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PG 142: Kirk Frost Ain’t Shit

Rod and Justin discuss Roxanne Roxanne, Atlanta, getting ghosted at parties, listener feedback, Justin won’t watch Acrimony, LHH ATL, The Terror and Rod and Justin make a deal.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and J Proctor,

    Heard you were sick Rod and writing to wish you a speedy recover. But I have to warn you be careful it isn’t Justin working roots on you, you know albinos have magical powers and would want nothing more than to take a strong dark man down.. He would like nothing else than to take your brand and life, that is what Dollar general Shamar Moores do.

    Rub some tussin on it and take care

    J Proctor

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Comey,

    This white on white crime is getting good. I could be talking about Trump’s mob lawyer and Sean Hannity but I’m actually talking about the Terror. If the bear doesn’t get you then the cold will freeze your hands off. If that doesn’t get you then your drunk ass captian might punch you. The only people I’m rooting for are the Inuit girl and Mr. “these niggers are people too” Goodsir. Justin are you watching?

    Justin, how’d you like that Housewives part 2? I needed the “cook that nigga” sound effect when NeNe went off on Kim. I’m waiting on some more craziness to happen but how are you liking Potomac?

    Peace yall,


  3. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Justin. I don’t have a nickname for ya, J because Idk what’s been happening in the world. Rod, I’ve listened to you and Bassey’s Atlanta podcast twice, and I’m responding here because you said you guys weren’t really gonna make recapping it a thing. I just wanted to say if the cost of the Teddy Perkins episode is that w’re not able to see the silliness in this show anymore, then it wasn’t worth it. A lot of the stuff that y’all hate about Van makes perfect sense to me, having been a 20 something in Atlanta. I used to hang with this girl who was one of those chicks that was (like Candice) about THAT life. I’m not gonna call her a groupie (although she didn’t hang out with any men who weren’t famous), I’m just going to say I went to mansion parties, VIP sections, studios and all sorts of other exclusive events when she lived here. I’m not going to name drop, but I will say if you’re about that life in Atlanta it’s easy to wind up in these spaces. Van wanting to look like she’s poppin because Earn is out there living life makes sense to me because she is young. We didn’t have the ability to make an ex jealous with social media. The most we could hope for was to go to the spot where they hang out and hope they see us, or hope we run into one of their little friends while we’re out. we couldn’t just upload a pic that creates the illusion that we’re living our best life. lol Also, I’m very confused about why y’all think all of this doesn’t make sense for Van’s character. She has shown herself to be slightly more mature than Earn, but she’s also right out there with him when he’s doing some stupid shit, which is what you expect from a 20 something. If Van was really mature she wouldn’t have been about that let’s go blow thousands in one night knowing full well she ain’t got a job, and Earn’s money is always funny too. I don’t feel like they’ve ever led us to believe Van is mature and responsible. She just looks like the more responsible one in that particular group. Anyway, I guess it didn’t bother me because I’ve been in some precarious situations with my girls when we were in our 20’s. You don’t think about all the danger surrounding you, because if you did, you’d never leave the house. lol I have so many more thoughts, but this shit is long. The main point I want to make is I still saw the silliness in this, and I really hope people don’t lose that. Paper Boi is doing way dumber shit than Van, but we’ve never critiqued him in such an unforgiving way. I don’t want us to start waving our old people fingers at only Van. lol Anyway, I’m done for real. Smooches

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