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BDS 273: 341

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Serena Williams at the US Open, Naomi Osaka, Jason Maxiell was cheating, Kaepernick, Greg Lloyd, Lebron to produce NBC comedy, Joseph Randle accused of rape, Andrew Bynum coming back, Larry Nasar new accusations, More Keshia Knight Pullam custody drama, Oscar De La Hoya, Tadd Fujikawa, Allen Iverson owes the IRS, Antonio Brown apologizes, Ric Flair married, Jabari Bird, Nike stock rises, Mayor lifts ban on Nike, Tim Tebow with Ms Universe, Kyrie enrolls in school and Dez Bryant kicked it with Jerry Jones.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Maxiell. Rod, last week when you said, “He could probably be getting even more bitches if he didn’t have to pretend to care about one” I almost choked on my coffee. Nigga, what is wrong with you? lmao The whole Iyanla part was hilarious, and I totally agree with you that watching that show is not an option for the reasons you stated. I’ve never rocked with Iyanla like that because I don’t trust people who speak exclusively in cliches. She’s lowkey trash and I’m genuinely surprised that after all these years, no one has jumped across the table and choked her ass. Anyway, have a great week, boos! Smooches

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J Fitzpatrick,

    I hope all is well. The live show was fucking amazing and it was great seeing Karen and y’all doing the show live! Last Thursday was amazing. It was dope getting to see y’all and meet other fans/see niggas again from NegroCon. Chris Lamberth was amazing. Justin, you flourished in your problematicness. After the show I even got to kick it with Nina, Wonga and the Unreasonable Friday niggas! And I had mentally prepared myself for that day to be way too awesome to let the Browns fucking up and losing dampen my parade. Hell, someone pointed out that they were up with 2 minutes left and I said there was *plenty* of time for the Browns to lose.


    Sorry for the capslock, but goddamnit the Browns got that goddamn win! Thursday started and ended on the highest note. Goddamn winning feels great! And we didn’t even have to suffer the indignity of watching Drew Brees break two tackles on my defense with the slowest spin move ever en route to a touchdown. It could be worse Falcons fans: y’all could be winless on the season. Shout out to Houston, Arizona and Oakland for being winless. Lord almighty y’all niggas is sorry.

    And speaking of being winless, Jason Witten’s terrible announcing (saying that these rougher the passer calls are “left wing”; talking shit about Le’Veon Bell; blaming Mike Evans for Fitzpatrick overthrowing him by like 20 yards) means that I have to dock the Cowboys a victory on the season. Y’all can have a W on the season with this wack bastard repping the brand. I liked Witten more when I only heard about him from white folks calling into The Right Time to tell Bomani that Witten was definitely a Hall of Famer.

    Justin, did you see your boy Lonzo been out here hitting those weights? When he’s out here shooting the ball hard as hell and overshooting the basket, will that count as a step in the right direction or naw? Also, what do y’all think of the prospect of being able to watch LeBron James for a season without folks banging the drum of “if he doesn’t win a title this year he sucks”?

    I hope y’all have a great day and are enjoying y’all time off. This pumpkin spice ain’t gonna cop itself, Rod. Peace!

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s good Rod & J gruden

    So this is my second email in as many weeks. There a lot going on in the sports world.
    Hope all is well guys…..

    So the raiders can’t get right, that massive contract they gave Johnny boy is looking like a regrettable one now. I personally feel, he been away too long. And maybe his style doesn’t translate to today game. It’s easy to talk that shit in the booth, but on the sidelines it’s like a different story. That along with k Mack gone has the raiders in a 0-3 hole. Doubt they will be in the playoffs.

    I wanted you guys opinion on rob Parker. He and Chris Broussard, formerly of espn, now at fs1. One night leaving work I’m flipping through xm radio and I hear they both have a radio show now called the odd couple.Rob Parker is one of the biggest haters of lebron alongside Whitlock and skip! Seems like if you hate lebron, go work at fs1.

    Also wanted you guys thoughts on pat mahommes and how long you think before jameis Winston is starting again, he is available come week 4, but the front office side they riding with the nfl version of Conor mcgregor (fitzmagic) lol

    One love


  4. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jay Gruden,

    My Raiders are 0-3 and are likely to have a losing season. Glad that Mack trade is working out. Once again another team makes the mistake of giving personnel control over to the head coach. It’s amazing how little teams pay attention to history. At this point, I just have to hope the Bears suck this year so that first round pick was worth the trade. At 2-1, though, knowing my luck the Bears have a .500 year and the Raiders don’t get nearly enough back in return for Mack.

    Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson looks like what happens when you go from playing Pro to All Madden. I’m not sure what his issue is but I’m pretty sure the majority of Texas is nodding their heads in agreement with the asshole Texas School superintendent who said that you can’t trust black quarterbacks-while casually forgetting that Watson is the best qb that franchise has ever had. But that’s okay. Fuck Houston and their wannabe slave master owner. Bob McNair can’t die soon enough.

    Looks like the money was well spent for QBs in Minnesota and San Francisco. Kirk Cousins couldn’t beat the Bills and Jimmy Garrapollo may have an ACL tear. I’m all for Cousins being trash in Minnesota. I’ll never understand how the nfl media loves that scrub. He was a loser w the Racial Slurs and he’s about to take a team who played in the conference championship last year into the toilet. You like that?? Well, yes. Yes I do.

    Meanwhile, Cam is balling and making me wonder why I’m still a Raiders fan. Cam at this point is one of those must-watch players. He has to be a fixture on Red Zone, along w Rodgers and, for the moment, Pat Mahomes. At least I get to cheer for him as qb on my fantasy team this year.

    Shoutout to Mahomes for repping for the Light Skin Nation in 2018. Too bad Andy Reid will fuck up any chances the Kansas City Mildly Racial Slurs have in winning a Super Bowl. I’ve seen that mankind’s answer to the Kool Aid man blow too many leads to trust him winning a championship. Not too mention I can’t trust a team where a bunch of white fans mock the culture of indigenous people. Fuck Kansas City.

    All the best,


  5. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod & Jake-er Mayfield!

    Thank you guys for another week of hilarity in athletics. First, who knew former Detroit pistons player, Jason Maxiell was so reckless. Three hundred women, really dude? There is no way it was that many women, he was reaching Joe Dumar’s territory!!!
    Next, the Cleveland blacks sent Tyrod upstairs like the little girl in family matters. Homeboy may never get another starting job again. He’s off to the “upper room!” Its as if your watching RG3 and Cousins reboot. Maybe other opportunities will happen elsewhere.
    Finally, what’s the deal with Jimmy buckets. The boy needs help!
    Thanks again guys,

  6. rodimusprime

    Salutations Rod and jaker mayfield,

    1)So the Cleveland blacks have won! Finally!
    Tyrod headed to the locker room and the number 1 pick took over! He did pretty good!
    He will probably start next game too, I mean you can only go up when you at the bottom of the barrel right? How many wins do you think the black can get this year? This win could be a confidence builder. Even last year the browns were competitive, just didn’t know how to finish.

    2) what are you guys thoughts about Minnesota Timberwolves drama? First thibs wanna get all his old bulls players, then jimmy buckets wants out and to the nets, clippers, or Knicks? This guy don’t wanna win!if he got traded to one of those teams, which one makes the most sense?

    Then the icing on the cake Andrew Wiggins,(justins boy) vs Stephen Jackson. Justin, Wiggins don’t want that smoke lol. I don’t think he got the hands, you say you have lol!

    One love

  7. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jontae Davis

    How bad are the Bills that my man took one last look at the locker room and just rolled on out? At least the Browns got through the whole game before Josh Gordon faked a hamstring injury to get out of town. He worked hard for five years to get out of Cleveland but perseverance pays off! Now we just need to get Johnny Football to New England and the reality show can still live! Maybe he’ll work with Brady’s trainer and he’ll force them to sign him.

    And man, if they don’t stop hitting Cam like that all the time! I caught bits and pieces on Red Zone and I don’t know how y’all do it. I’m tired of commentators telling us how big and strong he is too, that shit don’t matter when he gets hit in the fucking head. They were gunning for him harder than Steve Smith when he sees Michael Irvin.

    P.S. I have to give Justin credit. There’s no proof Lolo Jones and Tebow ever dated, but several friends and teammates did try to set them up, and she went on a twitter rant mad at him for dating non-virgins and sounding pressed like she wanted to. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Allegedly. Justin’s bad reality tv expertise just gave him the sight beyond sight.

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