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1885: Homecoming Review

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Rod and Karen discuss Beyoncé’s latest masterpiece, Reconstruction on PBS, an Easter Bunny beat down, granny with a baseball bat, domain thugging and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    Hey Y’all

    Beyonce is a perfect example of how black women are treated by the industry. People don’t respect the hustle. When she lost that grammy to Beck, it was because he was a more authentic artiste that wrote his own songs and played eleventy million instruments on that boring ass album. When Adele won over Lemonade, it was because she was a more authentic artiste, even though she collaborates with song writers like Bey.

    People think that just because Bey works with song writers, she doesn’t have any creative input. Even if I write a song’s music and lyrics, the work is only half done. It has to be arranged etc. A lot of people want to ignore how much creative control she has over what comes out on the album.

    The other thing she gets flak for is her desire to keep her shit close to the vest. I was listening to a white podcast discuss Homecoming and the thing that they seemed most annoyed with was how guarded she is with information. How she doesn’t let anything slip until she’s ready to announce it. Personally, this is something that I find impressive about her, but motherfuckers want her to be messy like every other celebrity in this social media era. Fuck that. If you have the ability and wherewithal to manage your image, why wouldn’t you?

    Thanks for another great week of shows.


  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Oh my god Rod and Karen “Homecoming “ was so amazing! It was sensational,spiritual,inspirational – hell it was everything! And the film was so beautiful and black! Personally I absolutely loved hearing Beyonce’ be open and talk about her feelings and most importantly – HOW SHE THINKS !

    I’ve really been getting into reading or listening to interviews from her or Donald Glover on how they think and approach projects they are working on . Donald Glover did this great interview for the New Yorker right before season 2 of Atlanta that I always go back to for the little nuggets of advice or information.

    It’s really amazing to see either one of these two go off on their own and create something without people knowing and then come back and present it to the world like – here you go. Also love how they control their social media presence on their own terms. Whether it’s films ,albums or hell even Adidas shoe deals for both of them and Willow Smith- by the way – it’s all truly inspiring!

    Thanks again Rod and Karen for another great one,

  3. StarDotStar

    When Karen said she felt the “I’m hungry” quote, I church-MMMhmmmed. Beyoncé said she was doing that whole diet AND was nursing the twins. Bitch. Bitch. I’m nursing and pumping for my brand new singular baby and this shit takes SO MANY DAMN CALORIES. I’m hungry ALL of the time. I eat so much and burn so much off that I’m neither gaining nor losing weight. And I’m supposed to be drinking an extra quart of water above the average person which makes me thirsty all of the time, and this insufferably hardworking woman is ALSO dancing and singing and being fine as hell and I haven’t worn a bra in two months. Your fave could never unless your fave is Queen Bey.

  4. Miss1ko

    Listen. LISTEN. I tried that diet too. Chile cheese. Failed within a day.

    Your comparison to MJ for Beyonce on the blackity Blackness is on point.

    Like I always felt like artists who were mega hugs were also scared to be black. Not HBCU black.
    Prince, MJ, even someone like a Luther who was clearly a Black artist but never could really be himself.
    There is a freedom that previously existed only outside of Blackness for black american people.
    Other than going to college in country where the majority of the population is Black, HBCUs are decidedly the blackest university experience ON PURPOSE. I did undergrad at a PWI and graduate school at a HBCU and I live in DC so I see all the nuance and all the ways that HBCUs do things their way and don’t try to mimic PWIs.

    Marginalized celebrities rarely just get to be themselves. Where historically. we hope that is going out the window.

    And side note, Them horns on Everybody Mad get me up in the morning!!!!!!


  5. Angela

    OMG!!!! Homecoming was everything and more. I couldn’t help but feel nothing but pride while watching. My 17 year old daughter has expressed interested in attending a HBCU. Beyonce sealed that deal for her.

  6. katrese206

    As a reformed Bey-hater, I’m so glad to not be on that train anymore… this side is way more fun… LOL. I’ve always liked her music… my critique of her was mostly rooted in misunderstanding the time & path it takes for one to find themselves… she’s obviously always been talented… but, I basically wanted the Bey that we have now… she’s actually far exceeded what I ever could’ve envisioned… not that I waited to join the hive till she earned my approval or anything.

    I was discussing Homecoming with someone that’s still on the hater train… this person actually watched the damn thing on mute (facepalm)… I can’t even imagine… that sounds so odd & miserable.

    One thing I loved about Homecoming is literally seeing her transform into “Sasha Fierce.” She is so soft spoken & (as she said) country offstage… LOL. I completely adore & relate as a fellow Houstonian. But, it’s like she’s having an outer body experience on stage. It was amazing & awe inspiring to witness.

  7. Anne

    The way they teach about slavery in America… I think one of the most overlooked events is the English court case of Somerset vs Stewart that was decided in England 1772. This was the case that decided slavery was against the law in England and to some extent British colonies. The British abolitionist movement was gaining support. The American colonies declared independence four years later in 1776. From what I remember about high school history this was not discussed in detail. Maybe it’s just coincidence. Maybe it was really the tax on tea.

  8. Motorcity Rob

    I agree that we should be financially support HBCUs even if you didn’t go to one. I didn’t go to one but my sister went to Xavier University in New Orleans so the past couple of years I’ve decided to donate to them to put money towards financial aid. My racist ass PWI has an incredibly large endowment and they don’t need any money from me. We need to help invest in and build up our educational institutions.

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