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BDS 262: OKC Sponsored By Honey Nut Cheerios

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Austin Rivers traded, Kobe denied joining The Academy, Melo, Shayanna Jenkins has the baby, Tiffany Haddish didn’t know Kyrie, Cam Newton has another baby on the way, Paul George, NBA diversity, Jeter selling house, Jerry Rice says he can still play, JBA league update, Big 3 wanna come to White House, Serena Williams changing the game, LT advising Jameis, NBA free agency timing, D Wade securing the bag, Hank Aaron calls on athletes to speak up, Magic Johnson, Darby was lying, Tristan Thompson news, TI boycotting NFL, dead body discovered in SunTrust Park and dead body in Janoris Jenkins house.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jay Thompson.

    I’m glad you’re able to avoid the cops Khloe paid to do the show. First Lebron left, and now you’re trapped by the Kardashians. Cant even go to CVS and get some Nyquil. Keep your head up. https://www.totalprosports.com/2018/07/02/tristan-thompson-is-reportedly-miserable-feels-trapped-around-khloe-kardashian-has-gained-8lbs-wants-to-leave/

    I know you guys will be celebrating the American Dream with talks of these niggas getting their money but I would like to shout out the homie, the hall of fame center fielder Ken Griffey Jr for receiving another $3.5 million plus with 4% interest from the Cincinnati Reds this year and every year until 2024. Keep living the dream.

    Niggas are listening to your show. Make sure you put on a condom before clicking on the link.

    alright yall be easy.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and LeJustin,

    I have a prediction. At some point early in the season, Lance is going to fight a nigga to prove his love/loyalty for LeBron. LeBron is going to get fouled slightly hard and Lance is going to karate chop the offender. He’s going to make sure LeBron know that he’s a rider.

    Also, the story I’m going to focus on this season is Draymond’s quest for the supermax. I fully expect to see him padding his stats in some fourth quarter blowouts. He might try to average a triple-double this year. He has let it be known that he wants that contract.

    Peace out,

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod and Jan Jilbert,

    I apologize in advance, but this shit is gonna be long.

    Sunday evening, I took a break from studying and doing homework to check the Twitters and saw that “LeBron James”, “Dan Gilbert” and “Lakers” were all trending at the same damn time. In that instance, I knew that it was time to start touchdown dancing cuz this meant that LeBron Raymone James Sr. was now a member of the LosBrongeles Lakers! LeBron James is taking his talents and family to a place where his kids will actually grow up regularly seeing sunlight! In going to the Lakers, LeBron has not only set himself up in a great place as a player and a business nigga, he also moved his family to a much nicer place and is being a BEASTLY Black father as a result, #BlackFatherHood.

    In these trying times, it was really dope to see *almost my entire timeline* get in formation behind LeBron James. We on that UltraBron Beam, we on that UltraBron Beam, this the kang’s dreeeaammm and it’s everayyythaaannggg. It’s really fitting that Boston fans have such a “Boston Against the World” chip on their pasty and freckled shoulders, cuz now *it actually is the world against them*.

    For the niggas worshipping at the throne of Jordan? Your hoop earring wearing; “in case of water landing, my JNCO jeans can be used as a flotation device” having, trash ass father, gambling debt piling up ass, bamma ass nigga fav *could never*.

    Congratulations are in order for Dan Gilbert, who finally has gotten the Cavs back under his watchful and useless leadership! Firey hot take: Dan Gilbert is the worst NBA owner there is and yes, he is worse than James Dolan and has only skated by cuz the New York media market is so damn massive. Dolan has been an incompetent blunderer at his finest moments. But ComicSans Walter White has fallen ass first into too many fortuitous situations and managed to set they damn near all on fire.

    Let’s kick the ballistics:

    – Captain ComicSans won the draft lottery 3 times in 4 years

    – Paid the highest luxury tax ever, a result of *his own machinations* since he fought to make the salary tax as punitive as possible and so far has paid the highest one-time amount of it in NBA history

    – The greatest player of all time has now left this team *twice* and is 110% fault free for doing so both times

    – Rode Cleveland’s anger and racism against LeBron to completely distract from his own inability to build a team that could at least get a 7 or 8 seed, in no small part due to his refusal to ever extend a general manager’s contract. The GM part is especially damning because Cleveland is not a free agent destination.

    So congratulations to Dan Gilbert. You have your empire of dirt back.

    Did y’all see the formation of the Eastern Conference’s new Big 3 in Washington of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Dwight motherfucking Howard? It’s gonna be so good cuz it’s gonna be so stupid! And is Dwight’s future in the league just gonna be looking for teams with no big men and sliding into that role for like year or two? I’ve never been happier to see a locker room cancer sign somewhere.

    Also, what do y’all make of Boogie signing with Golden State? I personally cannot wait to see Boogie and Draymond link up to form Tech Foul Voltron. Which of them is gonna finish the season with more techs? Cuz Boogie is gonna have a chip on his shoulder about nobody else wanting to sign him, but Draymond is gonna be trying to shoot everything he touches so he can vie for that super max deal.

    Again, I’m sorry for the length of this. Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, Rod and Justin. Just wanted to write in and say hey! Also, that segment on Aaron Hernandez’s ex fiance’s new baby had me in tears. Y’all ain’t shit. I mean that affectionately. Lol smooches!

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Gilbert

    Well you wanted your team back Comic Sans Dan, you got it buddy!

    Oh man, the free agency episode of Balls Deep was already one of my favorites of the year because we got niggas getting paaaaid. But this shit? Oh man the agendas are aligning!! First we got all these Lakers fans jumping on the Lebron bandwagon and trying to run shit like they’re not the newbies here. This is OUR squad! Justin, go collect your people now. Don’t let Lavar fool you, this isn’t the the long lost fourth Ball brother now.

    Then we get Rondo to LA after all that shit he talked about Ray Allen? How do you go to the Celtics mortal enemies Rondo? But Boogie signing with Golden State? Oh nigga! I could here Rod cooking from here. And then the news came out how many teams had do not sign Cousins policies for the season BEFORE he got hurt???? I haven’t seen Rod this activated since the Cavs traded Wiggins for Love. Mmmmm I can’t wait!

    How are folks complaining about the league being bad when the NBA off-season is getting folks this excited? Why don’t you go watch baseball and pound sand buddy?

  6. Radler

    Hank Aaron is one of the classiest guys I’ve ever met and had the chance to interview. He’s a voice that should be listened to as we don’t get to hear it that often anymore.

  7. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J James. Looks like that Magic hiv(e) os contagious. Glad to see it infected LeBron. Maybe magic now can spread it to other free agents and even make a trade. How did this nigga Lonzo ball get hurt doing nothing which magnified my biggest issue with him. The nigga is literally weak. Peace!!

  8. csick

    I’ve also been wondering what happened Michael Smith. His twitter bio says “All good” and “Just off the grid for now” and his Instagram has been him mostly stuff with his kids popping up from time to time. This is purely speculation, but if he has some agreement with ESPN where he’s just collecting his paychecks and spending time with his kids, I can’t fault him for that. I just hope he comes back when he’s ready because he’s one of my favorite sports personalities.

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