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1666: The Positive Side Of Slavery

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Waffle House shooter, Yeti coolers, Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones, SC prison riot, black woman arrested in Waffle House, Hooters racist incident, Kanye, LA Fitness racist indicent, slavery school assignment, Take Out The Trash, hit and run, mile high flub, cop drug dealer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Janica

    Regarding the Waffle House shooting, I used to live 2 mins from where this happened. I moved 2 weeks before this happened. A lot of people around here are trying to say this isn’t racially motivated. Weeeeell this happened in the suburbs of Antioch which is now majority Black and Latino because HELLO GENTRIFICATION, we’ve been pushed to the outskirts of Nashville because there’s no affordable living. So this guy goes to THIS Waffle House after a Kappa party nearby that night and this ain’t about race??? How?! And the man was within a mile of the place when he was found by a woman in the neighborhood and not the police. Like where were y’all looking??? This nigga was ON FOOT. Sorry y’all I’m just heated from all these white people in my city.

  2. Hanna

    I’m being contrary, but I think there is a way to make the ”good sides of slavery” assignment high light what slavery is really about. In my classrooms the right answers would have been: 1. Good for the masters, they get to rape someone 3 times a day, no need to pay hookers 2. Good for farming, you could clear large areas of land quickly when you could just work people to death and then buy new ones. A lot faster than using horses. 3. Free labor meant that the US could sell products aboard cheaply compared to local products e.g. in England. No trade deficit.
    But of course, that’s not how they do it.

  3. Anonymous


    I hope I don’t sound like a jerk and also I am not trying to change how “Guess the Race,” is played, I just wanted to share that Latinx isn’t a race, it is an ethnicity. Hence, there are Black Latinx, Asian Latinx, white Latinx people. Obviously race is complex and dominant culture, the whites, created race to make a hierarchy with them at the top and everyone else below them. Racial identity is further complicated because not every group of people fits neatly into a racial category, like Arab and Persian people.

    Anyway I wanted to voice this because I know a lot of Afro-Latinx people that feel both excluded from Black culture and Latinx culture and when Rod mentioned “You know yall New York mothfuckas got them weird ass rules yall be letting people who not Black say nigga and shit…” (which I understood as humor) it really struck me. Anyway I really wanted to say that there are millions of people who are racially Black and culturally Latino, even though they may not see themselves as Black, that has to do with the history of anti-Blackness that is specific to Latin America.

  4. Steven Thompson

    Just an update to the story about the Kansas firefighter who spit on the Black child at Hooters in Kansas. The guy’s name is Terrence Jeremy Skeen. He was initially suspended after being charged for this incident, but apparently the fire department feels there was a rush to judgement and has reinstated him. (Ain’t that some shit?) I definitely feel 100% fucked with behind this. https://thegrio.com/2018/04/18/kansas-city-firefighter-reinstated-spitting-racist-black-toddler/

  5. Mike in London

    “In America, you get food to eat. Don’t have to run through the jungle and scuff up your feet.” — Randy Newman song. (He was being sarcastic).

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