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SMR 197: The Equalizer 2

Rod and Karen review Denzel’s action suspense sequel “The Equalizer 2.” We also discuss trailer and your comments.



    While I was hoping for more action set-pieces from Equalizer 2 than it’s predecessor, it did enough things that held my interest because of Denzel kicking ass & taking aspiring actors to black acting school, like Ashton Saunders, who I’ll get to in a moment. Antoine Fuqua isn’t the best story teller, and it shows here. While I didn’t think giving Denzel’s Robert McCall more layers to his story wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t that interesting, IMO. Denzel giving those scenes a boost does help, but it can only do so much if the side characters are lackluster.

    As for Angel Pascal’s character? Trash, trash, trash. Not only did I know he was the bad guy from the beginning, he wasn’t intimidating like the guy from the first movie. His dialogue was bland, as well. You felt nothing from his performance. Saunders was better, but was just OK. His scene inside that bookshelf was annoying as fuck. Just kept talking & talking. Ugh. Anyway, them Denzel beatemdowns were money, though; I just wanted more of them. Good film, but the first was much better.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I just wanted to let you know I love the new intro., it is so much fun. I die laughing every time I hear Rod make his “Everybody in this Tyler Perry movie got AIDS.” I agree that the Equalizer 2 needed more action to match the original, but I loved it because I love Denzel. Karen was right, the little girl in the bookstore was the little girl McCall rescued. Based on this and his comment to the father that the mother had given up because her child was gone, I thought the change of circumstances the woman in the bookstore referenced that made her decide to keep the store was the return of the child.

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