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BDS 346: Pop Fly Out

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kyle Larson drops the n-bomb, Dak bday party, XFL suspends operations, NFL’s first Covid cases, Rudy Gobert trade rumors, Roy Halladay was wilding, college kids declaring pro, Panthers give McCaffrey money, UFC cancels Kumite, Tom Brady trade marks, Tokyo Olympics need a vaccine, NBA officials need 30 days to train, Gary Payton BBQ sandwiches, Deion Sanders “jokes” about his old number Goodell will announce NFL picks from his basement, Tarvaris Jackson dies in car wreck, Hank Steinbrenner dies, Gundy apologizes, Oakley rips Ewing, LaVar Ball, NFL pandemic plan, MJ doc, Tour De France rescheduled, Dr. Fauci on sports potentially reopening, MLB AZ plan, Laimbeer says Lebron the GOAT, Ray Allen still has issues in Boston, UFC wants new event May 9th, Dak hold out, Westbrook donates laptops, UFC home invasion, Ujiri on DeMar, Bulls shake up, Lil Boosie still unapologetic, Ayesha being sued, Malcolm Jenkins says blacks can’t trust government, Nick Young, Lapattra Jacobs, Coco Gauff speaks on depression and Levine proposal.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jerry Jones,

    I know normally Justin gets nicknamed after folks who’ve already fucked up, but I heard Jerry Jones is running the Cowboys draft *by himself from his mansion* so I’m calling my shot on Jerry being the one to fuck up during the draft tonight. Never forget: Steven Jones had to physically stop Jerry from drafting Johnny Manziel, so Jerry’s liable to cover the whole *gamut* of fuck ups!

    Speaking of fucking up, who y’all think has a worser case of CTE: Tom “I Didn’t Know This Wasn’t My House” Brady or Gronky Kong for returning to the NFL in the first place? I almost extra hope we don’t have an NFL season this year so that Bucs fans don’t have to go through the anguish of seeing their hopes die on the field as Tom Brady reminds everyone that he is old as hell. At least the jerseys look fresh.

    Y’all, this Last Dance though! It’s already been educational for me cuz a lotta this was before I actually paid attention to basketball. Like I knew MJ and Bulls fans didn’t like Jerry Krause but didn’t quite know why. Uh, safe to say I get it now. But jesus though. Y’all. They called that man *Crumbs*! The disrespect! On the other hand, Kraus outright telling Phil he could win 82 games and he wasn’t coming back was wild as hell.

    Mike dry snitching on his whole rookie team being a bunch of a crackheads had me rolling, although I was surprised folks expected Mike to partake in all that. Mike couldn’t those niggas sorry if he was coke himself. Also he didn’t say the room was full of gambling, scotch, cigars and women to cheat on Juanita with. Seeing old footage of Mike made me realize I’d never considered how lean him and Pippen were back in the day, which makes those goddamn suits so much more egregious. Mike was out here wearing enough fabric to furnish a 747 all on one suit.

    Also I’m pretty sure that Hall of Fame roast is gonna hit a bit different after this series is complete.

    What caught y’all’s attention or stuck out during this documentary?

    Have a great show and weekend y’all. Thanks for the straight flame emoji podcasts, especially during these trying ass times.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Kemdoc

    Never been a Jordan fan. Still not one. It probably stems from being a young Knick fan and being devastated time and time again. I’m also someone where if I don’t like you as an individual I’m all set and I just move on. All that to say. Didn’t watch the documentary. Probably won’t. But I’ll enjoy vicariously living through those who did. I respect the impact Jordan and the Bulls had on the game.

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jamar Jackson. Hope all is well in this Coronaverse. Did yall catch Lamar Jackson getting caught slipping by replying to Trump? Now I do believe he didn’t mean to make it seem like support for Trump. Since “bug truss” is some new slang. But I do think its ridiculous for him to not understand why people took it another way. Also he mentioned he wanted AB on the team. Now I know that Marquise Brown is AB’s cousin. So I understand that but nigga…no. I couldn’t imagine a bigger collapse of a team other then the Browns. Also did yall catch Draymond talking about KD? Seeing him talk about KD reminded me of the side chick when she finally gets that philandering husband. Only to lose him to another side chick later. On another note have you all been watching the Last Dance? Man my heart broke for Scottie Pippen on that second episode. It’s crazy that people always tell the story how MJ didn’t make his high school freshman team but no one talks about the fact that Scottie Pippen was a equipment manager at a NAIA school and worked his way up to be a first round draft pick. That to me just goes to the lack respect that man gets.

    But sorry if that was long.

    Love the show.


  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, quarantine K ( because Karen is a slur and this is a family show) and Jom Brady

    1.So the impossible white man, Tom Brady just walking up in niggaz houses in Florida all willy nilly now uh? Tom was going to a coach house, and mistook it for another house that apparently look similar! The owner was really cool about it after the fact, but let that had been Lamar Jackson or Jameis Winston !! Oh Florida!!! Smh
    Tom Brady also got former teammate gronk to join him in Tampa via help or trade from the pats! Do you guys think this was like a thank you from Robert Kraft for the years of service and super bowl wins or they just wanted to get gronk crazy ass out of town? My sports buddy says it happened Because he wanted to go there. Are we really in an era across sports where u trade a player where he/she wants to go? Even if it hurts your team? Or is that reserved for just stars? Granted it is the nfc so it doesn’t directly affect the pats but I guess he wasn’t gonna come back to play in New England anyway so it made sense to let him go and I return get some draft picks out of it!

    2. rod and Justin, y’all taught steph well! Steph out here talking that shit, and said he “unbothered” by comments that were recently made about him and his defense by maverick carter! And when he spoke. I’m like this sounds like Rod lol! Here is the twitter link : https://twitter.com/957thegame/status/1253014681544884224?s=20

    You guys have a good one

    Nigz only
    Only nigz


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Krause

    Whew buddy they were dragging that man! That whole team was the very definition of on sight whenever his ass came around. Imagine getting to talk to your boss like that, it’s everything Antonio Brown dreamed of. I can only hope someone was recording the Warriors last year so we can find out just how many times Draymond cursed out KD, and Durant went back and hit up another burner account. Justin wanted a doc on the 90s Cowboys, well them talking about the Bulls and the cocaine circus might be the next best thing. 

    And with the NFL draft this week who do you think is gonna fuck up technology more, the league or Teddy Riley? Somebody gonna mess around and cut on their camera too soon and catch one of these players in a compromising position. I remember when they leaked that video of the Dolphins draft pick smoking weed a couple years ago, let’s bring on the mess! 

    Alright y’all hope you have a great week and appreciate the dope shows as always.

  6. rodimusprime

    Yo when Justin and you went in on MMA fighter Anthony Smith (A PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER mind you) not being able to fight off a burglar I lost it! Jon Jones was right, fuck outta here. Thank you guys for keeping us laughing. By “us” I mean my wife and I, she’s also and avid listener now. Keep on keepin’ on.

    – Greg

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