tent and he found young Randall’s notepad with strategies to make his own brother tolerate him just broke my heart!!!. Nobody treats my favorite character like that!

    Can I just say I love me some Jack too? I’m excited we get to see so many different layers to him and this week’s twist made me so happy. Can’t wait to learn more about his childhood.

  3. EvieE

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I really don’t know why Kevin is the only Pearson, I haven’t warmed up to. I mean, I don’t hate him like I do Sophie and Miguel, but he was just so unlikable as a kid and teenager that I just keep giving adult Kevin the side eye. Although, I did laugh and laugh when he let Sophie down. Fuck her. I feel like she’s using him. I just want her to go away. It looks like they are going to make him an alcoholic like his father and grandfather.

    I appreciate Jack’s petty in not going to see his father. It’s kind of like how people say nice things to someone when they’re dying or dead and that’s just hypocritical to me. Look, if I didn’t fuck with you when you were alive and well, I don’t give a damn if you’re dying or dead. Bye Nigga!

    While I like Toby, he’s just so cringy sometimes. I would have walked the hell out of that coffee shop if I was Kate.

    Kate had me cracking up when she told Madison off. Sure Madison is annoying but I kind of want her and Kate to be friends. I think Kate needs some friends outside of her brother and Toby. Every woman needs a good girlfriend.

    Last week on the show, there was some question about whether Deja’s actions were realistic in regards to her hair and her being a black girl. I understand the sentiment because a black woman’s hair is her crowing glory, however, we have to take her background into consideration. It felt pretty real from my perspective only because my parents have been taking in foster kids for years and you wouldn’t believe how some of these kids act out. I have seen and heard it all from girls cutting their hair, cutting themselves, breaking stuff, punching holes in walls, and kids who refused to bathe. And there was one kid who took a dump in the middle of the living room because he didn’t like being told what to do. Pulled his pants down and left a turd on the floor. So Deja is actually a very scaled back version of how bad things could get.

    She still annoys me but at least she’s starting to open up. But it’s clear she has questionable taste since she likes the Manny. Yuck.

    The season has been a slow burn for me so far but I’m still enjoying it. And your reviews make it even better. Thanks guys!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey –

    First and foremost, let me say that I absolutely love your recaps…I almost enjoy them as much as the show itself. That said, I have a few burning questions for you that I hope you’d be willing to address…

    Toby – WHY do y’all hate Toby so much? I love Toby! As a pleasingly plump woman myself who has had issues around self-esteem and dating, I can identify a lot with Kate. I know from experience that it takes a certain type of guy to really love someone who comes with so many issues and so much baggage because honestly, she’s not just learning how to love him, but also learning to love herself. He has shown a tremendous amount of strength, compassion, and humor. The only thing I don’t love about Toby is that faux-Rick-Ross beard thing he has going on this season. #WhyLordWhy

    I agree that Kate probably will NOT have her baby…I agree that she will likely have a miscarriage…probably in the same episode that we find out how Jack dies AND that the Black Pearsons lose Deja…

    Oh, and speaking of Deja, I can actually understand why she didn’t understand about the bowling alley shoe-thing. This generation of kids know nothing of the beloved entertainment of Generation X, especially if they grew up po’ …bowling alleys, roller-skating rinks, etc. Only now is Chuck E. Cheese beginning to make a comeback.

    I bet you $5 that either her abusive DADDY shows up to claim her or her Mom gets released and brings her boyfriend/husband/pimp who is clearly abusive…again on the same episode we find out how Jack dies.

    My least favorite character is Kevin. Maybe I’ll feel differently once we learn more about his addiction issues and whatnot. And Sophie, by proxy, is irrelevant to me.

    Also, it bothered me for weeks, but thanks to IMDB, I finally figured out who Rebecca’s mom is – Elizabeth Perkins, i.e., Tom Hanks’ girlfriend in the movie “Big.”

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you guys both – Karen, too!


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