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BDS 229: Charles Barkley’s Coonsfarm Wine

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, DJ Envy, some passionate NBA talk, Delanie Walker gets death threats, NCAA assistant coaches in court, Patrick Beverly is a bama, Marshawn suspended one game, Jemele Hill is back, David Irving, Jerry Jones says NFL is suffering from protests, Bobby Portis apologizes, Cousins fined, Durant didn’t know how to play team defense, Jimmy Butler is petty, Bledsoe demands trade, Earl Watson fired, Barkley’s new wine, Scalabrine, JuJu’s bike returned, Joel Berry breaks his hand, Barstool sports canceled, Reggie Bush will retire, Gabby eats that ass, Kyrie fined, Fultz’s shoulder is fucked, Ben Gordon hospitalized, Josh Jackson fined, Tiger in court for DUI, Lynch practices with high school, Ray Knight arrested, Odell swirling, Stern wants weed, Nets sell some ownership, D Rose dating a racist and Steve Smith threatens Michael Irving.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Japa Johns,

    I hope this email gets in under the wire. West coast problems.

    My dog Tiger Woods is BYKE! Hopefully that backeotomy worked this go around.

    Speaking of Tiger, yall might remember his nudes leaked a while back. Why can’t golf podcasts and TOUR pros stop talking about his dick?! I didn’t see the pics so maybe it is impressive but white dudes are so obsessed with black dicks. I don’t get it. Maybe this is their version of oppression. They outchea living that cuckold life outside of pornhub, i guess.

    The Dodgers lost the World Series just as I adopted them as my new team. My shitty 2017 sports year continues.

    Duke basketball is ranked #1 again. Who cares! They’re gonna break my heart the same way they do every year when we’re stacked on paper.

    Lastly, fuck Papa Johns. I’m not eating their pizza because when I open Grubhub or UberEats I have tons of better options. Not to mention their pizza sauce tastes like it has a splash or Robitussin in it.

    Jeremy Fuller

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin, it seems no one will let this episode go. I mean getting roasted was pretty bad. But what was worse is when I started to do research afterwards on the topic and I found an article that agreed with my initial email and it written by of course, Jason Whitlock. Cant believe I allowed myself to be that ashy. That is not the company I want to keep. I also read the book Boy Amongst Men, and they go into depth about the stories almost all the players that went pro straight out of high school and the origins of the age limit. It was such a great and informative book. It really gives you detailed stories about the success and failures of kids the jump straight from high school to pros, the nba dress code, and the one and done rule. From the Book I came away with two major takeaways.

    1. Players are getting screwed. The one and done rule forces them to loose at least $500K of there career earnings by forcing them to loose at least one year of there professional career. So if you’re a player like, Ben Simmons, that would have been the #1 overall pick straight out of high school, you’d loose about 11 million that one year you spend in College. Yes 11 Million in one year. 7 mill from his NBA contract and 4 mill from his sneaker endorsement with Nike. That doesn’t include any money he could make from local businesses, and appearance fees. In total it may be about 13-14 mill lost from spending one year in college. So even if LSU paid him on the side like Louisville paid that one kid 100K, he would still be loosing millions by having to go to College. And of course that’s not accounting how much more he could loose if he got hurt.

    2. Also Brandon Jennings, is actually a success story. In the book they talk about his path to the NBA. Jennings wanted to go to college at Arizona to play with his friend Jerryd Bayless. However he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA because his SAT scores were initially too low. He studied, retook the test, and dramatically increased his score. However the NCAA said he was still ineligible because they couldn’t believe that was able to do as well as he did and said he had to take the SAT for a 3rd time. SMH, then shortly after Jennings got the news, he heard Sonny Vaccaro talking on the radio about how kids should go overseas instead of college to play ball for a year. He called up the show to see if Vaccaro was serious, and then the two met up to get things in motion. Sonny set up some workouts for him with a few teams overseas and didn’t just get him signed on with a club but also got him an endorsement deal with Under Armor. Once he got overseas, he did struggle with his game, but was complimented constantly for how professional and mature he was along with having great potential as a player. So even though he was projected to fall out of the NBA lottery(Top 13) leading up to the draft, he was taken 10th Overall. Which looking at that draft class in hindsight I’d say it was pretty accurate gage of his skills. However, after Jennings was Jeremy Tyler. He also skipped college to go overseas but he didnt adapt as well as Jennings did. He quit his team overseas after a few games or a few days (cant remember), but during that time he was exposed as a big man with very few moves that could only dunk. When he enter the draft, he went undrafted, and after a few stops, he flamed out of the NBA. He was the cautionary tale until Emmanuel Mudiay. Who in 2014 went to play in china and despite getting injured over there, he was drafted 7th overall by the Nuggets. After him was Terrance Ferguson who went overseas for a year and was drafted in the first round by the Thunder 21st overall in the 2017 NBA draft. Hopefully more players follow this trend so that not only can the maximize the lifetime earnings, but also get paid to train for he NBA against professional players, along with of course getting to see another part of the world.

    Anyway, Sorry about the length of this, hopefully we can put that episode to rest now.


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. McNair

    These owners really can’t stay the fuck out of their own way. I’ve been where Rod is on this for a while and it all feels futile until they’re getting niggas out of the paint but these owners are too racist for their own good.

    Instead of shutting the fuck up, this asshole wants to beat Jerry Jones in the Texas Racist Bowl. You over here telling grown men not to celebrate too loudly when Obama won because you’re mad? You can’t even keep that shit to yourself because you don’t give a fuck about your inmates, Warden?

    But fuck that shit, we’re talking about a real league. I know we’ve clowned Philly for that trust the process shit, but they’re about to be a problem. Ben Simmons out here balling the fuck out just to stunt on Chrichelle, and if Embiid’s knees don’t explode they could be scary. Too bad Jahlil Okafor won’t be around long enough to see it. But at least we know he can punch his ticket out of town.

    And nigga. Kyrie… Can we get Betty Crocker or somebody with some flat cakes to explain science to this man. It was bad enough he was convinced the Bucks throwback court was really the same hardwood lying around for 40 years and not just a paint job, but he’s really serious about this “we never went to the moon”, flat earth shit. Instead of the clown from It, Bron should have dressed up as a globe to really scare the shit outta him.

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