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LSG 39: Produce Butchers

Karen is back bringing you 100% more Rod as we get your lips smacking on some more podcasting. In Spicy News we discuss produce butchers,  using your hand to pay, Ed Sheeran ketchup, rare meat Facebook pages, Pizza Hut closing stores, Olive Garden’s lifetime pasta pass, fake guacamole, blueberry McGriddles and Snickers wants Halloween moved. The theme for Meals Of The Week is Mexican as we discuss Cantina 1511 vs Tacos El Nevado. In Cook That Nigga Rod talks about the Tomato Fish Stew he made for his parents. And as always our final segment is all about you as we respond to your Feedsmack.

Thank you guys for listening and responding. We’ll be back with another serving soon!

Cantina 1511

Tacos El Nevado

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  1. CT

    I took the shuckin and jivin ribs coverage over the last few weeks as motivation and made my own! I had some Kraken rum left over from a bachelorette party, thought back to when I made jack Daniels BBQ sauce, and made some shit up along the way.

    I looked up a recipe on AllRecipes for a baseline. I’ve been using All Recipes for YEARS!! There aren’t many recipes that I have been able to take for face value without additional seasonings or flavor, but it’s taught me a lot about technique and variations to recipes. Anyway, I bought some pork ribs that were already cut up, made a rub to bake them in the oven, and made the BBQ sauce from scratch to baste the ribs every few minutes after draining the liquid. They were a hit!! Thank you for shuckin and jivin’!

  2. Tiggettcr

    Happy Monday fellow Smackers!

    Like what if I’m allergic to zucchini?!? That seems a bit unethical if you don’t have what I’m asking for I have two choices leave or pick something else.

    Cantina is delish have y’all been to Salsas Mexican Grill in Ayrsley or La Poblanita on Westinghouse? Definitely on of my fave Mexican spots in town. La Poblanita has a nice selection of traditional $2 tacos including cow Tongue and tripe.

    Cidney 🙂

  3. Selester63

    Hey Karen and (100% more) Rod,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the show. And that intro by Felt Five is pretty damn good.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Karen,
    A couple of things:

    That intro song for lip smackin’ good HITS!! I really find myself singing it to myself for fun. It’s a great intro!
    Salted caramel apple is low key better than pumpkin spice for fall. I don’t normally like my sweets salted, but ifs just the right mix of sweet and salty. Pumpkin spice doesn’t bother me at all (I’m a black woman), but I really look forward to the salted caramel products. And spiced apple is the best too!! Damn I can’t wait to make an apple pie
    I’ve been in the desert for the past year and I missed the chick fil a vs. Popeyes sandwich debate. As soon as it comes back in stock at Popeyes I plan on trying them both out and giving my verdict. The spicy chick fil a sandwich is near and dear to my heart tho, so we’ll see.
    The coverage on Shuckin and Jivin on LSG and BDS / Pre-Game has CRACKED ME UP!! I can’t wait to listen to the most recent episode of LSG to hear about the ribs

    I love y’all, I love the show when it’s just the two of you, and I can’t wait Until I get with the latest episode. I might not always comment in a timely fashion, but I’m listening to every premium and free show you all release. It’s single-handedly my best, most reliable source of entertainment that I’ve got!!

    Look forward to hearing from you all soon!


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