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PG 238: Whatchamacallit?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the little lies people tell in marriages, headphones, marrying a white woman, violence over shelter in place rules, Small Doses with Issa Rae, being efficient at the job, Drake, new blacks, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. fyahworks

    What up Karen, Justin & rod (or should I say Eric ericcson)

    Now rod you can’t be leaving Justin alone on the podcast. It can become dangerous! He revealed to us that your real name is Eric ericcson! Nice to meet you Eric! I would shake your hand but, social distancing! With that being said, I hear an ad while listening to a podcast and it was about covid and a guy said “we may never shake hands again” I wanted to know what you guys think about that? Would things come to a touch less society??

    Also there’s talks about Uber/Ubereats acquiring grub hub for 6.1 billy! Do you guys think we will see a lot more mergers?

    Love the show always
    Have a great weekend
    Fyahworks out!!

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Peace and blessing in this time of Corona! May your coughs be allergies and your masks be two-ply!

    Y’all know I love a good scam. It’s not often I come across a sport related scam but I came across this one. Is this fact or fiction? Had you even heard a story of Trevor Laub? A guy who claims to have scammed his way into a whole season of Warriors games? The video is long (but I watched on 2X speed), so I’ll summarize.

    1. Buy Warriors’ In The Building Pass (a $100 season ticket for entry to every game but no seat, equals about $3 per game all season).
    2. Right before the game, he goes online to see which court side seats are available.

    3. Use Adobe After Affects (or whatever), to adjust his cheap ass ticket to show the seating information for the court side seat and take a screenshot.

    4. Enter stadium with the barcode on his cheap entry ticket.

    5. Walk to the court side seat entrance and in because they don’t re-scan tickets at court side.

    I have scammed my way into things, plus-oned my way into some things, but I have never eased my way into something this expensive REPEATEDLY. He said of 32 home games, he sat court side at 29. Even if he is lying and it only worked at one, it is still a solid scam! But before I add him to my Scammer Vision Board, I need to know if he is the real deal or just hype and y’all are my trusted source for sportsball related foolery.

    Here’s him self-snitching: https://youtu.be/BM1T-s1Amw0

    Ms. Smart

  3. bamil73

    Hey Karen, Rod and Jichael Flynn

    Whattup african americans? Last week Justin mentioned Upload on Amazon Prime. I watched that series last weekend. It’s 10 episodes and a pretty easy watch. It went down easy like some brown liquor. It’s very funny and lighthearted and has a kind of good natured sensibility. I also noticed that it’s produced and written by Mike Lawrence. I almost cancelled him because of his success, but twitter rules say we pocket watch and cancel only BLACK capitalists and he’s a a white dude.

    Hope y’all staying safe and ‘rona free.


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