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1668: Poop Train

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Rod and Karen discuss Ben Carson says poor people need to pay more rent, Hank Azaria on Apu, poop train, bad bosses make people sick, golf club harasses black women, dress code at a TX bar is racist, racist man cries, nasty college student not punished, Taking Out The Trash, fish fight, woman applies for job at jail, woman cusses out cops, woman takes a nap in car at dealership and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I believe that a bad boss will make you sick. My boss stressed me out so bad, I went into premature labor.

  2. bamil73

    Well sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiit.

    The Black Guy Who Tips podcast regularly discusses rarefied and prescient shit all the time. Social justice causes, historical blackness, LGBTQIA issues, political intrigue, international diplomacy, Beyonce-ism, but rarely do you talk about the shit I do for a living. I work in wastewater and I was more than a little excited when you guys talked about the poop train. Not that anyone asked (and no one really asks, ever) but let me dispel some misconceptions of the poop train.

    What was in the train from New York was not technically poop, but the dried solids, or sludge, that is produced after wastewater has been treated. When shit flows from toilets into the sewage plant, wastewater treatment basically separates the liquids from the solids. The process uses bacteria to break down the liquids even further to extract as much of the solids from the stream. The solids are then digested in a process that generates methane, which is usually re-used in the treatment plants in place of natural gas, and more inert solids. These solids are then de-watered in a centrifuge, which is basically like a washing machine tumble cycle on meth. What you are left with is a black crumbly, mostly inert solid, known as a biosolid, which can be used as top soil. I say mostly inert because there is a classification system that determines where these biosolids can be disposed of or re-used depending on the type of treatment up front.

    This stuff is good for landfills because it can help regenerate the land and bring it back to a more natural state. New York city with its high population density probably does not have the land space in close proximity to spread these biosolids. Objectively speaking the odour usually has a more earthy tone to it than raw shit, but tell people that they are looking at the byproduct of the treatment of human waste, they will smell shit.


  3. lamalamatime

    Ben Carson and people like him are cruel.

    I work at a housing non-profit. The stories tenants share make me fucking livid because if systems were better the scenarios people call in about would be improved. We run a renters’ rights hotline renters were renters call in to ask questions. We primarily serve those who are low-income, disabled, of color, and immigrants/refugees. Callers generally work two or more jobs. If they receive rental subsidies they are so minimal: like two people living off of $790 a month.The fuck?! Portland is gentrifying quickly and since landlords tend to be assholes drunk off of power time and time again marginalized people are exploited. Poor people are living in rat-infested, moldy, asbestos buildings. And Ben Carson and many people like him think the answer is to make struggling people pay more? Also, many people living with disabilities don’t report it because they don’t want to deal with the stigma of receiving government aid. Fuck off, Ben.

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