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BDS 257: Lebron And Them Niggas

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, NFL kneeling rule, Chris Webber, Kobe disses Kanye, Preston Wilson slavery joke, JBA league ticket prices, LBJ snubs MAGA fan, Matt Barnes suing Gloria, Chalmers caught in a lie, Bucks player tasered, Trump disses NFL kneelers, Tristan can still secure the bag, Big Baby Davis arrested, Rudy getting sued by dirty dog husband, Olivia Munn, Hunter Henry, Kuzma on Lonzo, Foster has charges dropped, Sunday Night Football ratings, Foles contract, Melo takes offense, Incognito placed on psychiatric hold, Chris Bosh suing his baby mama, NCAA probe had a dirty agent and FAU gets caught by Title IX.


  1. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and Jaubrey Graham,

    I fully expected to tune into the Cavs chasing an insurmountable 15 point lead from Golden State last night. I expected to see the Cavs not playing defense and be all but praying that LeBron would deliver them from an getting hitting in the ass by one of Steph’s fugly Clod Hopper 7s.

    Instead the Cavs actually played defense. The backcourt actually showed up. LeBron dropped a firey 51-8-8. I ain’t throw anything at my TV last night. And I ain’t even that mad at JR Smith for forgetting the score cuz I once lost a wrestling match in college cuz I forgot the score and thought I was winning. That shit happens. Plus, the Cavs kept it close and almost won. And no, I am not drunk, high or recently concussed. And all this shit happened Oracle no less? Shit, let these niggas come to the Rust Dome where the refs won’t be on the Warriors bench.

    Cavs in 7. Kevin Durant ole built like Jack Skelington, can’t afford to brush his hair ass nigga.

    Boston losing in sports is always a victory for Black folks everywhere. How was I supposed to know LeBron Thanosing Jayson Tatum would only be the second most staggering ethering of a lightskinian in these past 2 weeks?

    Have a grest weekend y’all, peace!

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, maybe Karen and Jeorge Hill,

    Just a quick email. I know agendas are going to do what they do but I don’t know how you can’t admit after watching Lebron last night that he’s clearly the best player in the NBA and at worst equals with the bests players ever if not the best. Everyone has to be petty tho, it’s in style. Have a great show.



  3. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and J.R.Smith. I’m emailing because the universe won’t let me sign in and be great on the site. I just wanted to put on record that I am Disgusted with those officials for overturning that call last night. How do you pick THAT moment to do that shit, AND get it wrong? I’m glad I don’t really have a dog in this fight because if I were a Cleveland fan I’d be unwell today. Lol anyway, I don’t read too many sports stories now, I just decide to wait for ya’ll to read them to me. I’m sure you’ll catch me up on the Bryan Colangelo burner accounts and etc. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Smooches!

  4. rodimusprime

    What’s poppin Rod & Jrian colangelo,

    A) We have reached season 4 of the Cavs /dubs finals! Win lose or draw for the Cavs, how much time you think ty lue has at the controls in “the land”? Or does that depend on where bron ends up come July?

    B) It’s obvious the nba is a players league, this is why “burner Brian” will probably lose his job for doing the same thing KD did! I just don’t see the point of these fake accounts, but to each it’s own!

    C) Lastly I want to ask this question being that you guys are a bit older than me! I personally am tired of the Jordan /lebron comparisons. Yes everyone has an opinion but I don’t see how you can compare 2 guys that played different roles on their respective teams. My question is when Jordan was playing and in his prime were they calling him the goat? Or did they wait till he was finish? If they waited, then why aren’t they offering lebron that same respect? I mean the guy still have years to go and we don’t know what the future holds.

    I need a serious answer from this serious sports show!


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and JP3

    Chris Balls thought he could slide into the Not My Fault all-stars and fake an injury to take the heat off. No, no sir! They were up 3-2 until he had to shimmy on Steph and the petty gods struck him down like a testicle foul. Now he’s over there on the bench watching the Houston Commodores play that Brick House offense when it matters most. Take your tired ass State Farm commercials and get the hell on. That’s not gonna cut it against a proud, dark skinned team like Kevin Durant’s Warriors.

    You know who didn’t sit out Game Seven with an injury? Lebron James. He went out there and played all 48 and carried the Cavs and Marcus Morris on his back. The nigga is incredible and I don’t even think it’s a debate anymore. He’s the GOAT. Everybody wants to talk about the Celtics not having Kyrie, like the next five best players on the court weren’t all on Boston. Nigga I forgot Jeff Green was still in the league and Lebron had him looking like an all-star. Littlefinger Lue was about to start looking at the end of his bench to put in Donald Glover and they’re back in the Finals. Incredible.

    And shout out to Lavar Ball. Some folks are giving interviews about finally just now getting their shoes delivered. Now I’m just glad this is a reputable sports show that can ignore the fact it’s been a whole ass year and the Better Business Bureau downgraded them to an F. These haters don’t understand! They got anniversary editions now! The value just went up for all the real Big Ballers!

    P.S. I know y’all saw Serena and the catsuit! She all the way back now. Alright great show as always, see y’all at the live spot in September.

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    I know you all usually wait for this till after the finals and dont get in to rumors but what yall thinking this offseason gonna look like big money contacts or a lot of moves or both?

    Seems like Tom Thibodeau is a issue he basically got his old Bulls team back in MN but cut out KAT and Wiggins and they not happy about it KAT posted a pick of him in a Devin Booker Suns jersey and they are asking for trades so it’s been reported. Not to mention he’s been questioned several times about his assistant coach and his sexual assault cases here and in Chicago.

    Minneapolis realtor got fired because she leaked Wiggins put his house on the market and got a rented a condo in Toronto. This is interesting because I have heard nothing but a Derozen for Wiggins swap. Gotta love how Lebron James made that team fire they coach I think there GM is gone too and they blowing up the team

    Just wanted to get some of your thoughts on this summer’s activities

    Thanks again,

    B Cole

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