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BDS 252: Smelling Like Instagram

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Tristan securing the bag, Kaepernick can’t get a workout, Reuben Foster domestic violence, NC State federal charges, Andre Ingram, Lonzo Ball’s baby and jumper, LiAngelo Ball, Ben Simmons ROY talk, Mayweather bodyguard shot, Belichick mad at Gronk, Aldon Smith, Hornacek fired, Big 3 news, Marlon McCree domestic violence, Ray Lewis says OBJ needs God, Robert Kraft visits Meek, Iman Shumpert accused of cheating, Incognito retires, Thunder announcer controversy, Kendra Wilkinson, Hornets fire Clifford, MSU 2015 rap lawsuit, MLB getting more blacks, Dez Bryant cut, Vince and Dirk playing one more season, Magic fire Vogel and Fultz gets a triple double.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jame Lillard?

    I’m writing in just to ensure the Raptors get some positive shine today. DeMar DeRozan has looked good while Lowry could do a little more in the scoring department. It’s nice to see the bigs on the raptors come through against a bombed out and depleted Wizards front court. I don’t expect this series to go more than 5 to be honest and that’s fine with me.

    LeBron arrived in Game 2, but my question is who on that team is going to be a reliable second option? Kevin “White Mr. Glass” Love is on the verge of some sort of injury again. JR is goin to JR and these young guys that they acquired might not be battle-tested. I guess if the Cavs are going to make some noise LeBron’s going to have to drag 11 other corpses with him.

    The only other series I’m finding to be really entertaining is the Pelicans-Blazers series. Seems like Rajon Rondo is motivated again? That could be a problem for other teams in the west. Taking two on the road is impressive as hell to me. Dame Lillard better get it together. QUICK.

    I’ll try to write back next week, most likely after a Raptors sweep of the Wizards.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s good Rod and Jayric Bledsoe,

    The NBA playoffs are here!!! This is the best time of the year in sports. There are tons of compelling storylines coming from each series, the biggest probably being what the hell is up with the Spurs and Kawhi. I have a theory and would love you guys thoughts on it.

    For over a year Pop has been bashing Trump and most of the media has praised him for it. Now we are hearing some spurs fans are upset about it and it got me to thinking. What if one of the reasons Kawhi isn’t back is because he isn’t with all this anti-Trump bashing Pop is doing or is totally against Pops politics? I know that might be crazy, but what do we really know about Kawhi, really? Outside of them 1993 west coast rap braids, all we know about him is that he is extremely fiscally conservative and doesn’t spend his money on new cars and flashy stuff. I remember there was a story that he was still driving his old truck from his college years. His father was killed at the car wash he owned in Compton. That murder remains unsolved. So could it be far fetched that Kawhi could be a proponent of the black on black crime theory? I don’t think it the entire reason, but maybe Pops politics could be playing a role. We really don’t know who Kawhi is because he never speaks.

    Also, Rod!!!! You are so right about the warriors being bored throughout the season. They been playing at half speed most of the year and as soon as the playoffs started that defense turned up a notch. Comparing their play now to the two games I watched the rockets play, I think they are gonna beat the rockets in 5 games. Even with the rockets blowout last night, they don’t seem to have another gear. It either they hit most of the 40 threes they take or not. Their game looks like how they always play and seem to lack that playoff intensity they are gonna need in later rounds. What do you all think about the Rockets chances to beat the Warriors if Steph is back by then?

    Thanks for the best Sports Podcast


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jilwaulkee Bucks

    Who’s enjoying the playoffs from home more, Sam Hinkie or Jason Kidd? Rod’s point about talent getting him fired was right on, but how much of that perception of talent was because Kidd was coaching his ass off? Are we sure they’re any good outside of Greek Freak? Meanwhile he’s gonna get a job based off the new coach looking even worse than he did.

    Meanwhile shout out to Shelden Williams securing the bag!! See, J Full it’s not all slander on Duke players. My man came up balling out of his league to get Candace Parker in the first place and now he gets $400 thousand in alimony on top of that? A true finesse at its finest.

    And speaking of finessing who’s more useless in the playoffs Aldridge or Lowry? Alright fellas, have a good one. Hope you’re feeling better Rod.

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jhephen A Smith,

    I hope all is well.

    Justin, my bad on forgetting your name last week. Y’all had me crying last week celebrating Tristan Thompson being the Johnny Appleseed of Black Fatherhood and securing the fuck outta that bag. Now if only he could be on the court securing those rebounds as Marlo Oladipo and those white dudes keep shooting on Cleveland.

    I woke up Sunday afternoon at 4pm (shouts out to staying up til 4:30am watching Beychella) to a phone full of Twitter notifications and realized that either the Cavs were cooking…or they were getting lit up. Nigga I turned on my TV to catch the start of the 4th quarter and looked at that score and hit the Wee Bey gif. Nigggggaaaaaa. Marlo Oladipo was cooking the shit outta the Cavs! And Cavs fans had the nerve to *boo*? These are the same people who joked Isiash Thomas for being shorter than a Fisher Price house on the Celtics but surprised when IT got to Cleveland and a jumper more busted than his hip. Shouts out to Jeremy for saying what the best outcome would be: LeBron quits on the Cavs in Game 7 like Kobe did the Lakers. Nigga I’d use my own money to start building King James statue the next fucking day.

    And then last night during game 2, King James had to break out 40 points to put the Indiana Try Hards away. Do Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood know how to dribble? Who is our second option? This is gonna be a *stressful* Finals run not because LeBron can’t do it, but cuz this ain’t 2007. This ain’t cute. LeBron is gonna sweat out all his hair plugs by the Finals.

    Goddamnit I miss Kyrie.

    Don’t let LeBron James beating the Pacers distract you from Kyle Lowry putting up a trash stat line in Toronto’s Game 2!

  5. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J A. Smith. Did y’all see Stephen A’s comments about Colin Kaepernick and Jackie Robinson? I watched the video this morning, and I just… Max Kellerman read him for filth. I want Stephen A to go away. He needs a timeout. Shout out to Shelden Williams for securing that bag. Legend! Later guys!

  6. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J-whoever BSO writing about these days. I had to circle back and show some love for my fellow Blue Devil, Shelden, “secure the bag like a rebound”, Williams. The man is an ugly-nigga icon! When we were in college his gf was a baddie and I thought “how the fuck did a nigga whose face looks like somebody baked a potato too long, get a fine ass chick like this?!?”
    Then he does one better. He drops Duke-baddie for Candace muthafucking Parker, the best women’s college basketball player at the time. He not only convinces her to be his gf but to marry him too?! Then she let him make a baby with her, knowing good and well there was a 50% chance the baby might turn out to look like Shrek! Leg-gen-dary!!!!

    He somehow blows the marriage to a woman nobody even knows how he got in the first place and just when everybody thought he was down, he gets $400K in alimony!!!! Blue Devils win at life!!!

    So BDS nation, if you’re an ugly nigga, don’t give up hope. Make sure you skeet in the right one so you too can secure a bag of your own!!!

    Pull out? For what?,

  7. J-Full

    that James Harden stepback out the pussy joke almost made me crash my car. I legit was laughing my ass off in traffic and hit the gas a lil too hard.

    Also when i first saw that Andre Ingram story, I think it was a Leonard Brothers tweet. And I was like “did this nigga just tank Brandon Ingram???”

    And all these cheating niggas in Cleveland better not rub off on Lebron. I know that nigga be cheating but I don’t want him being reckless like Tristan Thompson. Speaking of Lebron, Cavs fans were booing in game 1. If i’m Lebron I’m listing my mansion on Redfin and Zillow just to be petty. That downtown Cleveland economy damn near collapsed without him. Them niggas ungrateful.

    I hope by the time this email is read the cavs will have evened up the series. The Pacers had their number this season but two of those wins came on Friday nights and I just assumed the Cavs were thinking about going to the strip club instead of the game. Also, I’m about ready to get Lue up outta here. I want Lebron to have a legit coach for once in his damn career! Lue didn’t even play Korver in the 2nd half of game 1. You need 3s to close a deficit quickly!

    That’s all for now. Stay black and shit

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