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PG 144: Fan Con Fall Out

Rod and Justin discuss avoiding spoilers, Kanye, R Kelly, interview styles, Universal Fancon Fall Out, listener feedback, The Terror and growing more secure as a creative.


  1. rodimusprime

    What Up Karen, Rod, and Light Skin Maw,

    I know this isn’t nerd off but nobody has on the nerd off has better names than Justin, smiling kris is close but Justin has a million quality names. I’ve been having a discussion at work about infinity War vs Empire strikes back. I’m on the side that infinity war was better because Marvel had the conviction to kill important characters in the MCU while Stars really didn’t until these new movies. What is your opinions about it? Now Atlanta, I love the show and literally have lived that school episode about the fubu but mine was Tommy Hilfiger and this last episode about the possibility of sending my daughter to private school. My only issue is where are the laughs. I haven’t laughed out loud since the U Mad scene. Maybe it’s just me. Have a great show.


  2. rodimusprime

    What up squad? I just wanted to drop a line about that finale of Atlanta.

    1. I see Earn has been stepping his game up.
    2. I know Earn needs stock in Lyft and Uber with the amount of rides he took.
    3. I need Al to know that things have changed, but shit, all black people ain’t trying to get over.
    4. Why the fuck was Darius playing a whole game of chess by himself? Nigga you gotta catch a flight. A whole international flight. Chess takes long as fuck.
    5. The school scene? That’s too real. One reason why I don’t want to have kids.
    6. I feel bad for Earn having to carry that car seat everywhere.
    7. If these lil niggas don’t get off my fucking TV and Xbox!!!
    8. Nigga movers taking a lunch a 3 n shit.
    9. Why this nigga didn’t get rid of the gun tho????
    10. When Clark County didn’t give a fuck about his manager tho? You Hoo!
    11. I hope Earn levels up on this tour.

    I know that was long. I want to say that I am grateful for y’all entertainment. Def a highlight of my weekends in the skies. I’m coming thru to hoop if I can catch a flight. Save me a spot. I love y’all and I fucks with y’all the long way.

    Drow in the D.

  3. rodimusprime

    I was wondering if you and Justin are watching this show the last OG with Tracy Morgan and Tiffany haddish


  4. rodimusprime

    What up fellas? I meant to send this a while ago. Did y’all ever see this Powerade commercial (https://youtu.be/s8k_lD0LIuI)? I thought it was hilarious. Y’all keep up the great work.


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