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PG 208: For The Participation Trophy Kids

Rod and Justin discuss appropriating restaurant, local politics results, Justin work stuff, participation trophies, Naruto, YMCA basketball, Amazon deliveries, listener feedback and Pre-Game news.

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  1. fyahworks

    What’s up niggaz,

    I’m hearing the chi is reloading with some new cast members for the upcoming season, lala, Luke James, and lil rel. Do you think they gonna take the place of jerrika and Brandon Or will they be totally new characters? It will be interesting to see what direction the show goes in.

    I’m also hearing Issa Rae is in works to re do set it off. What are you guys Thoughts on reboots/remakes of classics or even shows/movies that don’t need to be touched? I feel like let’s say a movie like menace to society or boys in the hood don’t need to be touched, simply because they still come on tv and on demand or dvd/blu Ray and we can watch them forever, and so can future generations. I don’t see them doing a reboot of the Ten Commandments or Casablanca.

    Lastly niggaz only. Only niggaz

    Keep up the great work


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