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BDS 282: Dwight Privilege

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, AD still hits his kid, Condoleezza Rice, Wizards chaos, Kate Fagan leaving ESPN, Venus settles car crash, Khloe defends Tristan, Lebron didn’t want Kyrie traded, Calipari, Bob McNair dead, Charlie Rodgers 911 call, Fultz, Kawhi signs with New Balance, Winston settles with Uber driver, Reuben Foster, MLB gave to Hyde-Smith, lynching threat to FSU coach, fight in A&M game, Eagles bail out people for Thanksgiving, Eric Reid keeps getting tested, Aldon Smith dodges jail again, Kyrie hates Thanksgiving, KD like post about Draymond being traded, Gloria Govan back in court, sexist NBA caoch, Steph get shoes in girl sizes, KD, Floyd Mayweather Jr settings with SEC, Big Ben, Cam’s new baby, UNC fires football coach and the Dwight Howard outing saga.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and JG3

    Who let my man Robert walk out the house looking like he got lined up with a spoon? Well we know. We know the 53% have the cut, but that’s damn sure an I date white women fade if I ever saw one. He didn’t pick up for McNabb when it came to quarterbacking advice, you know damn sure he didn’t take his suggestions for local barbers.

    And FalconsDiva switching from the Browns to the Falcons is the most Cleveland Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man shit ever. What’s better to be so terrible you never have any hope at all, or being just good enough to have that faith crushed in the biggest possible moment? Then again I’m a Knicks fan so those are the only options I’ve ever known.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jurban Meyer,

    I hope all is well.

    Justin, FalconsDiva being from Cleveland, moving to a nicer place and then rooting for a better team in the Falcons makes perfect sense. The Cleveland diaspora is massive since it is basically the worlds largest small town: you either leave and never to return for longer than a week or you stay there forever. Also, Justin (and Rod and Karen too), can you imagine not seeing the sun for weeks at a time? Or seeing a foot of snow and still having to go to work/school? That’s Cleveland. Hell,

    FalconsDiva, I didn’t know you were an OG Browns fan! My dad took me as a baby to some of their games at Cleveland Municipal. And you have my sympathies for all that you must’ve seen from the old Browns days.

    Oh and I root for the Atlanta United too after hearing about them on the Unanimous Decision podcast, shouts out to DPalm.

    Urban Meyer is retiring from Ohio State after the Rose Bowl in January. It’s fucking irritating seeing folks frame him leaving as “overcoming adversity”, like he ain’t know about Zach Smith beating Courtney Smith. Ugh. Oh and shouts out Notre Dame in like 3 years when Urban leads them to a national championship, bunch of annoying bastards.

    Eady come, easy go. Browns go HAM on Kentucky’s NFL team (Cincinnati ain’t part of Ohio, I don’t claim them) and then they caught the work of the world from the fucking Texans. Damn.

    Kevin Durant’s height being listed as 6’9 has been one of the longest standing lies in the NBA. That nigga is 7’0 tall, unless his rabbit ears are standing up and then he is 7’6. KD could be so much freer and happier if he wasn’t chasing the media’s validation. It’s wild that he hasn’t realized that they don’t fuck with him in part cuz he clapped back at them hating Russel Westbrook and cuz he was out here being spicy on the Gram and The Bird with fucking burners. Know what else could help Durant? Brushing his goddamn hair.

    Speaking of naps on naps on naps, how did Robert Griffin come out here with hair in worse shape than his ACLs? Like him and his wife are dressed nice in that picture; he’s fine going outside like that! No way that nigga doesn’t vote Republican. Robert’s hairline has more waves and peaks than a parabola. I’m disgusted. Rob Parker needs his job back too, cuz he saw this from way back!

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

  3. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    I’m dropping a quick comment before heading to my 10am meeting…. work gets on my nerves messing with my live listen!

    First – I see Justin on social media so much more these days. I don’t know if he’s more active or if it’s my twitter and FB Al Gore Rhythms (Rod, I will never say algorithm the right way again because of you) but it’s nice to see my problematic fave in these social media streets more.

    Second – my Falcons have really imploded this season. In the beginning I could say it was due to the injuries but now we just suck. We ain’t been right since November 11, thanks to Dough and his Browns. But that’s ok because…

    Third – My Atlanta United is playing in the MLS Cup tomorrow night and I will be there to witness Atlanta win a championship!!! Yeah, I know – it’s soccer… Yeah – I don’t know all the rules but I sure as hell have a great time when I go to the matches. As a sports fan, I make sure I attend at least one game of each Atlanta franchise each year. So no one can say I’m a fair weather fan. I even found myself watching the damn soccer matches on tv because my Falcons are so hard to watch…. I really love how the team has embraced the Atlanta spirit. While the Falcons were trying NOT to be too hip hop, ATL United has embraced it. The slogan for the playoffs has been “We Gon’ Shine!” and yes – all the advertisement has dropped that e. I love it!! So I’m excited for the city. Now #lettucepray they don’t Atlanta this game tomorrow.

    Have a great show guys!!!

  4. fyahworks

    Season greetings & jurban Meyer
    What a fucking week in the sports world, have a have a spot like bds to vent and share my opinions. Forgive me if this is long.

    – [ ] Let’s start with urban Meyer, former coach of Aaron Hernandez. Seems like after that scandal with an assistant coach earlier this season, which led to a suspension for Meyer, he is now pulling a Homer Simpson into the Ohio state bushes. Some say it’s his health, what you guys think? I’ve also heard he might chill for a year and perhaps coach in the nfl!

    – [ ] Next, am I wrong for looking at the Kareem hunt situation as ray rice reloaded? I mean the ray rice situation was much worse, which is why he can’t even buy a football in a dicks sporting goods much less get a job in any realm of football, But In this case hunt had folks there trying to stop him. He was released at the drop of a dime. If this happened in February , (cue ray Lewis/sal drop) why is this now surfacing? There’s a lot missing to this story! He lied/or withheld info about the situation. But also no one from Kansas City to the nfl did much looking into the situation till now! Where does this leave the chiefs for the rest of the season? Will he get another job in the nfl in the near future?What were y’all thoughts of the Lisa salters interview?? Shout out to those who had hunt on their fantasy team and now scrambling for a replacement.

    – [ ] Is there any hope for the chargers in the playoffs? Rivers is having a year with some big wins, but the playoffs is a different animal! After a big win vs the Steelers? What y’all think mike tomlin future looking like? Will McCarthy get another head coaching job?? You know the Monday after the season ends (Black Monday) is when teams be dropping the gauntlet!
    I’m out my nigz


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