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TNO 96: Solo (Not Han)

Rod, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, what we’re being entertained by, Riverdale crash, DC didn’t agree with Zack Snyder, David Fincher criticizes Marvel, Netflix is going after pirates, Humble Bundle bought by IGN, Russians hacked Pokemon Go, female Thor movie, Han Solo film, Female moviegoers lead 2017 box office, Pacific Rim might crossover with monster movies, Inhumans hits low ratings, Imax regrets Inhumans, Michael Bay producing Dora live action, The Gifted, Kinect is discontinued, pro-gamer loses contract after DV, Valkyrie, Kingpin coming back, Walking Dead season 8 ratings, Lin back for Fast 9, Deathstroke solo movie coming, Shazam casting, Animal Crossing mobile coming, Star Trek Discovery gets season 2, Regal Cinemas introducing dynamic pricing, Geostorm flopped, Amazon moving headquarters, Preacher gets a season 3, Gal Gadot confirms Wonder Woman was retconned, X-23 spinoff coming and sex robots.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey guys,

    I am mad at Thor, for the simple reason it is the Thor we should have gotten day one.The Thor moves has always had talent attached to them, but it took a weird brown dude from the bottom of the world to make the concept work.

    Hemsworth should lean into more comedy, he has the chops for it. He was the only bright spot in that terrible National Lampoon Vacation reboot from a few years ago.

    Forget Valkyrie being Thor’s love interest. Her and Banner/Hulk had all the chemistry. And folks need to stop being lazy and recycling that tired “Marvel has a villain problem” article every movie.

    How gangsta would it be if Disney got the X-men back by buying the whole company? If that happens you got to play that scene from The Mack

    Be easy guys


  2. rodimusprime

    hows it going fellas?

    now you’ve all seen it, man Thor was great.

    i was laughing all through the movie. the comedy, action & 80’s style music really worked & the colourful scenes, mcu call backs & the new additions to the cast all fit.

    & another that was so good about it was all the little New Zealand & Aussie references that were in it. it added to the movie for me & most of my mates that have seen it & ive spoken with said the same. even just hearing the Aussie & Kiwi accents makes it feel like we’re part of the MCU now hahaha

    at least we only get black panther 2 days before you guys down here so i wont have to wait so long to talk about it. now infinity war is a different story though

    & while i might not have had a job for 2 months, but i still got that new xbox. eating 2 minute noodles for the next few months is going to be so worth it when my games look like this

    have a good 1


  3. brandonisbmore

    Hey Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Hopefully Karen,

    First an foremost how great was Thor!! That had to be the funniest MCU Movie they ever made and it still had important implications on the history of this universe. Although I saw an article that Beta Ray Bill was initially in the movie and they took him out and just had the easter egg which kind of made me sad cuz i love that character, but it also means he will absolutely be in a future movie.

    Also do you guys already have or are planning to get the Xbox one X and do you already have 4k tv’s? I have been playing pc games in 4k and 1440p and honestly the difference is amazing.

    Lastly did you guys here how they completely changed that Krypton show coming out next yr on sci-fi. Basically the directors are calling it a “terminator” version of superman’s story. It takes place in present day earth and somebody is traveling back in time to Krypton of 200 yrs ago to try to prevent the brith of Superman. So it will be jumping throughout time which is why they confirmed Braniac, Doomsday, hawkwomen, Adam Strange and quote “other major DC characters”. They change the show so much they asked people to take their trailers down cuz they show is different from the original pitch. They also hinted at it being a prequel to the movie version of Superman. Its possible but this could be good but this sounds like a lot and I have no faith in them pulling this off.



  4. Amani

    I feel like a broken record every time y’all come back and Marvel dropped some more heat but goddamn I loved Thor! Nigga they went full Simonson with it and even threw some in Planet Hulk. They really took people’s complaints about Avengers 2 and said fuck y’all we’ll make Thor and Hulk disappearing the best of part of the movie.

    After seeing this you know Kevin Feige came out of Wonder Woman laughing. “Oh that’s how y’all have your gods fight? That’s cute.” “Those are your women warriors? Not bad, I got something for that ass though.” And Marvel keeping their foot on their neck dropping Punisher the same weekend as Justice League. I admire that level of petty.

    And speaking of petty, nigga this Green Ranger/JCVD fued! Kriss gotta rethink joking on how trash the show was when he’s at cons. Gonna hear that flute outta nowhere and have to throw hands.

    P.S. That AI robot y’all talked about last show given citizenship in Saudia Arabia is the same one that said it will kill all humans. So we’re fucked, it’s been nice knowing y’all.

  5. rodimusprime

    Regarding Lord of the Rings, a book I think might resonate with you is The Last Ringbearer by Kirill Yeskov. It’s basically the Orc side of LOTR. In it, Mordor is the only industrial democracy in Middle Earth, attacked by elves and humans who hate them irrationally.

    Since it’s fan fiction, you can’t buy it, but it’s available in pdf from the translator if you google.

    Lauren in Pittsburgh

  6. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen,

    Been listening to TBGWT for a couple mths and became a premium subscriber for the archive shows, then last month discovered all these other premium shows on your website. Love the nerd off and balls deep sports (I don’t watch American sports but follow sports news in general, this show is fantastic)

    I’ve never read any comics, bar a few random ones that come with some of the subscription boxes I get, so my knowledge of the marvel world is basically what they show us from the movies, tv shows and if I get curious enough about characters, will Wikipedia their backstories. but after listening to episodes 90-92 and hearing you all discuss the secret empire I was really curious about what this was all about. Like most people with social media I saw a lot of the controversy over these comics, but as I haven’t read them, all I knew about it was everyone freaking out over steve rogers being a secret Nazi since forever. so I subscribed to marvel unlimited this week (I don’t even know where to find a comic book store where I live and the idea of going to one is kinda scary) and started reading Sam Wilson Captain America (I think in one of the episodes you recommended reading this before secret empire) and went back and started reading civil war and a few others as well. Haven’t gotten to secret empire yet, but really looking forward to reading that for myself after I finish these. If you have any other recommendations to read before I start secret empire, it’d be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for such an engaging and interesting podcast.



  7. brooklynshoebabe

    LMAO. OMG! You guys talking about Mario Van Pebbles killed me. Yes, I saw Solo and Posse in the movie theater. New Jack City is my all time favorite movie of that 1990s black cinema era. My favorite MvP movie is Heartbreak Ridge. That was one of the first movies my family owned on VHS and my twin brother and I used to watch that movie at least once a month. God bless Mario. lol.

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