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SMR 234: Shazam!

Rod and Karen discuss DC’s latest super hero film, “Shazam!” We also talk a couple of new movie trailers and your feedback on our review of “Us.” Shazam!



    Warner Bros left, at least, $25-28M off the table. It should’ve made an easy $80M+ instead of the $53M it did made, this past weekend. Three great acts, solid plot & great tonial balance. Zachary Levi & Asher Angel both did a great job with their particular roles as Billy Batson/Shazam. Levi played his part nearly effortlessly. It was like he was really born to play a role like this. Mark Strong did a really good job playing Dr. Sivana. Sure, the character’s motivation & backstory lacks depth, I just appreciate his commitment, since, he usually will give these type of performances that are typically good out of him. The rest of the child actors are really good, as well. It’s also colorful & vibrant, which is what a lot of these DCEU been lacking for quite sometime now. DC really needed a film like this, not just from a quality standpoint, but just for morale. It was a great one.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Shazam. I thought it was a really good movie and not “good for a DC” movie or “good for a superhero movie.” I really liked the twist at the end when all his brothers and sisters became heroes as well and I was really shocked by the Superman tease at the end. Is it too late for DC to change course in building their universe? Actually, I don’t want Shazam to be a part of those stories. I enjoy Shazam’s universe not being as bleak as the other DCEU his movies. His movies should stand alone with only the knowledge that he is just another superhero in a world full of them. I loved seeing the grown up version of all if the Marvels. I’m glad to know that actors I like are attached to a possible franchise, especially Meagan Goode. Also, how awesome was the racial, gender, and physical diversity in this movie? I really enjoyed Shazam and I’m intrigued by the Joker trailer. Damnit, DC, you done sucked me. (P.S. I liked all the wink, wink DC product placement and those 7 statued were creepy AF.)

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