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BDS 292: Suspend Terrance J

Rod and John to discuss listener feedback, Melo gets back with La La, LaVar Ball selling water, Steph Curry sells mansion, Cubs ownership racism, Antonio Brown domestic dispute, Foles leaving, Wentz, KD doesn’t trust the media, Tom Brady, 6ers trade and the All Star weekend rosters.


  1. rodimusprime

    Good evening Rod and Jion Williamson,

    That Duke-UNC was quite a letdown last night, for everyone except UNC fans I guess. Everyone tunes in to see Zion and his shoe blows up in the first minute and he hurts his knee. Hope he’s OK and still gets his money in the draft. Also shoutout to Luke Maye who is somehow still in college and dropped 30 points and 15 rebounds. That kid must be 28 years old.

    Also, I know you don’t cover baseball much, but I think Manny Machado deserves special recognition for getting 300 million dollars guaranteed from the Padres over 10 years. With at least half of MLB openly tanking, and even big market teams like the Cubs and Yankees refusing to spend any money this off-season, I was getting worried for him, but the Padres came through, because it must be the moneyyyyy.

    Have a good one y’all,


  2. rodimusprime


    First and foremost, if my main man Justin Third Trimester Thompson isn’t on the show today, I’m starting the light skin protest!! It doesn’t matter if I’m dark skin or not, that’s besides the GODDAMN POINT, ROD!! I’m convinced Justin getting kicked off the show for one episode was a PUBLICITY STUNT, coordinated by the niggas in the red hat!! But for real though, Justin we missed you last week, even thought your light skin replacement was great.

    I know you got a whole bunch of emails this week about Tristan, so I won’t belabor the point. Just know that dis nigga is the dumbest I’ve ever heard of in my life. To burn the bridge with the Kardashian BESTIE?? Goddamn.

    I’m listening to old episodes, and every time Rod and Justin link up its magic. And when Karen gets on the episode with y’all, it’s the best PreGame and BDS. Love you all!


  3. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and JFL,

    I hope all is well.

    If Steph Curry had completed that behind the back pass during the All Star Game, whole arena would’ve needed to be held back. LeBron James got his coaching chops on and willed all of Rich Paul’s clients to victory of The Greek Freek and his band of brick heaving niggas! I love Russy but that nigga was throwing bricks like Escobar in the 80s. Also, did they put put an Amber Alert on Kemba during the game? Where’d he go?

    Do y’all think Giannis picked Russ for his team to keep Russ from getting All Star MVP?

    The Cavs sold the future of the team away in order to win a championship, which required them having the best player ever, a #1 draft pick and Draymond Green’s inability to stop kicki g folks in the dick. But for a franchise beleaguered by losses? For a team whose previous biggest moment in NBA history was some bamma ass nigga from North Carolina hitting a shot over Craig Ehlo? While I stand by being right, I can understand why the Cavs did that. But the Lakers? Oh those niggas *do not* come from Struggleville and had no reason to be that damn thirsty for Anthony Davis. Lakers should be ashamed of themselves.

    I know y’all don’t cover baseball, but shouts out to Manny Machado for signing that 10 year, 300 million dollar deal with the Padres with a 5th year option. Did y’all know that Manny wore #8 while playing for the Dodgers? Cuz why? Cuz he grew up a Kobe fan and clearly Manny is a graduate from the Mamba School of Finance. Shouts out to Kobe for inspiring the youths in and out of basketball.

    Have y’all watched any of the AFA, aka WalMart Football? I can’t bring myself to watch it cuz it is mostly dudes who were terrible in the NFL. Justin, your favorite runningback, Trent Richardson, has already been fucking up there. Oh and the league almost went under after their first week cuz they ran outta money. Speaking of money, shouts out to Karp and Reid for getting paid!

    Have a great day y’all, peace!


  4. fyahworks

    Salutations rod and welcome back jell demps? (Maybe) what are the odds Dell Demps loses his job the same day Justin gets suspended from the greatest podcast in the land? It’s like Spider-Man pointing at spider man! By the way, John did an awesome job last week!

    1. Let’s get started! Rod I hope you had a great week and Justin hope you had a great vacation! So the AAF already broke after 2 weeks? Grand opening/grand closing!
    2. What was up with John Collins coming out dressed as Amelia Earhart to just over a plane to dunk? And damn near broke the wing? It made almost be time to do away with the dunk contest. It seems we get good years year and there!
    3. So Seth got tired of steph getting all the attention and decided to propose to doc rivers daughter on Valentine’s Day! We will see some beef on the court when Portland plays Houston?
    4. Not sure if Giannis got the memo about Gucci because he was in a Gucci hoodie Saturday night! But then again ain’t no real boycotts right? Just ask Floyd!
    5. Finally, if you can move one nba franchise and put it in Seattle, a city I feel deserves a team, which one would it be?


  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Jariah Carrey,

    I’m watching the UNC-Duke game and can’t stop laughing. Ticket prices were averaging 2500 for people to see Zion vs UNC.

    And the man goes down in the first 30 seconds with a knee injury. He went down faster than a Tyson opponent during the pre-prison years.

    The oop that Steph gave to Giannis was more entertaining than the Super Bowl. Fuck the NFL.

    Great show as always,


  6. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jristan Thompson

    I’d like to be the bigger man and welcome Justin back this week. That light skin treachery runs deep, but hopefully getting put in time out will help him come back to his senses. Just imagine your twerk Queen Iyanla swaddling you in her healing bosoms and let that hate out of your heart. Besides we’ve got darkies to slander this week!

    Tristan you cheating IN HOUSE? Got the bag and fumbled it. You were THIS close to securing that ring and now look at you. But I do have to note the Black History moment for being the first NBA player to cheat on his white girl with a Black woman. Flipping the game

    And shout out to Rod’s Tar Heels putting the BEATEMDOWN on Duke and your dad coincidentally forgetting to text you back. But if I’m Zion that’s a wrap for me for this season. I’m already the #1 pick, I’m not risking injury for you niggas when I’m not getting paid. Time to shut it down like he did his shoes. That never would have happened in some Big Baller Brand ZO2s!

  7. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen, and J-Antonio Brown. Glad you are back you Mariah Carey hating ass nigga. Hopefully next time you will think before you hate on the queen again.Anyway I know you all discussed the Caucdacity of that dude talking about WNBA players. My wife played college ball, was in the WNBA and played overseas. And lets just say she was heated. Its ridiculous to me how dudes can one even think they can do what pro athletes can do. Its even magnified when those athletes are women. Also the fact that wack ass dude tried to throw the Queen Serena in his argument. Also want to mention the flip I have seen when it comes to Kaep now. Like niggas is really calling him a sell out. Its almost as if you broke or dress like J. Cole then niggas equal that to being “woke”. Like to me what was the end game to all those boycotting? But as always love the show. Welcome back Justin.


  8. Darienfoxx

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    Justin, I said your name because no one fucked up more than you these last few weeks.

    Justin, your Mariah Carey slander has affected me in the following ways:

    1. We got a short-ass Balls Deep two weeks ago, which I rely on to keep me informed on sports related baby mama drama.
    2. Because of your suspension, there was no Pre-Game last week, which I rely on to keep me informed about reality show related baby mama drama.
    3. Your disrespect made me have to look up Mariah on Wikipedia to remember how many #1 hits she has. The number is 18, Justin. That’s the most #1 songs of anyone other than the Beatles. She even made an album called “Number Ones” just to stunt on fools like you. It should be required listening as part of your recovery.

    Rod, your stories about Steph Curry reminded me of a conversation I had with a basketball writer a few years ago (White dude). This was the first year Steph was balling out of control, and this dude kept going on and on about how amazing Steph was. He loved Steph because he’s just “a regular guy who’s not that athletic.” I asked him how many other basketball writers felt that way, and he basically said that’s how all his fellow writers felt. Basically, one of the reasons Steph gets a pass with the media is that they see themselves in him. They don’t appreciate how much of a freakish athlete he is. They think Steph is so good just because he’s got insane fundamentals (and you know how much white basketball dudes love fundamentals). When I told this dude that Steph deadlifts like 600 pounds, he shut up for the first time that whole night.

    Anyway, love the show y’all.

    Justin, be better.


  9. rodimusprime

    What up, Rod and Pariah Carey.

    I’m catching up on episodes so hopefully Justin’s Light-on-Light crimes aren’t still going on, but if so, let him know that we believe he will see the truth. There can be miracles…when you believe…Though hope is frail…It’s hard to kill.

    In other lightskin news, did y’all see Steph Curry had Under Armour forgo an All Star Weekend party and instead use that budget to fund an upgrade of the rec center where he grew up playing basketball in Charlotte? Is this the place where you guys used to play with Steph? Hearing you guys share rec center stories is one of my favorite parts about the show, so curious if y’all have any more funny stories about that place that haven’t been shared on the show before.

    As always, keep up the good work.

    – Andrew Kam

    P.S. Justin,

    If you reach into your soul…the sorrow that you know will melt away

  10. Mrs.T.Baltimore

    I’ll probably listen to this episode on Wednesday.

  11. Mrs.T.Baltimore

    I refuse to listen to this episode! I stand with Justin. #Mariahaintallthat. Justin, you and Rod have such great chemistry. Your borderline jokes and comments bring balance to the universe with a fervor that can only be matched by Thanos himself. We need you on Balls Deep. You are the captain to rods crunch, the Katana to Rods Michonne, and the Fleetwood to Rods Brougham.

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