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TNO 114: James Gone

Rod, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Elon Musk, James Gunn, Danai Gurira for Star Trek, Alexandra Shipp being simple, Frances McDormand turns down Joker role, JB Smoove cast in Spider-Man, Pokemon blackface, Billy Dee coming back to Star Wars, Zombieland 2, Aisha Tyler hosting SDCC Hall H, Dragon Prince, Robocop Returns, The Nevers, Asura flopped, Indiana Jones 5 filming in 2021, Mission Impossible Fallout, Rugrats returning, Batwoman, She-Ra coming to Netflix, Iron Fist season 2 choreography, Tim Kring needed a bodyguard, Z-Nation spin off coming to Netflix, Godzilla movie looking to cast Denai and Luke Cage won’t dab again.


  1. RashadC

    What’s goin’ on, people? I had the fortune of watching “The Darkest Minds” & liked it. However, thanks to Kriss’ victory lap-I mean, review, I was able to understand why: I never saw most of the stuff they stole from. The only 3 X-Men movies I’ve seen were X1 & Deadpool 1 & 2, never watched The Gifted, hadn’t even seen the OG Young Adult movies like Hunger Games or Divergent. So a ton of that shit was looking new to me. The difference in the complexion of young and older Ruby was jarring, but I saw the crossing spotlights and heard that snare after the lights dimmed, so I just charged it to the game. Fox gon’ Fox. Last thing: Ruby hits dude with the big joker at the end of the movie, and my friend starts hitting my arm and ugly crying like it was Coco, dawg. Imagine having *that* image in your head when you head to the MTR front page to see that look on Kriss face as he finger rolls a whole. ass. five. out there. I hope I never laugh harder than I did in that moment because my copay too damn high. Thanks for all y’all do.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen and The Co-defendants in the People vs Orgy-con,

    Boy I tell you, DC might have something with Captain Marvel(his mama called him Captain Marvel, I am going to call him Captain marvel), the trailer hit all the right notes and the dude from The Office looks like he is selling it. Aquaman on the other hand doesn’t look all that appealing, it looks like it will be the cast dragging Jason Mamoa through the story while he bros out. That was cute for a few minutes in Justice League. But a 2 hour movie? Not today satan.

    And that second trailer for Venom, why was the sound mixed in a port a potty using a Tandy Computer? That is on top on Tom hardy using Jodi Foster from Elysim’s Omni Accent. What paper is he suppose to be working for “Malt Liquor & heroin quarterly”? And now Sony is talking about kraven, get all the fuck out of here.

    One last thing, I am going to get my white woman on and talk directly to Rod’s manager. Karen a few months ago I had asked Rod if Justin could be the nerd off. He shot it down citing technical issues, that didn’t sit right for me. So I asking the boss directly can Justin be on the Nerd Off?

    Take care guys


  3. nahan87

    Hey Yall,

    I don’t usually send in feedback but I have to gush about Mission impossible Fallout. I became a MI fan in the past few years since I was a Peace Corps volunteer and all we do is watch movies and TV shows we never had time for while back home (and save the world of course), but anyways, this MI was so good! As soon as Tom started that sprint, I was like “Here we go!” I got so hype in the theater I’m sure I was the loud Black woman but I didn’t care.

    I know yall are going to talk about this but I figured I’d bring it up anyway, what is Disney and Marvel going to do about the stars having James Gunn’s back? I don’t know. I’m usually pretty passive about this stuff, trying not to get overly invested in movies, X-Men broke my heart nearly 2 decades ago, but I’m slowly getting in my feelings about this Guardians stuff and I don’t want to be hurt again, you know? I’m just hoping that Marvel saw the script for GOTG3, it was terrible, and they needed to find a reason to get rid of Gunn otherwise, this uneasiness is going to creep into my subconscious. This whole thing is more stressful than a Korean Drama. I guess I’ll say a prayer to the Marvel gods and trust that they will lead us out of this dark time #amen.

    Alright, yall have a good one.


    I’m so sick of black dudes like Mike Colter trying to see the duality of transracial, when it’s nothing but bullshit. Then he had the nerve to say Instagram is a safe place, when buddy made his wack take public. Also, people gotta chill with James Gunn. It wasn’t long ago when folks weren’t fans of his hiring for GOTG & now he’s lawded like he’s Steven Spielburg. He’ll be fine, Marvel will be fine & GOTGV3 will be fine.

  5. Amani

    Since the statute of limitations finally ran out, I suppose Kriss will just coincidentally be on this episode. Aye bruh, I just want to know where did Maximus get that platinum chain from? The bartender remembering you at the Bayfront from last year? Where these tips coming from? It’s just suspect how nobody has gotten paid back from the Nerd-Off Orgycon, yet some folks have money to go to San Diego. The audacity.

    Y’all might have called it with that Queer Black Buffy idea!! We’re 2/3 of the way there and even though Whedon is attached as a producer it’s being run by a Black woman who was a writer on Agents of SHIELD and Fringe (cough Kriss). I’m in!

    And Tom Cruise run still undefeated dawg. That’s one wild white boy. He heard your doubts Rod, and made sure nobody was running with him this time and he’s going for distance records! I’ll go ahead and say it, Mission Impossible has passed James Bond in the spy rankings and I’m a lifelong Bond fan. This shit is as reliable as Aaron still believing in No Man’s Sky.

  6. rodimusprime


    For a second I was feeling some kind of way about Gunn being canned from Guardians three for some offensive low quality humor he apologized for years ago. But then you said Taika Watiti could take over the cosmic side of the MCU. Nigggaaaa!!! That would be the best possible thing. I got no more tears for Gunn, but will weep for an eternity if that doesn’t become a reality.
    Haven’t seen “Hunt For the Wilder People” yet, but his vampire documentary, “What We Do in the Shadows” is hilarious and subversive. And of course Ragnarok was fire as hell.

    Thank you for giving me hope in this dark dark time. Thanks for being nerds who love their fandoms. I was so sick of nerd shows that only shit on everything they read/watch. Kris, Aaron, Karen, assorted special guests and of course Rod, y’all out here making me a proud nerd. Much love and continued success.

    Chuck Spears

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