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TNO 110: Calrisian – A Colt 45 Story

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Elon Musk building underground tunnel in LA, Ms. Marvel coming to MCU, Agents of Shield renewed, new 24 series coming, Clayne Crawford replaced, Nolan, Birds of Prey filming in 2019, Gambit hopes to film this summer, Gotham, Bad Boys TV show not happening, Monster Hunter movie, Lost in Space renewed, Zack Snyder, Margot Kidder dies, Black Panther in Infinity War, Stan Lee file suit, CW universe discussion, Star Wars game, Lando was pansexual, PS5 release in 3 years, Best Buy ending Gamers’ Club, Net Neutrality, Deadpool marketing, MoviePass, Jane Foster could return, TJ Miller, Affleck still wants to be Batman, Watchmen TV show, Last Jedi heading to Netflix, Boba Fett movie, John Lasseter could return, Netflix passes Disney in value, Echo recorded family, Transformers 7 off the calendar, Call of Duty swatting update and snail memory transplant.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up my Nerdgroes (shoutout to Romaine Walters),

    I think last episode y’all covered the controversy surrounding the battlefield 5 trailer, but we all knew how these dude bros were going to act. I need these boys to stop acting like call of duty and battlefield are based off Ken Burns documentaries. These are the games where you literally can play as an impossible white man and save the day.

    The argument was already dumb because you know these nerds hate women, but it’s also dumb because there are other options for more realistic shooters. Post-Scriptum and Hell Let Loose are pretty much military simulations on PC that are in alpha stage. If these guys really can’t stand to see women characters in their games they have options. I really hope one day game designers will start ignoring the feedback based in misogyny.

    What are y’all most excited about at E3?



  2. ashy3classy


  3. tyediamond

    Niggggggggggggggga. I know y’all been hyping AoS for years and I’m halfway through season 4. AoS easy one of my top shows of all time. Whew lawd I don’t want this to end

  4. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen,

    This week has been a wild week on twitter first racist ass Star Wars fans run Kelly Marie Tran off Instagram under the guise the “the movies are bad” when we know its just a bunch of hurt dude bros who mad other people getting sine so conveniently they attack the women and POC in the films. Somehow talking about that lead to a bunch of Star Wars stans jumping in my mentions not defending what happen to Kelly but tacitly justifying it by talking about how bad the new movies are. Look, I like the original trilogy I am in my 30’s thats a big part of my childhood and I enjoy those films but lets not act like they are works of art. Those films have plot issues and thats being kind. Nothing makes me think your a bigot more than if you try to tell me that these new films make less sense than the old ones. I think people have a hard time understanding the concept of nostalgia and how that makes you think fond of things and dismiss the new stuff.

    Also I saw an article this week that said “X-Men Dark Phoenix will be more grounded than other X-Men films” and I almost broke my iPad. Nigga What!!! Its like Fox hates all X-Men fans and now I think they are actively trolling us cuz did yall niggas see that Darkest Minds trailer? That shit is literally an X-Men movie with diversity, kids using powers and a government that hates you for being you under the guise of a teen novel book. I dont know if it will be good, but I will be seeing it and the trailer is the best X-men trailer they have ever done.

    Lastly are you guys looking forward to E3 this week? Last couple years I havent really got hyped about anything but this year I am interested in some of the rumors I heard especially with Spiderman and some new pokemon titles for the nintendo switch. Also Aaron I recently got an Oculus rift and im not sure what took me so long that shit is crack.. u can end up in vr for hours if you dont watch out. Did you hear that on the next update No Man Sky for PC would have VR support nigga I might be in on that shit. Also any recommendations on games?

    Thanks Love the show as always


  5. Amani

    I’ve been a Star Wars fan my entire life. My parent’s first date was A New Hope. But I can’t fucking stand the Star Wars fandom. Fuck every single last one of these dudebro haters and everything they stand for. Times like this I really do appreciate y’all even more, after dealing with the draining culture around this stuff coming through the woodwork like Snyder fans.

    And I’m so glad y’all went in on Uncle Hank last episode! People talk about how trash young Beast from the past is, but it’s not like his other versions are any better. The goddamn Watcher came down and told Beast how disgusted he was with him! Hell if we’re keeping it a buck Dark Beast from Age of Apocalypse might be the least problematic. He was a monster, but at least he was upfront about it.

    Nigga that Miles Morales trailer!! I know Rod was nervous they were gonna pump fake and he wasn’t gonna be the focus, and let’s be fair it IS Sony. But that shit looked good as hell. Black fatherhood moments all the way through, I’m in dawg.

    P.S. That Walking Dead shit had me all in my feelings. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Clem!

  6. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron,

    I hope all is well.

    I’m listening to this episode and when y’all started talking about the console wars and Sony pulling Microsoft’s card on making a futuristic console, it made me remember one thing I appreciate about the Nerd Off: y’all can be fucking educational.

    There was a time when I was on the fence about what console I wanted. On Reddit, folks were cooking the shit outta Microsoft for wanting to only have digital games, voice control and sharing games with friends and I was laughing at those jokes. But then I listened to [I wanna say] TNO 7 or 8…and y’all opened my eyes to a searing truth:

    Folks were really going to throw away the future so they can keep GameStop afloat. Cuz it wasn’t until I heard y’all break it down I realized that Sony rode a wave of loud and stupid gamer dumbassery to getting Microsoft to strip down the Xbox One. What’s especially wild is that I can’t remember a time where anyone ever actually *liked* GameStop. Even before digital game sales, nobody liked how bringing in a $60 three day old game meant you could get like $40 in trade value or 3 dusty fucking nickles in cash for it. Like folks were complaining about the Xbox One “always on” feature like they shut their internet off at night to avoid it burning their house down or something. Godfuckingdamnit, I had forgotten how angry that shit made me.

    Anyway, thank y’all for opening my eyes since that played a big role in me buying an Xbox One. And Karen, anytime you’ve mentioned how much you love being able to talk to Cortana cuz y’all niggas is living in the future, I’m clapping my hands yelling “Amen!”

    Have a great one y’all,


  7. J-Full

    Y’all mentioned Clive Owen. He has a new sci-fi movie on Netflix called “Anon”. It’s a world where everybody has a computer in them called their mind’s eye that records everything and spits out information non-stop including people’s identity and occupation. So instead of trying to remember stuff you can pull up your footage from that specific day/time. And since everybody is constantly recording there’s no privacy and the police can access anybody’s footage. Which raised an interesting point that i think the movie missed: how would people behave differently in a world with no privacy?

    But in the movie Clive Owen is trying to track down an assassin who has managed to be anonymous in this no privacy world.

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