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TNO 118: Ménage à Robot

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Henry Cavill Superman rumor, Mike Coulter hates winning, Predator controversy, Mattel movie division, The Witcher on Netflix, Captain Planet movie will be dark, Gay MCU actor role, Assassin’s Creed 3 remastered, Spider-Man is Marvel’s fastest selling game, Scum has Nazi tats removed from game, Michael B Jordan has inclusion policy with WB, Hobbs and Shaw begins screening, sex robot movie, Animal Crossing, Luigi Mansion 3, Kelly Marie Tran may not return to social media, Diablo could be a Netflix series, Riot games toxic culture, Dr. Disrespect shot at and Eve Online.


  1. Amani

    Disney just doesn’t know how to play fair man. Y’all have already been talking about how Captain Marvel is making all the money, but did they have to use the same font WB did for Wonder Woman? Just the levels of peak petty. And as hype as folks are for that trailer, they’re sleeping on Marvel’s moves with that Disney streaming site. If they launch with MCU shows starring big name actors AND Star Wars series? This is the first real threat to Netflix from companies opening their own streaming sites, because they have a real plan. Let’s fucking go!

    And shout out to Fox for trying to drop projects like a rapper before they go to jail. Nobody would have been mad if they just let X3-2, oh excuse me Dark Phoenix die a quiet death and get wrapped into Marvel’s plans. I know it was too far along and had too many money stars to stay dead, but now I’ve got to brace myself for more Alexandra Shipp tweets this winter and that’s not something any of us wanted. And which movie do y’all believe in happening more; Gambit for the 37th time or The Flash?

    P.S. I just want to know how fast Aaron got on board with Jump Force now that Yusuke is in the game.

  2. brandonisbmore

    Hey Rod, Karen, Kris’s and Aaron,

    Last week Marvel drop the Captain Marvel trailer just to give us a tease of that greatness and Somebodu and fox thought this would be a great time to drop Dark Phoenix. Then somebody in marketing got the memo open the file looked at the trailer and said “a midnight release would be perfect” these companies just love self checking themselves and that trailer lolks terrible. From the party city x-men uniforms to the whole movie taking place on earth I’m so glad we aren’t subjected to another fox movie ever.

    Also for Aaron did u check out that oculus press conference. They really trying to go at Sony and Microsoft with that quest. A 4K headset that uses no wires, no sensors and doesn’t need a PC. They even got that exclusive VR Darth Vader tv show. Nigga that shit look lit. I love my oculus rift and I’m waiting to heae about that rift 2 but that quest might get a whole lot of ppl into VR. Also on the switch have u played Hollow Night? That might be one of my favorite Indie games ever.

    Lastly y’all didn’t talk about this last week but Rod did y’all see they about to start shooting Die Hard 6 “McClain” apparently it’s gonna follow 60 yr old John doing impossible white man shit. Now I know one of your signs of a good film is if the actor needs a hit, Bruce hasn’t had one in year and this might be his last hurrah So is it possible that this is good??

    Thanks for everything Congrats to you and Karen on the love show success


  3. nahan87

    Hey Yall, I just had to comment about that Captain Marvel trailer. I had to go to the bathroom at work to get hype and do a dance after watching that trailer. I can’t wait. When is March going to be here? 2019 is going to be lit. We got Captain Marvel, Infinity Wars 2, and the final season of GoT. When is this year going to end?!

    On another note, I wanted to recommend an anime that had me dying, it was so funny. It’s called “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K”. It’s about a high school kid with pink hair who has every imaginable power. His parents are super immature and his friends are crazy. His number one goal is to be left alone but everyone keeps bringing him into their drama. I’ve never laughed so much at an anime. I love how they explain why he has pink hair and yet no one finds it unusual. It’s on Netflix, season 1 is dubbed which was great because they talk really fast. Season 2 unfortunately is not dubbed yet, unless you use a vpn and access the Japan Netflix, it’s dubbed on that (which makes no sense).

    And finally, just throwing this out there, are yall planning on doing a live Nerd Off at the next Negro Con?

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod

    I was listen to TNO and I think it was Aaron who the Tomb Raider is 4K 60 frames on the Xbox one s and X. Nah it’s not the one S can only do 4K movies not games.On the one X it’s 4K 30 frames with an 1080p 60 fames option. There is a pretty big difference is picture quality between the one X and the one S when it comes to gaming. I had the S and a descent 4K tv and it look good but when I got that one X and load shadow of war. Nigga that shit looked amazing it was crystal clear and mad detailed. Then I fucked around and upgraded my tv to a Samsung QLED series 7 and nigga shit is insane I am seeing colors on my games and movies that I never see in the game before.I highly recommend going from s to an x and getting a 4K tv with a wide color gamut. Your games and movies will just look beautiful.


  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Nerd-Off Crew, I absolutely love the Nerd Off. Your FanCon jokes will never get old especially when you start tying it into the New Jack City/The Real CMB speech. Regarding Henry Cavill and Superman, it was only because of him that I was ever really interested in seeing Man of Steel. He’s hot, and sometimes I just see movies featuring guys I want to see shirtless. Reverse sexism? I’ll take that title. lol. I did not see The Predator because of hot guys. When I first saw the trailer, I was legitimately fascinated with what they were going to do with the story. The last Predator movie I saw was Predator 2 with Danny Glove and I saw that in the theater!!! (Loved it.) I did not hate The Predator. It was better than Alien Covenant. The Predator was beautiful train wreck. I liked the humor, the quips, the chemistry, and Sterling K. Brown chewing up the scene as the best asshole on the screen this year. But, was terrible, there wasn’t enough Predator action and I was also slightly disappointed with the whole Autism=Genuis angle. People really misuse the terms Asperger, Austism, and “the spectrum” without really knowing what it is. At the most, the kid just could have had sensory issues (like aversions to loud noises) but not be Autisitc. Why couldn’t he just have been a nerd? But I digress…

    Terry Crews would be a great as Luke Cage–they could really play up the Blackploitation angle of the show. However, when you said Michael Jai White, I fell out of my chair. YAAAASSSS! Bring that nigga back. Make him Draxx.

    Anywho, thanks for all your hard work, giving me a respite, and just being funny. Have fun and break a leg at the live show. –BrooklynShoeBabe

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