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BDS 237: Never Too Much

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Shirley winning the BDS fantasy league, Venus not guilty, Eric Davis scumbagging, LaVar Ball league, racist Duke reporter, McKayla Maroney was paid to be silent, Chris Bosh’s mom cracking it up, man shot at a dude in a pick up football game, Charlie Villanueva toilet crime, Ravens attendance down since protests, #Coughgate, Pope to serve jail time during NBA season, Nipsey Hussle challenges coon to a fight, Mayweather challenges Kobe to 1 on 1, Aaron Rodgers, Sharapova won’t play until 36, NFL canceled Sunday Night Football, Tiger Woods splits from swing coach, NBA Christmas ratings, Popovich, G League players accused of theft on plane, James Harrison cut and signed, JJ don’t like playing on Christmas, Blake Griffin paternity suit, Jeter, Ron Rivera defends Jerry Richardson, Chay Vang don’t play and Eli Apple.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jarvin Lewis

    He may have fucked up another season on the Bengals, but my man is still getting paid!!! At this point, he’s just showing up every season like Justin and trying to figure out what he can get away with before they fire him. For a league that’s scared of Kap changing the power structure, this was a good week for Black mediocrity. My man Hue Jackson got to keep his job after going 1-31 with the Cleveland Blacks, and Tyrod the Scammer made the playoffs despite Buffalo doing everything they could to get rid of him!

    And I thought it was smart of Isiah Thomas to pump the brakes on coming back against Boston. The Celtics are just speeding away with the 1st seed, no sense in the Cavs hitting the wall too early to catch them. Keep that mental edge and crash the party in the conference finals. But really I have to give credit to Brad Stevens, when the rubber meets the road he’s really got this team playing better than I ever thought they could.

    • Amani

      But it still pays more to be a mediocre white coach, nigga 100 million for Jon Gruden?! A damn near .500 coach who won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s players against the team still using his playbook and hasn’t coached in a decade? Secure the bag, Chucky!

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