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SMR 183: Avengers Infinity War

Rod and Karen review the latest Marvel funeral… I mean… just… damn. We also read your feedback.



    Give. Josh. Brolin. All. The. Awards. ALL OF THEM! Thanos was as intimidating as he was compelling. Seriously, I’ve never rooted for a villain so hard, since, Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl. Anyone saying that Marvel has villain problems after this, can simply kick all of the rocks. The scale, animation & texture was so authentic on Thanos, you could actual believe he was a real person. I knew I was going to love this movie. Cherish it even, but I wasn’t ready for The Avengers to take such a Mighty L. For all of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor (Chris Hemsworth killed it, by the way) & other characters upgrades, it just didn’t matter, because Thanos was always ahead of the curve. It isn’t that he won by just power, he emotionally broke every hero & all we could do as an audience is watching the suffering. That’s never happened in a Superhero film before, which, in a way, is why Infinity War is such an amazing film, is because the heroes don’t win. I wonder how they’ll get out of it in Part 2. Oh, by the way, I sort of enjoyed Vision dying twice. I enjoyed his death too damn much.

  2. WriterChick

    I typed a bunch of shit and deleted it two time because I have no words. I feel like I watched my friends kick ass, saving the world for 10 years and this thick head nigga came along and wrecked shop. The adult me knows that most of these characters have sequels coming out so there is that to look forward to but the 8 year old me is still messed up over the way Peter Parker was begging Tony not to let him die. I don’t know how you guys went to see this twice.

    BUT if all of this leaves us with RiRi because Tony is going to “retire” and have that baby with Pepper then I can get over it.

  3. Luckedout

    They spent the last few movies getting us used to mid-credit scenes, so when the title came up midway then turned to dust, my theatre groaned in mental pain. That was just salt in the wound.

    #ThanosDemandsYourSilence was a bad play, because too many are thinking fuck Thanos. Should have tried #AMomentOfSilence to respect the dead.

    Loved this movie; will be going in again.

  4. logan2x1

    This is actually Iman, I’m using my husband’s account.

    But this movie left me feeling vindicated!!! It was so exciting and low key exhausting. I told everyone last month “prepare yourself for the deaths of your favorite characters”. Two weeks before the movie came out I told my nephews that EVERYONE is going to die. I was straight up giggling once the credits started rolling because marvel doesn’t mess around. The movie was on 10 from the job and I just I was sweating near the end of it from how hype I was.
    At the end I loudly asked if everyone was ok? I was the only person to clap at the end because everyone was in shock! It was MAGNIFICENT!!!

    Thanos said, “You must not know bout me” to the audience.
    This movie also goes to show that studios shouldn’t be afraid to make a straight up villain movie where the villain wins, looking at you venom

  5. dustdaughter

    Thanks for fixing my account so I could listen and comment on this episode!

    This movie played with my emotions like it co-founded FanCon. I grew up reading Marvel comics (mostly X-Men) and I’ve been watching all the movies since the beginning. So I’m trying to figure out a way the remaining Avengers can fix this mess to keep from bawling like a baby.

    Anyways, Doctor Strange messed up at least one of my Avengers’ Death Agendas. And he ain’t even alive for me to fight him about it! Tony better consult Shuri this time instead of trying to do it all himself like the tried to with Ultron.

    Also, Aunt May ’bout to OWN Stark Industries once she finds out what happened to Peter. That’s if she is still alive.

    Great review!

  6. kccolon10

    “Did you do it?”
    “What did it cost”

    I am emotionally invested in the MCU, as it is one of the reasons my husband and I are together today. I didn’t know the difference between DC and Marvel, let alone these comic book characters, but my husband walked me through and I learned a lot about the characters, and watched as Marvel got better with time. But after nearly a decade, I was so amazed at the masterpiece that Marvel has been able to produce. Lots of people make movies, but I sincerely feel like this was artistry. I was in tears so many times, but I was taken OUT once Vision had to die by Wanda’s hands. But for Thanos brought his ass BACK, just to KILL HIM AGAIN, I died. And THEN Spider man died, and T’CHALLA!! HOW, ROD AND KAREN?? And how they gonna get anyone back with Strange gone?? And when his baby girl Gamora came back for the conversation that I just quoted, I was inconsolable. It was a beautiful, masterful mess and I seriously was overwhelmed. Rod, I will not watch this movie again until I watch the next one, knowing who ends up surviving, THEN I MIGHT be able.

    I know I need some time off from Marvel. I need to mourn.

  7. Turq

    Hi Guys-

    I left this movie feeling the same way I felt the night of the last presidential election – salty and confused as hell about how things went so wrong so fast. Evil really is out here winning in real life and on the big screen.

    I came into this movie only having seen the first Thor and Black Panther. I really only went to see this movie in support of my adopted homeland Wakanda. Hopefully Wakanda will be accepting new visa applications because they are going to need a bunch of migrant workers to fix everything Thanos messed up.

    But seriously, my theater was also silent at the end, with the exception of one brother who yelled ” what the fuck” as soon as the credits started rolling. He took the words right out of my brain. I can’t wait for the next movie and all your spoiled movie reviews!



  8. brooklynshoebabe

    My daughters and I loved this movie. It was so worth the wait. I was in a packed theater with families, couples, old folks, Young folks and we enjoyed it immensely. When T’Challa faded away, everyone screamed No! However, when Loki and Idris Elba died 10 minutes into the movie, I knew they would not be pulling punches. I didn’t realize how invested I had become in the lives of the characters. Peter’s death scene made both my oldest daughter and I burst out into tears. When captain America showed up the first time, mayne, the audience clapped at full volume.

    This movie was worth the 10 year wait, Iron Man 2, and 18 movies of world building. I’m excited for Captain Marvel starting the next 10 years. Word on the street is that her movie will take place in the 1990s.

    Surprised Tony lived. I’m wondering what’s up with the Hulk.

    My daughter was happy to see Peter Dinklage tall, lol.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      I’m 100% in for Uncle Drew. I think it’s going to be a fun movie for my kids and me.

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