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BDS 254: Congrats Derek and Gloria!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, NFL draft, Derek Fisher proposes, Josh Allen offensive tweets, Kaepernick news, Aaron Rodgers owning Bucks, Jeff Hornacek, Jay Feely posing with gun in prom pick, Adrien Broner, Giannis not seated quickly, Balls going home, KD liked comment dissing Russy, Trevor Davis, Grizz new coach, Richardson letters surface, Paul Richardson profiled, NFL can’t prove Guice was asked questions, Reuben Foster, woman claims Raider’s Conley raped her, Ex-NFL cheerleader quit over religion and Tristan Thompson likes them foreigns.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and JayMar DeRozan?

    I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to apologize for my logical take heading into the second round, but LeBron Raymone James Sr went and did what he does best. So like any true Canadian, I offer my “I’m sorry” trifecta….

    I’m sorry I doubted the basketball dominance of LeBron Raymone James Sr.
    I’m sorry I trusted a fraudulent Raptors team in the name of patriotism.
    I’m sorry that the gang of corpses formerly known as The Other Cleveland Cavaliers decided to reanimate themselves after the Indiana series.

    At this point I’ll excuse myself from any playoff picks for the rest of this post season because clearly I was drunk off of maple syrup and delusional as a result. Although if LeBron wins it by himself this year the banner should read: “LeBron Raymone James Sr. and The Cleveland Cavaliers: 2017-18 NBA Champion and Associates”

    I don’t know how the Raptors recover aside from leaving the conference or waiting for LeBron to retire in like 10 years. What do you guys think?

    One last point — Drake’s album is about to be underwhelming. Just like the team he represents. SMH.

    Canuck Duke

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Possibly Queen Karen, Rod and Janiel Snyder,
    The news last week about the Washington football team human trafficking there own cheerleaders was crazy and it only stayed in the news cycle for maybe a day. They flew them to Costa Rica and as soon as you get there you take the passports? Then do a top less photo shoot but they have to change and shoot in front of sponsors and season ticket holders all MEN. Finally ask some of the women to ESCORT some of the sponsors to a party later that night. All of that on top of paying those women less than minimum wage and control who they interact with and they’re personal social media. The NFL might be the most ruthless pimps out there? Have a great show and i forgot, I know you guys were cooking in the 4th quarter of game 1 Raptors vs Cavs when Kyle Lowry got a five second call. Good times!


  3. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Jronto. Justin, when you’re right you’re right. You’ve been very consistent in your assessment of Toronto. Some would call it an agenda, but really you were just being a professional sports analyst. We’re so lucky to have you. I hope LeBron beats Boston. I hate them. Anyway, have a good weekend, fellas! Smooches!

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jyle Lowrey,

    I hope all is well.

    “Maybe they just got our number”, DeMar? Maybe? Someone needs to give that Minion-loving nigga a hug and tell him it’s all part of Bron’s Plan. Here’s some numbers: In 3 years, LeBron James whopped y’all monkey asses with 2 different rosters. Shouts out to DeMar for telling a reporter that basketball is still a team game. He’s right: the rest of the Cavs showed up to put up numbers too! 2011 Kevin Love stepped outta the Delorian ready to ball out and dropped 30 and 21 points on the Raptors in the year of our Beyonce 2018.

    Real talk, y’all are wild knowledgeable about basketball strategy and whatnot. I was hoping y’all could answer some basketball questions I had about Canadian Prime Minister LeBron James executing the entire Raptors organization by firing squad.

    Do y’all think Kyle Lowrey at least earned LeBronos’ respect after dying on the court during this series?

    What did people see in this the Raptors over the course of the regular season that they’d gladly purchase this false bill of goods labeled “The Raptors Can Win the East?”

    I think that DeMar DeRozan doesn’t get enough credit for his willingness to shoot despite his lack of eyesight. He is blind in at least one eye or something, right? That’s why DeRozan shoots like he can’t see the basket, right?

    I don’t know how tax laws work in Canada, but can LeBron write four games worth of shooting lessons off on his taxes as a charitable contribution to a jumper-starved team? LeBron’s philanthropy to our Northern neighbors should never be slept on. As recently as last year, LeBron was out here trying to coach up Patrick Patterson (https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2775366-ex-cavs-gm-david-griffin-lebron-james-told-raptors-how-to-run-plays-in-2017). Rod, you were right when you said talent will get your ass fired, cuz LeBron James is really about to get Dwayne Casey fired.

    Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  5. rodimusprime

    What’s good in the hood

    rod & jyle Lowry or jemar DeRozan or jwayne Casey!

    Missed you guys last week but now we got a lil more content to work with!

    My goodness, the internet is undefeated! I saw memes and videos of this sweep. From lebronto, to drake (brons plan) to this is America (Childish Gambino) to even pics of infinity war spoofs of raptors dissolving and lebron as thanos! What happens next for lebronto? Blow up the team? Trade Lowry and/or defrozen? Fire Casey? Never seen a guy take a city’s heart and soul like lebron! I don’t think mj has done that like bron bron!

    Lastly I wanted to know you guys opinion on who is the worst nba announcer currently working! My vote would have to be Reggie miller!

    Thanks for the laughs and extensive coverage on this very very serious sports show!

    Peace ✌ FYAHWORKS

  6. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jrake

    Toronto’s finest huh? You go from getting exposed by Rihanna as a fake nice guy, to watching your squad get roasted by Lebron and punked by Kendrick Perkins. It’s Bron’s Plan now. Raptors getting swept had folks so mad they’re starting international twitter feuds with Rod and talking about our health care system. Sorry Canuck, you know you’re still the homie.

    Who could have POSSIBLY known playing Trimester Thompson would help the Cavs?! It’s almost like one podcast I’ve heard has been saying this shit for weeks. Littlefinger Lue remembered he had him on the roster in game 7 and all of a sudden they haven’t lost since! And seeing all those agendas come through was just a thing of beauty. You had Kyle Lowry being who we all know he is, peak Lebron putting up that ether to all the Jordan stans who claim he’s not clutch. Hell we even had Rod being right telling JL about the Jazz.

    Hope Justin got to do a little relaxing this week and take care of himself. Then again with his lightskin ass that sounds like every week. Alright y’all have a good one

  7. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jaysai Ujiri?

    I write THIS email full off of chicken wings, not humble pie. I am somewhat defiant because no logical Lebron fan thought that this Cleveland team would show up.

    As for the Raptors, they are what y’all thought they were. Broken. Mentally fragile. Wet behind their playoff ears smelling like Drake’s Similac. Y’all know what burns me even more? Final Form Lebron still has to become a knock down shooter.​ LeBron is a force. I can’t slander the man. I’ll just give him his respect and hope the others try to fuck it up. Especially after I saw that the Raptors franchise is 1-28 on the road vs LeBron’s teams over the last 14 seasons.

    *Insert Vince Carter “It’s Over” GIF*

    And what the hell was Drake thinking trying to get into a fight with Kendrick Perkins? Guy loses Rihanna as a contact in the phone book and he goes wild.​


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