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SMR 186: Solo A Star Wars Story

Rod and Karen review the latest addition to the Star Wars movie universe “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” We also talk trailers and your feedback.



    I’ll take a different viewpoint, in regards, to Solo. I was simply happy that it was just “good”. You know how Star Wars movies are usually hyped up like there’s no tomorrow? Sometimes, I’m pleased with just impressing me enough. For a movie that has to go reshoots, a different director & petty-ass Last Jedi haters, I say it handled the adversity quite well.

    Alden Ehrenreich did a good job as Han Solo. Handled the expectations of living up to a prolific character quite well. Donald Glover, on the other hand, grand slammed his role as Lando. He was excellent. I didn’t like Thandie Newton’s character being killed off as early as possible. Everyone else was fine, too. It was good all around.

  2. rodimusprime

    Good morning Rod, I listened to your SMR on Han Solo and since you have read the comics and watched the various tv shows I had 2 questions. 1) Given the time span of the movie was three years, how did Quira go from the slums to a trusted Lieutenant in the crime syndicate? 2) the fighting skills she displayed must have been impressive, when did she learn those moves? On the second question I can somewhat understand because we do not know what her character’s abilities were. Han proclaimed being a great pilot in the first five minutes of the movie. Your comments about the Star Wars trope of white, dark haired women being in the main crew of every movie was funny. I had watched some trailers of Solo so I expected to see Emilia Clark in the main story but her early scenes, at first I thought oh there is EC. But then she looked slightly different so I thought oh I am wrong thi# must be another actress playing young Quira. That or the makeup and possible cgi played tricks on me.

    Oh but besides those questions, I really enjoyed the movie. That is the first time I can remember a major character speaking Wookie. So who has the easiest job in a movie franchise, the voice actor for Chewbacca or Vin Disel with two lines ‘I am groot’ and once ‘we are groot’. Hard to say, marvel money vs. Star Wars money. Vin is winning Marvel & the Fast & Furious movies. But out of everyone in 2017 Josh Brolin has been making serious cash with cable and Thanos, but Donald Glover has music, Lando and Atlanta under his belt. And I am 47 so I have seen all the Star Wars movies during their initial releases , so I remember Billy Dee Williams Lando, DG knocked it Out of the Park. Maybe I am too infatuated with Atlanta, I went into the movie thinking Earn in space trying to be suave might not work. Wrong, OH did you peep how Kira was gushing over Lando, another strike against him and Han.


  3. Amani

    Darth. Fucking. Maul.

    My nigga! I don’t know how popular this is going to be with the broader audience, but for the hardcore Star Wars fans there were so many little things they dropped in here and seeded the universe. I could hear you and Aaron yelling in my screening. It’s weird, Disney went Infinity War with the level of content they dropped with no explanation on a project a lot of people seemed to have Ant-Man level of excitement over.

    This was better than I was expecting, but still probably the worst of the new Star Wars movies. If this is the ceiling though, count me in. And I can’t wait for that Obi Wan movie. Hell, this is the second time they referenced the Ghost, if we get Ezra or any of the crew from Rebels in the movies I’m gonna lose my shit.

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