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BDS 299: No Racism For Redskins

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Porzingis accused of sexual assault, AAF shutting down, Tristan slides in under aged DMs, Serena helping black women, Ice Cube wins lawsuit, Lakers ask Lebron to stop acting up, Conor McGregor, no tolerance for racial slurs at Redskins games, Micheal Bennett case dropped, Geno mad he can’t abuse players, Bey signs with Adidas, Ball family news, Lakers shut Lebron down, Kyle Guy’s wedding registry, Soccer racism, Lenny Dykstra pleads guilty, Russell Wilson contract, Mike McCarthy mad and A Rod cheating on J-Lo.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Juke Walton,

    And Karen, if you’re there, hey girl!

    At this point everyone has probably wrote in about the recent Lakers changes. As much as I listen to BDS, I don’t really understand what Luke Walton or Magic Johnson did so wrong. It really feels like the Lakers thought they can import Lebron James, and him and him alone would be able to take the team to win a championship. As much as we all love Lebron on and off the court, he’s not a magic trick (pun intended)! I feel like it takes time to build a championship-level team, and they simply didn’t take the time required to build it.

    What happened? Why’d Magic walk away? Why’d the coach get fired? Have the Lakers just been sorry historically?

    Thanks for all the insight, it definitely keeps my week going.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jagic Johnson,

    If Magic Johnson had walked off his job just 2 weeks earlier, y’all know I would’ve said he walked away from the Laker like D Wade walking away from his break babies, right? That would’ve been one of the first things to come to mind. But this nigga D Wade? This nigga moved me to tears *twice* in a single week. All my D Wade being a break baby baking bastard of father have been put to rest. Done.

    I saw the pics of Gabby and Xion at Pride going up and down the timeline and thought “Aw, that’s really sweet that lady is with her kid at a Pride event”. It wasn’t until later in the day I saw the pics again and realized that was D Wade sharing the pics and that was Gabby and Xion and I teared up cuz there is something so dope about seeing Black parents of that high a profile embracing their young gay son. Especially cuz so many folks would react to their 11 year old coming out as “well how the hell would a kid know they’re gay?”, which has always been interesting to hear since *other* kids know to harass kids cuz they’re queer. Funny how that shit works. And yeah, I realize the bar is that damn low, but that shit moved me on a personal level to see the Wade family pull up at Pride and flex that unconditional love on their son.

    And *then* Budweiser came out here with that commercial with D Wade getting thanked by all those people? That shit had me crying at work, especially when his mom came on. This nigga had the audacity to be shown as a great person twice in a week. Sorry but once them tears hit, the agendas are done. D Wade has been a fantastic player on and off the court, hot ass knees and all. I wish him the bestest in retirement.

    Speaking of niggas that have caught flack for loving their gay sons unconditionally, Magic Johnson really had a press conference to say he’s too rich and has a life too good to deal with the nonsense of running the Lakers. LeBron must’ve sweat half his scalp off realizing he went to a team run worst than the Cavs.

    Another agenda I need to put to rest is that I said that Paul Pierce is a Do Nothing Nigga. I want to retract this statement because Pierce’s penchant working so hard to make folks believe he was the greatest of all time does count as *something*. Paul Pierce really had the gall to come out and say he was better than D Wade, say that if he had LeBron and Bosh than he’d have 4 rings…which means he high key implied his Celtic teammates to be trash, right? I just want Pierce to say that to KG’s face. Pierce won 1 ring for one of the most racist fanbases in the NBA; he’s basically Karl Malone with 1 ring, to be honest. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Pierce is a terrible father. Pierce probably screams at his kids anytime they shoot at a trash can and yell “Kobe!”. Out here filling those kids heads with *lies* about him being the greatest of all time, even though they were in attendance at his jersey retirement with LeBron and the Cavs blowing out Boston and acting ignorant as shit in the 4th quarter. Donkey was spot on when he said, “You ain’t Kobe. They don’t love you like that!” In fact, my assumption is that if Boston fans love you, you must hate Black people. Paul Pierce probably votes Republican. Again, I know Utah fans are racists cuz they love Karl Malone. So yeah, fuck Paul Pierce as a staff, record label and crew.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and that Paul Pierce drinks some lotion to deal with his ashy throat, peace!

    No but really though, that nigga’s voice sounds like he eats 5 packs of cigarettes a day and washes it down with coal mine runoff water.

  3. fyahworks

    Hola rod, Karen, and jagic Johnson,

    And now for my final act, imma step down as president of this team! Mic drop! I’m out!
    Man, a few episodes ago we discussed about the pressure being on magic with the lakers! I guess pressure really does buss pipes! I felt his timing was bad but I knew he wasn’t long for the position after the trade debacle. Going forward, it seems Luke’s job is safe. Do y’all think Pelinka will take over as president in addition to being gm?

    So lonzo is taking his talents to CAA, I really thought klutch would have picked him up!

    Boy I’m glad dirk finally admitted that he is retiring,his last couple of games he’s been on a Kleenex tour, crying his eyes out! D-Wade last game was definitely one for the books! I can’t believe that was only his 5th career triple double! Gabby was on the side looking like a proud mom lol.

    I see vlade divac secured his bag for the next 4 years! And looks like her gonna fire the kings coach! And Cleveland did Larry drew a favor and got him up out there! What other coaches y’all expect to get a pink slip, now that the season is over?

    Gonna be a weird playoffs with out the king! Now that the playoffs are set, do you guys see any upsets? First round??

    Have a great show


  4. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen and Magic Jay-johnson. Magic has to do everything big and nothing was bigger than quitting your job in a press conference while also not telling your boss before hand. So now that Magic gone. There is now an opening for a President and who better than Mr. BBB himself. Also did yall see the poll about the most overrated NBA players? The poll was misleading because only 8 players answered it. But they had my dude Westbrook voted #1. Who you think voted for him? I definitely know Durant was one of them votes. As always love the show.


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jearvin Magic Johnson

    I was all set to just brush off Dr. Doughstax and his jealous slander the Knicks might get KD, but here comes Big Bad Magic Johnson! All of a sudden my team isn’t the worst run organization in basketball anymore. This nigga really sat up there and told us he’s too rich to have to worry about these problems and just stopped coming to work even though they denied his PTO. A legend.

    Is that what happened to Justin this week on vacation? He’s showing solidarity with his Lakers brethren? Was Jeannie Buss mad that Magic got the good schedule she didn’t want at first? Now I just can’t wait for the next episode of The Shop. Gotta get Bron out here talking reckless. This might be the most memorable surprise press conference Magic has given and for him, that’s saying something!

    How can you not love the NBA? We have a legend like D.Wade retiring, getting dope ass commercials from Budweiser of all people making us cry, and even getting calcified canker sores like Paul Pierce roasted on the stray. Of course I don’t expect hyper competitive dudes like that to be honest about his legacy any more than I trust him to not need a wheelchair to roll up to the set, but he’s still gonna get these jokes. I’m still expecting Donkey to come back and light his ass up on twitter for old time’s sake.

    Alright y’all appreciate the great shows as always. Looking forward to this one. Peace

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