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1709: Grudge Buddies

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Tiffany

    Hey y’all! I’m playing catch up and am just hearing the feedback episode today and when I tell you I cried out when you said Hit From the Streets!! OMG, the way my best friend and I use to race from class to see what his crazy ass was doing! From his D’Angelo and Nelly remake videos and that damn Moo Psi Moo!!! I’ll have you know that years later, after we had graduated from THE Grambling State University (smiley face) I was the head volleyball coach at a high school and our yearly fundraiser was a tournament. I would have my old teammates come and play and we had shirts made, one year, I had the back of our shirts honor Hits…my best friend’s shirt said Moo Psi Moo and mine said Milk It, Milk It, Milk It!! Keep in mind I was coaching a ton of clear kids who had no idea what it meant and their parents LAWD, even more irritating. I had one come up and ask me if it had to do with snakes!! The disgust on my face let him know HELLLLL NO, we ain’t out here milking no DAMN snakes! My only gripe with BET these days is the amount of commercials they show LOL. My son tried to watch Coming to America and turned away and popped the DVD in because he said it was going to be on for 3 hours SMH…keep up the great work y’all, I won’t be able to make the live show this year, but I’m looking forward to future live shows and a tour that’ll make its way to H-town!! Gotta speak it into existence right, love you both and God bless!

  2. Charles

    BTW, like Rod said, I really didn’t surprise me that the white guys expressed no empathy, but such interactions still suck.

    Also, I was talking to my daughter about therapy. She’s been having serious anxiety but she feels like unless she finds a black therapist there is at least a 50/50 chance that the therapist will be a Trump supporter! That sucks even worse.

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