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BDS 319: Shuckin’ And Jivin’ Ribs

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Antonio Brown, The Cleveland Browns, Joakim gets engaged, Mike Scott knocks some heads, Duke found no evidence on Zion, Kawhi Leonard’s sister accused of murder, Drew Brees Focus on Family ad, Cam Newton can catch, Team USA lost, NBA agents boycotting NCAA certification exam, OBJ’s watch, Tristan Thompson messy, Ninja-style headwear banned in NBA, MJ donates to Bahama’s hurricane relief, the Wades don’t celebrate Santa, Kobe leaves messed up IG post about kid’s team, Browns ban the wrong fan, Joe Johnson back in the NBA, Lebron can’t secure Taco Tuesday, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, Durant interview in WSJ, Iggy can’t get bought out, Lebron says AD can be the focus, Shaun Livingston retires and a new name proposed for the Heat arena.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and J. Roethlisberger

    A washed rapist, who looks like a thumb and can’t take accountability is out for the year? You love to see it. And right on time for my 49ers to come wax that ass. I’m on Dough’s bandwagon now, my team doesn’t have to be good, just better than the other sorry niggas on the schedule!

    Now Duke may have not found any evidence of them paying players, but you know who did? No chill Gil! Your boy Gilbert Arenas was out here throwing the soup and saying he knows at least two players who got over 200k. Now you should consider the source and all that, but facts don’t matter when it comes to this slander!

    And Rod asking the real questions about team USA! Did you hear Jerry Colangelo getting on his white man arrogance and saying he’s gonna remember the players that pulled out of this tournament for who gets picked for the Olympics? Boy if you don’t sit your old ass down somewhere! This Boston Celtics ass Team USA wouldn’t even have won the West let alone a gold medal.

    Alright y’all have a great week! Appreciate the love as always.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and the Jeveland Browns,

    I hope all is well.

    Did y’all see my Browns out there this Monday?! Out there pulling out a hard fought victory (over a bombed out and depleted Jets team that shouldn’t have been hard to beat)? Myles Garrett out here whooping wholesale ass (and still racking up penalties)? Y’all see that Odell catch though? See, unlike the rest of you blacks I ain’t concerned with the Browns actually being *good*. The Browns don’t have to be *good* to win, just better than their opponents. And the Browns play enough sorry teams this year they’re gonna fall into the playoffs.

    For real though, whenever Baker drops back and starts panicking, I heard that guard ALERT sound from Metal Gear Solid and know he’s about to do something desperate and foolish. Thank god Odell and Jarvis are out there.

    Tim Tebow is White Mediocrity Christ. Lord, he spent his whole career failing onward and upward to monetary salvation.

    Shouts out to anyone that ever caught their parents being wrong about some shit and then their parents straight up yadda-yadda being wrong, just like Lavar did to Lonzo. How you gonna hand waive hiring a scammer?

    Have a great day y’all, peace!

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Justin,

    So let me get this straight, the Giants got rid of Odell Beckham Jr. because he had the nerve to publicly state what everybody knew about their fair-haired white-boy QB, Eli Manning— that he is not a good quarterback and that in order for the team to succeed, Manning needed to go — the team made other claims, but we all know that once ODB said that, his days as a Giant were over. Yet, here we are two games into the new season, and Manning has been benched. So the Giants got rid of a great black player in favor of a mediocre white player. Watching whiteness work never ceases to amaze me.

    P.S. I’m bitching as a New Yorker, not a football fan because I too support Kaep. Hell my support for Kaep runs so deep, my intuition told me years ago that the NFL was going to ban Kaep and effectively end his career, and I boycotted the NFL in advance. My Blackness is that real.

  4. fyahworks

    What up rod, Karen, and jeve young

    So on Monday night football pregame show, Steve young was going off, talking about the nba! His rant stemmed from jalen Ramsey wanting a trade from the jags. And to paraphrase his rant…. the nfl is becoming like the nba, and the nfl needs to come together and put a stop to this, Players wanting to demand trades to leave a bad team. Well said from a man from the old school. This generation of athletes have more control of their brand/career, and a man like Steve young is still stuck in the 80s/90s way of doing things. Why should a team be able to control your destiny when you put in the hard work all these years to compete at a professional level. I have no problem with Ramsey wanting to leave Jacksonville, I have no problem with ab wanting to leave the Steelers, and I had no issue with bell or other players like Melvin Gordon holding out to get their worth. Especially when we know in the nfl, you are always one snap/one hit away from a career ending injury. (See Ryan shazier)!

    Lastly, ya hate to see it! week 2!! Big Ben,(out for the season) drew Brees (out 6 weeks) and the New England beat Miami like they stole something 43-0. What team has been a surprise whether good or bad thus far?

    I’ll hang up and listen


    • fyahworks

      Ps, last week Justin ask if Miami was tanking, and there’s a phrase that was going around “tank for tua” who is the current qb at Alabama

      So I think they are tanking, but probably won’t admit it!

  5. trojanscooter

    In regards to the girls basketball team and Kobe, Justin’s “Try a different approach”…..”let them have fun”comments raised my ire. What if the members of Gianna Bryant’s basketball have the fire and desire to be the best they can be? As a fan of women’s basketball I can tell you that coaches like Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma utilize practices and strategies that encourage players to push beyond the boundaries others have for them. Many WNBA players have talked about how what to be judged on their skills as an athlete. I understand the impetus to allow the kids to play ball and have fun but from what I’ve seen from women who play ball professionally and are in college they are fierce competitors and don’t appreciate the “let them have fun” notion. Imagine a young Kahlani Brown of the L.A. Sparks playing one-on-one with her dad: P.J. Brown. The former NBA player who flung Charlie Ward into the crowd in a playoff game against the Knicks. You think her parents were apart of the “Let them have fun” crowd?

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