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TNO 128: Everything Is Orgasm

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, Blizzard lay-offs, Aquaman Trench spin-off movie, Doom reboot, Xbox Live coming to Switch, Legion ending in season 3, Danai Gurira leaving Walking Dead, Into The Badlands ending, Titanfall 3 canceled, Rush Hour 4, Cosmos season 2 delayed, Simpsons renewed, Mad Max sequel, Taika not directing Guardians 3, Y The Last Man ordered to series, Red Sonja shelved, Bioware wants more Mass Effect, no multiplayer for Crackdown 3 yet, Confederate not delayed because of controversy, PewDiePie disses Demi Lovato, Dune, Transformers animated series coming to Netflix, It Chapter 2, Bendis writing X-man movie, Pirates of the Caribbean loses writers, Lego Movie porn, insects dying, Star Wars 9 finished filming and an online gaming company scammer.


  1. KungFuTreachery

    So, that new Dark Phoenix trailer dropped, and it gives away a lot of major plot points, no matter how predictable they may seem. Whenever a trailer does that it seems the studio isn’t confident in the product, and hopes by revealing their cards so to speak that will ensure butts in seats. I’m done going in circles in my own mind with how the mutants will be integrated into the MCU, I just can’t wait to see it happen.

    After seeing the first Avengers, ESPECIALLY that third act, it really highlighted the failure in the structure of the X-Men films. Just as big budget blockbuster action films. When you just have Wolverine fighting, and everyone else on the team easily disposed of, it just books the rest of the X-Men as jobbers, undercutting why Wolverine would ever join them or how they would be effective as a superhero team, as well as undercutting the action by limiting it to two characters in the third act: Wolverine vs an antagonist. Hell, looking back, X3 had the best third act action sequence out of the first 3!

  2. Truenotes1

    The two best things about the month of February is that 1: its finally over, and 2: Star Trek :Discovery seanzon 3 got announced! I know some Trek fans (whyt) are upset with and have been with the show since it started. With reasons such as, it a too high tech being set 10 years before the Kirk series. Even though if Roddenberry had the money and technology in the 60’s this is more than likely how he’d have wanted it. And the other reason is that, they revolve the show around Burnham, and she knows everything. She’s too smart. Fuck out my face with that B.S. Especially considering that most if not the entire original series was centered around Kirk & Spock. I’ve been a fan of Trek for most of my life. And this is the best Trek show I’ve seen since DS9. Which was my fav up til now.

    Also, have you guys been seeing the how the comicsgate assholes are coming after Brie Larson and Captain Marvel because of her saying there needs to be more diversity in the press pool when review movies? Trying to tank it before it comes out. Claiming that’s the reason. Even though I’ve seen the contrary. Example, there’s a guy at my job who I used to talk movies and comics with who has been shitting on the movie before it even began filming. Saying Disney is fucking up again just like they fucked up with Last Jedi. Which is another conversation in itself. Either way it’s still going to make all the money. And everyone of those idiots have to see it to get the whole picture for Endgame.

    One more thing, what the hell is with black men joining in on the SJW, Captain Marvel hate train. Besides the wanting to be treated like whyt men.

    Thanks Nerd Off crew Karen, Rod, Kriss and Aaron, always love your movie, book, tv, video perspectives. Me and my son love listening to you guys.

  3. Amani

    I thought this month couldn’t get any worse but this nigga Kriss really watched Hanna again? Hey man, there are people that love you. If you ever need to talk, we’re here. I’m sure Aaron would have tried to put you onto the Magicians again instead of you wasting your time like that.

    But nobody wastes time like Fox. I thought I was cooking off how trash that poster was, but then they went and dropped the trailer. I went back and listened to y’all talking about Bendis writing a X-Men movie after I saw that mess. How does your wig budget get worse in year 20 than it was when you started? Did Arrow’s team from the CW take over? I saw someone on twitter asking how do you paint Jennifer Lawrence blue AND ashy at the same time? But it’s just funny to your boy to see folks finally start telling the truth about these movies now after Apocalypse like they haven’t BEEN trash for a decade. Five outta five!

    P.S. I don’t know if y’all caught up with Bacon’s podcast but the idea they had in the last 10 minutes of this week’s episode just might be the perfect piece for a certain domain Kriss bought. The anniversary IS right around the corner…

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