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TNO 151: Pokemon Stay Your Ass In The House

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Jay from The Nerdpocalypse Podcast discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Pokemon Go, Twitch hits record, Epic Games news, Rockstar donating to COVID-19 relief, The Simpsons will be available on Disney Plus, Humble Bundle, HBO free streaming, Bob Iger, COD banning cheaters, DC Animated Universe coming to an end, DC donates to comic book retailers, another speed record falls, Disney Plus, The Purge alarm used by accident, Twitch nudity rules changes, My Spy coming to Amazon, Sword and Shield cheaters, ESRB will warn of in-game purchases, Sam Raimi directing Dr. Strange 2, Agents of Shield, new cheaper iPhones, Sinister Six movie was planned at Sony, Gamescon going digital, Comic-Con canceled, World of Warcraft COVID practice, Rockstar changes the culture, Netflix worth more than Disney, PS5 could be expensive, Trolls makes 50 mill streaming, Mandalorian documentary, #Creators4Comics, new GTA in the works and Selena Gomez suing gaming company.



  1. kauzimiwani

    new premium member here!! l am so glad that I have finally found a show that discusses anime… Seriously my quarantine viewing habits are 99% Anime and the 1% are reserved for top tier shows like Better Call Saul ( Which by the way is absolutely better than Breaking Bad..don’t @ me , I Said what I said!!) Anyway let me just say that Hi-Score girl has absolutely made it to my top 3 anime ever!! and has made me laugh, cry and experience a whole range of emotions that a whole ass grown up never thought he would experience. Looking forward to enjoying more premium shows , you guys are awesome!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Y’all, I hadn’t played games in this series before now but bought it cuz I heard some of y’all hype it and cuz it reminded me of Dynamite Cop (an arcade favorite of mine), but this Streets of Rage 4 *is fucking FLAMES* y’all. It’s such a fun beat ’em game! I legit was proud of myself when I got off my first 70 hit combo. Also, is it weird in the second level of the game that, no matter how many enemies are on the screen the first ones I fight are always the cops? Fuck the boys in blue, I beat them til they’re black and blue and extra fuck the 2nd level boss. That nigga difficult as hell to beat. Also, do the characters have different fighting styles? I’ve only been playing as Cherry Hunter thus far.

    And while this is partially a Balls Deep thing, as a college football nerd I cannot understate how much I wish EA could bring back the NCAA football games. I completely understand why they can’t, but if they did? You can take my moooonnnneyyyyyyyy! Also, it would literally be like Thanos getting the last Infinity Stone cuz FIFA + Madden + NCAA = Infinite Money.

    It’s been dope seeing Animal Crossing take over the world, to the point where the Detroit Lions announced their future L’s, uh, I mean, games this upcoming season. I never thought a game about nothing but building up an island run by a loan shark raccoon and his racist nephews could be so fun.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and that all of y’all can keep safe and sane during this age of the rona. I appreciate all the work all y’all do. Thank y’all kindly and sincerely,


  3. Amani

    The Clone Wars!!! Nigga listen, I’m not going too far into it because I don’t know if Rod finished binging the season now that it’s done, but that last shot? Game cheating! Give Dave Filoni his things! Between this and that last episode of Rick and Morty that could be a whole damn podcast by itself.

    Appreciate the dope show as always, and shout out to Kriss finally finishing up the house that Orgycon built! Congrats man, looking forward to you going live with BET any day now before the haters in your mentions get you cancelled.

  4. trojanscooter

    The segment on the cancellation of San Diego Comic Con has me thinking about smaller media outlets like The MTR Network. For the past few years, Kriss, Brandon, Ro, Shanna etc have taken time to cover the event and get interviews that other media outlets wouldn’t have done. For example the interview where Agent May tortures Fitz. That’s MTR. The interview with Tommy Davidson and Kim Whitley about Black Dynamite. That’s MTR. For a number of years, people have opined about the lack of media representation at these cons and movie premieres. It would be a shame to see the ones who are working with smaller and/or minority focused go away .

  5. rodimusprime

    Hi guys, Felix here. I’m emailing rather than posting a comment on the nerdoff post because I’ve had to cancel my premium subscription until I get paid from my recent gigs. Hopefully not too long because supporting you guys is important to me because you guys really help me get through my day, especially right now. Besides my baby sisters big goofy smile you’re the only thing that gives me hope things will get better.

    So the project I alluded to in the last episode was in fact Boruto! I slid it in there casually for funsies because I didn’t say why I decided to catch up now haha. Just a little backstory on how this even happened, it all goes back to cannon busters. You see, I don’t post my art online very often because as an artist, I’m incredibly insecure about my work. I usually post something once every few months and a cannon busters fanart animation I posted in August ended up doing pretty decent numbers. Around that same time I’d followed some of the staff that work on Boruto just because I liked the show and wanted to stay up to date, then one of them followed me back. I didn’t think much of it but after a few months and me not posting anything, I was surprised I got a DM from them officially asking me if I was interested in working on an episode. After waking up having fainted from reading that, I accepted. A month later I started work, I chose the scenes I wanted to animate From what was available and here we are. My cannon busters fanart got me a job haha. The episode I worked on was episode 153 so a while off from where toonami left off but I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. Just so you guys know, I was listening to nothing but old nerdoffs, character corners and black on black cinema episodes while working on boruto to help me work while sick and full of cough medicine and painkillers.

    I haven’t had the most luck finding consistent work since I left university and I didn’t realize how much that affected me mentally until I saw my name in the credits of boruto. I basically cried the entire day while rewatching the episode. I’ll forever be grateful to the staff for giving me a chance and being so incredibly welcoming and understanding. Shout-out to my friends who also worked on the episode and helped me out whenever I had questions. They’re the real heroes, them and the animation directors and in-between animators who did all the cleanup and finishing touches.

    Now I’m gonna find a way to get a job on Lesean Thomas’s Yasuke anime and cannon busters season 2 (please happen). Now that I have a foot in the door I’m gonna try and work with as many of my heroes as I can. I’ve aready worked on an episode of boruto and animated Tetsuya Nishio’s designs to the best of my abilities so that’s one down. I’m speaking it into existence. If you’re hearing this Lesean, Hire me and I’ll draw the hell outta that black samurai or Philly the Kidd. It would be an honour!!!

    Now I realise this email is already long and emotional but I’m just gonna talk about one more thing, so one piece… I know it having 900 episodes is daunting but we all have nothing but time when we’re not working right now so I’d think that would be a pretty decent show to get into right now. Look at it like this, it’s not about watching all the episodes and being up to date, it’s about enjoying a good story that there happens to be a lot of. I think I said it in a comment last year but y’all, it’s really not as long at it seems when you think about it.

    For me when I was catching up, I just watched it an arc at a time then took a long break from it. I watched basically an arc a year and waited for the next one to finish then catch up the next year. The first few arcs are smaller and focus on Luffy getting his crew together. The subsequent arcs focus more on exploring the world until the timeskip then it’s all about finding your way to the one piece and the steps it takes to do that impossible feat. The first mistake people make when thinking about one piece is thinking you need to catch up. You can just take it at your own pace and enjoy each story. When I started it I wasn’t sure what the hype was about but after the first 13 episodes and the first few crewmates are introduced I was hooked. People like to say the first 100 or so episodes are boring but that’s only a perspective I’ve ever seen from people that are more into the fights and the hype than the characters individual stories and the adventuring.

    Each arc has the same basic structure, Luffy and his crew arrive on some island, get involved in local politics and help the locals resolve whatever issue is at the forefront and then they leave having made some friends and sometimes having a new person join the crew. Its always the twists on this formula that make each arc unique and the new characters you meet are always memorable. The amount of ways Luffy can use his ability for comedy and for fights is always fun. I honestly think you guys would love it. The dub from funimation is fantastic and it’s one of the most consistently well written shows I’ve ever seen. The author only ever gets better as it goes on and the way he pays off things from hundreds of episodes ago in current stories is always the most satisfying feeling imaginable. I probably haven’t persuaded you either way and that’s fine but I had to try after the slander this episode haha. Alright, love you guys, watch boruto, Felix out.


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey TNO Crew,

    I wanted to listen to the show live for the first time but couldn’t get off a conference call.

    Aaron – Please roast the fuck out of me for being a “sensitive One Piece fan”. I never considered myself one until my previous email. I’ve managed to stay anime only too, so imagine how insufferable I’d be if I were a manga reader.

    Love the show and hope Bacon, Aaron Rand Freeman, or (Elon?!?!?!) will show up as a guest soon!


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