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PG 172: That’s A Nice Dress

Rod and Justin discuss falling down as adults, racism among white friends, unjust whoopings, dancing, being smart as a kid, Rod’s trouble with a teacher, NBA on Thanksgiving and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    Maaaaan, Rod talking about the teacher who had it out for him as a kid took me back to my high school orchestra teacher.

    Elaine Webb. Fuck her forever and a day.

    She’d been my elementary school teacher and I had no problems then. Getting the job as the middle and high school teacher my freshman year blew her head up. This bitch had kids she made a point to pick on. I only got added to the list my junior year when her original list got low from graduations and kids who got their credits and bounced rather than deal with her. I’d had two years to observe this before she started in on me, so I already knew that she was just gonna keep at it, even if I tried to placate her. I didn’t even bother, and that made her pick at me more. I started being petty right back at her when she’d start in on me.

    She went out of her way to get onto me about dumb shit. Couldn’t immediately find anything one day, and I was watching her sit there looking at me trying to figure out what she was gonna get on to me for. She decided to take all my daily points away for chewing gum, which half of the class did all the time and there were others doing it when she singled me out. She made sure to throw that in the progress report too. A report on how our education is coming along after half of the semester in a class where we play musical instruments… and she really made space to turn into a tattle-tale over gum chewing on one day.

    My mom is a school nurse and daughter of two educators, so she was pretty much leaning towards teachers’ sides for my entire school career. When it came down to a conference, I didn’t really have support. The first time in my whole life that a teacher has a problem with me, and my mom is trying figure out what *I* can do to fix this instead of what’s wrong with this woman. After arguing my mom down about it, I dropped the class after that semester. She tried to use scholarship opportunities as a reason to stay. I wasn’t gonna put up with another year and a half of a woman who wasn’t a even a good orchestra teacher singling me out to make my morning hell. I was a talented player, but none of us grew because a grown-ass woman decided to spend more time picking on kids less than half her age than she did figuring out how to actually help her students develop their skills. She set so many kids back.

    Anyway, I hopped on over to pottery class right next door for the rest of high school and she got to see me be happy every morning except the ones where she went to her office and cried after the advanced orchestra kids told her about herself. This dummy bitch should’ve learned during her first year not to fuck with musically talented kids who are also in gifted classes and competing for scholarships. Not only are they ruthless, they’re shining stars of the school, so the administration won’t do anything to fuck with their record.

    I wish I’d been able to get some vengeance of my own like Young Rod, but she would’ve been petty enough to press charges against me for what I would’ve done. The difference between a “prank” and “vandalism” is basically how mad the target gets.

    Y’all have a good one!

  2. greatunclebob

    Rod you were speaking my whole life talking about those “Unjust whuppings”. I grew up with my 2 stepbrother, 1 same age as me and the other is 3 years older, and my half sister 10 years younger… man that rush to get the chores done before my mom got home, getting in trouble for some stuff I didnt do, or getting in trouble for being smart. Man i got in trouble cause i had all A’s and 1 B. Mom was mad cause the B wasnt an A. Anyway, great episode guys.

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