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TNO 107: Sprinkle Some Kevin Hart On It

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Tesla crash, Arrow crossover with Black Lightning, Joker movie April Fool’s joke, Boyega talked to Marvel, Spielberg open to female Indiana Jones, Fast and Furious spin off news, Channing Tatum divorced, Terminator 6 pushed back, Spider-man 2, hackers hacking 911, Doctor Doom film idea, Last Star Fighter, Toy Story 4 coming in 2019, WB cuts ties with Ratner, Stan Lee, Batgirl movie gets new writer, face recognition catches Chinese man, Walking Dead season 9 will be like new, Jumanji 3 happening, live action Mulan casting news, Anna Diop responds to Starfire backlash, Billy Mitchell caught cheating, Atomic Blonde sequel in the works, New Mutants, RE 7 has low sales, GTA 5 sets record, Bourne prequel series, LA’s finest, Jessica Jones and a humorous movie text exchange.


  1. rodimusprime

    I’ll be watching Avengers for the second time during the Nerd Off. Just wanted to write in about it.

    NIGGA!!!!!!!! It was amazing! Thanos did not come to play. After the movie there was a dude in our row balling grown man tears. He still had his 3ad glasses on. He looked like that Terrell Owens meme. The whole theater was shook. SHOOK!

    Bruh, you can’t Kevin Feige a damn thing.



  2. rodimusprime

    I had a serious moment where I wanted to call off work tomorrow just so I can listen to the show. I just got home from the movie and I need to be held. My fucking god. I really don’t have anything of consequence to add. I’m about to listen to your spoiler review. But I might have to go to church and repent for whatever I did to make Thanos feel the need to get half us out of here.

    Thanks for the shows and I can’t wait to get home tomorrow.


  3. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Kriss, Rod, Aaron and hopefully Karen,
    Niiiigggggaaaaa!!!! That’s all I can say about Infinity War without spoiling it to people. I just keep saying that shit on repeat when asked about the film. Marvel basically said oh y’all love Empire Stikes Back and then did that Cam Newton gif like watch this. I will be seeing it at least 3 times just to fully wrap my head around what I just saw.

    Also, a week removed from UniversalCon and that shit is starting to look worse and worse. At first I thought it was just incompentence and reaching to high to start but now people brands and reputations are taking hits becaus of how poorly this is being handled and it borderline looks like some people were trying to get over. Just sad all around for something I know a lot of people were hoping succeeded including me.

    Lastly i said a few episodes back I would give you an update on Krypton and 6 episodes in its good. I’m trying to to get invested cuz Gotham was pretty good for season 1 then completely fell off the cliff. But Krypton is diverse as fuck, a lot of Black Women kicking ass including two being Zod’s, the acting is decent and they don’t do “villain of the week” it’s more of a serialized show. I’m just hoping I don’t get a Alfred Slappign Selena moment but it’s worth checking out SyFy does good work.

    Thanks for all the great content,


  4. Amani

    The fucking balls on Kevin Feige and the Russos. I know we’re not spoiling yet on here but nigga. Greatness! I’m not acknowledging any opinions other than that was a masterwork and the toughest movie of all time. The opening sequence would have been climax in most movies and that shit was before the title card! I’m glad I wrote the rest of this before going in because I won’t be thinking about anything else for the next week.

    That sprinkle some Hart on it had me rolling! And I know y’all saw that animated Fast & Furious announcement. If they introduce him in that and lead to a team up with The Rock I better see y’all get a producer credit. It’ll be right on time for them taking it to space and battling with the Transformers. Hell throw Jurassic Park in there too!

    And don’t y’all get my hopes up talking about Doom in Phase 4. He’s really the perfect villain where you can seed him being involved with politics like a Black Panther sequel or he can go cosmic.

    P.S. Aaron have you seen Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network? It’s a dope, Black ass show about a little nerdy kid and his family. Your daughter would love it. Alright guys y’all have a good one.

  5. logan2x1

    Hey guys. I love the show and I’ve been listening to all of you for years now. I watched movie trailer reviews on YouTube years ago. I remember when spoiled Reviews was free. I remember hearing Karen’s voice for the first time on The Avengers spoiled review and enjoying her point of view because she didn’t know a Tony Stark from a Hank Pym, but she was having fun. I found tbgwt by way of an Agents of shield podcast in which Rod was the only positive person out of all these snooty hipsters he was on the show with. Rod was right about the majority of his theories and they obviously were hate watching the show and downplaying the praise you gave the show. You don’t have to say it Rod, but I said fuck them and I followed you to your show. I knew y’all weren’t reuniting for season 2, but I was hoping so you could say “I told y’all niggas this show was the shit!”

    I don’t think the number of episodes a show has is indicative of quality. Inhumans had 8 episodes and a shitty showrunner. Go figure. The first season of Flash had 20+ and was great. The Netflix shows get 13 each. Let them get 13 checks. I’ll spend time with all of those characters brushing their teeth in the mirror if I got a 14th. I think Defenders’ story suffered from being too short and the backlash of the Iron Fist controversy.

    Arkham knight is my shit and anyone who disliked the game is a joyless and soulless human being. I didn’t notice any glitches, but the complaints I heard had everything to do with the Bat-mobile learning curve, which I enjoyed a lot. I got a full Batman experience.

    My last thing I wanted to touch on is the DCEU came ready made for a Bat family to already exist in Bruce Wayne’s life. Feige would have known how to handle that. I think a Batman 20 years in was a great idea, but the powers that be didn’t know how to handle it. I had high hopes. Before seeing BVS in my mind this Batman fought 2 different clayface, Mr. Freeze, and Manbat plus Etrigan the Demon. There was a damaged Jason Todd suit so you’d assume Nightwing exist in Bludhaven, Tim Drake is with the Titans or probably patrolling Gotham while Batman is away in Metropolis, Barbara is with the Bird’s of Prey or something. They did the Man of Steel story like Forest Gump. There is no reason why they can’t do Batman like that. You gotta remember Batman: The Animated series episodes were only like 21-23 minutes a piece. They told Dick Grayson’s origin in small snippets of time in 40 minutes. I don’t know where they go after Justice League and that movie has a missing battle scene because we never saw how steppenwolf got all three of the mother boxes because suddenly he had all of them. I’m not watching that movie again. Zach jumped from step 1 to step New 52 in a matter of 2 movies. When me and a group of 17 friends watched Suicide Squad we agreed it was shit, but we had fun. Man of Steel and Wonder Woman are the only good ones. Now that I have had time to really sit with my thoughts and feelings about Wonder Woman inrealized I enjoyed the movie because I wasn’t embarrassed to watch it in public. Then majority of sci-fi action heroine or women superhero movies might as well have been directed by Axel Braun. Wonder Woman made me so happy. I will probably die from happiness watching Wasp and Captain Marvel be kickass live action characters whoopin MRA ass.

  6. kccolon10

    I only have a few nerd things in my life, so when I find something, I have to share. I have played Might and Magic Clash of Clans twice now. I am not a video gamer, but my husband found it for me and it’s a very simple game with a simple premise. I know it’s old, but it brings me a little joy and relaxation. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    I loved this episode of TNO. I listened to it with my oldest daughter while making pancakes. My daughter is a nerd like you guys–she’s a gamer, WB superhero show viewer, and movie watcher. She out nerds me and I’m a librarian. Lol. It was a nice family bonding time. Glad I could share TNO with someone that could appreciate it. Finally, we both agree that everything is better with a sprinkling of Kevin Hart.

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