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BDS 265: Player Hader

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Derozan traded for Kawhi, Baylor tried to blame black athletes, Randy Moss disses Shannon Sharpe, Louisville players want to sue NCAA, Gabby Union on colorism, JBA coach, Kellen Winslow Jr posts bail, Steve Keim, Khloe don’t want to look a fool, Kawhi might attend Team USA camp, TO HOF, KG getting a divorce, Josh Rosen’s dumb ass idea on NCAA, Jurrell Casey will protest, LeSean McCoy update, Dwight Howard defends himself, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman mad at Seahawks, concussions expected to cost NFL more, UNC coach denies CTE is linked to concussions, NFL teams made record revenue, Kansas FBI investigation, Millennial Night, Lebron and KD go to a bar, Garoppolo goes out with a porn star and 2 NBA players go paid.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jaymis Winston? (I don’t know how he’s going to fuck up during today’s speech as of the time I’m writing this, so it’s a placeholder)

    I really didn’t have much to say about the Raptors trading DeMar Derozan to San Antonio and getting that Kawhi upgrade. Contrary to what some may believe (looking at the comments / emails), I actually liked the trade for both teams. DeMar got a coaching upgrade — I’d take Pop over anyone in the league. Also DeMar will recoup some of the money he’s lost to Canadian taxes by being in Texas. If DeMar can develop a 3 point shot in year 10, and some better defense? He’ll be fine in San Antonio. He won’t win anything, but he’ll be an all-star reserve. Maybe.

    Kawhi, if healthy, can use this Raptors season as his “Y’all Must Have Forgot” season. He’ll be in an Eastern Conference that won’t be as tough as the West but can provide some top-10-in-the-league competition in Boston, Philly and possibly Indiana. I don’t expect him to stay in Toronto, but I’ve CLEARLY been wrong before.

    Unreleated note: is Jimmy Garappolo the unofficial Balls Deep Sports QB due to his “Ho Control” potential?


  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and Jwaulkiee of course it would be Millwakie that would get the holy trinity of racism got the racist sheriff in angry Hootie, racial profiling and beating a basketball player over a parking violation. Then the old white Man sport of basketball said hold my beer and let us cheer for our racist homophobic pitcher and stand behind. And baseball wonders why ppl don’t watch that shit!!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and CJay McCollum

    Now he knows how Rod feels every week. How do you invite KD onto your podcast just so he can troll you and laugh in your face? This nigga is so goddamn petty and I love it! Durant basically gave him the Thanos head pat and said he hopes they remember the Blazers. Told that man to stop listening to Drake and work on his jump shot for when Dame leaves. Now I know why he had the burner accounts. It wasn’t to protect him from the league, it was to protect the league from him.

    And you’re goddamn right there ain’t no shame in my quarterback’s game. My man Garoppolo just signed that $137 million contract and he’s living his best life. He’s already got two rings and franchise money, why NOT date a porn star? He’s secure in himself.

    You know who else is getting paid? Kevin Love! 30 million a year for what? Legend at the bank! We underestimated his mater plan to be so bad he drove Kyrie and Lebron out of town and it’s team now. Minnesota garbage buckets Love coming back! I need to come to the expert, is he still a Not My Fault all-star now that he’s the man in Cleveland? Or will he get the poor star on a trash team free ride?

  4. rodimusprime

    Howdy rod & jevin Love;

    Speaking of love, I do not love that Kevin Love contract. Seems like the Cavs turned into twolves east. Not the current wolves but the wolves then Kevin was there. What you guys thoughts on this extension?

    Secondly I wanted you guys thoughts on puma and now new balance working on basketball kicks. Why all of a sudden? And do you think they can compete with the nikes and adidas and Reebok’s of the world?

    Always a pleasure


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