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1708: Civility

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Rod and Karen talk about black mental health in today’s climate, LGBTQ news, Supreme Court news, Bernie Sanders defends Sarah Sanders, Maxine Waters, Joe Jackson death, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    As someone who literally cried herself to sleep on election night, I have suffered from anxiety and depression over this administration more than any other because I know all the harm he’s done will have lasting ramification. It’s gotten to the point where I have to stay offline and stop watching the news as much because I can’t do it without stressing out. Every day it seems to be a new issue. Which is why listening to your show helps because it filters the news to me in a way that’s more tolerable. At this point, I’m seeking therapy to work through my issues to figure out how to cope but in the meantime, I’m heavily invested in self care. I binge watch shows on Netflix, go to the movies, go get pedicures and massages. I spend more time with family. I just have to do thing that don’t stress me out. And I pray that we all survive this mess because if people thought these first two years were crazy, I think it’s going to get worse.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Rod and Karen, everything you said this episode was on point. From our need for therapy, I have been building myself up to seeing if my insurance covers it and scheduling an appointment (I already know I want a black, woman therapist if possible) because I think I might just lose my mind in Trump’s America.

    As for the vote of 2016. I freely admit I was one of those people in the primary who was not thrilled with Hilary (but I was never a fan of Bill Clinton, so some of that carried over to her). Despite this, I knew that if for no other reasons than Trump’s blatant racism and the Supreme Court Judicial appointments (and as quiet as it’s kept because in some ways it’s even more important, the lower court appointments which are also for life and which shape the landscape for the laws of the land well before any case makes it to the Supreme Court because so few cases make it that far), that Trump could not be allowed to be elected. Believe me, we are just beginning to see the damage that the Trump presidency is going to wreak on the country and the world. What shocks me is that so few people really understand the impact of the rulings of this session. It will take years but people will one day realize that the anti-union decision spells the end of the working class and middle class people are so fond of speaking of. The ruling will prove especially devastating for black people as union membership was what granted so many of us entry into both classes. Karen was dead on when she said that required work hours will increase. Vacation days, sick days, medical coverage and pensions/401Ks are on the way out as well. We are screwed.

    Sorry this is so long. Feel free to skip it .

  3. FalconsDiva

    I really needed this episode!!! I left a quick comment on the poll but yeah, life is real hard right now.

    First – Karen, you may have heard this already but check to see if your company has EAP (employee assistance program). My first 6 sessions with my therapist are free with my company’s EAP. Anyway, I celebrate your decision to get therapy. I’ve been listening to the Therapy for Black Girl’s podcast for awhile now. I came into 2018 determined to get a therapist and I went to Dr. Joy’s therapy for black girls directory to find one. Then I would get busy and forget. Then I would listen to another podcast episode and look again. It was a silly cycle. Then my uncle passed and it seemed my entire life went into a spiral. Dealing with all that and the family drama that came with it, shit started breaking down at the house, car trouble – you name it. So now I was at a point where I needed a therapist. So I made a list. I actually had a name and number on a post it note in my wallet. I drove around with that for about a week before I made the call. It wasn’t that I was scared or anything, just that stuff kept coming up! Then I had a ‘when it rains, it pours moment’ and I stopped playing around and called. That was Monday. With all that has happened this week in our country – I hope I don’t talk this woman’s ears off tomorrow (Saturday).

    Speaking of all that’s happened this week – I’m so sick of weak democrats!!! I was appalled at how quick some of those mofos were to distance themselves from Auntie Maxine. They spoke out more about her comments than the shit going on in the Supreme Court this week. Just UGH!!! And to think I used to donate to those mofos!! I want my money back!!!

    Thanks for such an awesome episode. I really appreciate the your transparency.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    P.S.: Three Guys On had an excellent episode last week about mental health and unpacking one’s anger and feelings. Dominic Rivera was expressing his journey from a childhood of abuse to being in a place to help his own son to express his anger. You might want to check it out. My favorite part of his story was when he talked about learning how to cry. One day his son came in and asked him why he was crying, and his response was “because I can.”

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen,
    Thank you so much for this episode and sharing your feelings with us. I am an angry person and I’ve been angry since I was a child and not really knowing why or feeling I was able to express it. I grew up in a house where things were not talked about or made funny. I also grew up in a home where children just keep their mouth shut. Luckily, I had teachers and counselors in high school that helped me or I would have been expelled from high school because of my angry outbursts. As I got older, I could recognize what made me angry and I had an outlet for it. Then I developed depression in my early 20s while in college, but I didn’t realize what it was until I was diagnosed nearly ten years later after a suicide attempt. That was 17 years ago and I still have bouts of depression and anxiety–episodes mostly triggered by outside forces like the dissolution of my marriage, overbearing financial woes, and, yes, the election of Donald Trump.

    When I heard the election results the morning after the election, I had a panic attack. I cried and was over 2 hours late to work because i couldn’t deal with that reality. I’ve been in therapy off and on since 1996. I’m loud and proud about going to therapy and taking antidepressants, because I want black people to know that it is okay to seek mental health assistance. I’ve seen so many cases over my lifetime where black people think that all it takes is tough love, strict discipline, and prayer to cure mental illness, learning disabilities, and other mental disabilities. I don’t want people thinking seeking help is a sign of weakness, which is something that I actually talk about in therapy.

    Every day since Trump’s election I feel emotionally defeated and angry, and easily triggered. Microaggressions, both racial and sexual, used to roll off my back but now I fly off the handle. I need to tell that person, in real life or online, why they are wrong. Hell, it’s caused so many arguments with my boyfriend because he is usually in the line of fire. He’s a white appearing Latin man, and he just says stuff that is a reflection of his privilege and I’ve just run out of patience to be accepting or understanding. Like the politicians and pundits on TV, I just want to yell at him to shut the fuck up with that bullshit. Okay, I’ve ranted so long. I just wanted to let you know that I feel you.

  6. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod and Karen, the first 45 minutes of the podcast is all True!!! I am tired of minorities dying over stupid sh**. I am tired of our government doing the most.
    Social Media is the worst, especially for those who are ignorant, racist, bigoted, etc. I love having you two around to make since of this sh**y world.

  7. Peaches749

    It’s like you’re reading my MIND!!
    Get out of my head! lmao
    I am a proud premium member and I’ve been in a TBGWT podcast hole since I jettisoned the app and go through your gorgeous web page for all my premium listening! Thank you again Rod, for your patience and kind assistance.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. You guys are the best of the best of the best, SIR.

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