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PG 188: White Cake

Rod and Justin discuss Justin Elizabeth Holmes, white scammers, Justin’s scheming co-worker, fast food, Bezos divorce, LHHATL, Andrew Woods and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    And Rod, don’t be coming for us with the double Feedback!! Sometimes we don’t know what tomorrow will hold, so we send late feedback from the week prior just in case we forget to write in next week.

    I’m just joking. I love every show TBGWT puts out, so I want to do my part to let you know your listeners are enjoying the content.

    One interesting thing is watching how TBGWT has evolved over the last few years. I recently listened to TRHH and that was cool, and to hear you mention how you probably won’t do anymore OSR makes sense. I just like hearing some insider information on how you all come up with ideas for shows, and have the freedom to move away from certain content when you feel like you need to. I think that’s a major benefit of being your own boss, because other podcasts with directors and producers might not be able to make that executive-level decision.

    Please keep it up!! Talk to you soon.


  2. Rwh2016

    Hey Rod, Karen and J….Fairfax,

    You were right about the Elizabeth Holmes documentary. Hbo should have titled the doc “white girl” since everyone around her was “hooked” on that shit. That basic whiteness must be like crack! But don’t fret over miss split ends. Holmes is now engaged to the son of a hotel-chain mogul. She will be just fine!

    Have you had a chance to watch the HBO movie Native Son? I read that the author Richard Wright loosely based the novel on the black serial killer robert nixon. I found a few news articles, but I couldn’t find any videos or podcasts on this case. Perhaps in the future you guys can create another podcast behind the pay wall focused on black true crime. When you guys blow up, you can hire a couple black reporters to investigate these stories. I definitely would pay extra for this.

    Regarding Arby’s, it’s not the food, which is terrible, It’s Ving Rhames (We GOT THE MEATS!). After decades of staying away from that place, I caught myself going in there after watching Ving’s Arby’s commercial. Mr. Rhames actually made me forget how bad Arby’s roast beef sandwiches were until I stood there waiting in line and seeing those dry-ass curly fries. I turned right around and left. I hope Arby’s is paying Ving big money for his efforts because that is the ONLY reason why that chain is in business. Ving, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and that nigga from Allstate have cornered the market.

    As for Chick-fil-A violence, unfortunately, we did have an incident here in Woodbridge, VA…


    Thanks for the show. I look forward to the pre-game every week. Justin…stay away from that white cake…It’s Crack!

    Have a good weekend,


  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod, Justin, and Karen (if applicable)

    I love when you guys preach about Arby’s! I get a kick out of it! Rod you said Arby’s is the only place that never has anyone in the drive thru! And when you pull up! The workers panic like oh shit we gotta make a roast beef sandwich! All hands on deck! Man up in nyc we barely have Arby’s and what you said is so true, every time I’ve passed an Arby’s it’s like you see those dustball passing by and not a car or person in sight!! Lol! You might be right about it being a money laundering front! Somehow we see Arby’s commercials on tv up here but you can’t find none! We just started getting chik fil a up here and those are few, same as sonic! McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Popeyes, kfc, and Taco Bell dominate up here! We don’t have no bojangles or some of the more popular places that are down south!

    Also wanted to ask you guys if you saw fear twd trailer! Looks good and I can’t wait! I saw a Dwight spotting and that should be interesting! Do you think we will see his wife/gf that ran off as well??

    Over n out
    5 stars

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